Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story ((You are my Journey and my Destiny) EP: 7

Hi guys, sorry for late updates. Now let’s go to the episode. Today there will some very close scenes between Kaira.
Scenario 1:Recap: Kartik tries to get closer to Naira but falls asleep soon. Naksh is unable to sleep thinking about Keerthi. Naitik comforts him.
Naira and Kartik get ready. Naira wears a black shifaan sari. She goes near the mirror to brush her hair where Kartik is standing brushing his hair. Kartik is dressed in white shirt and blue jean. He hugs Naira. Naira tries to free herself but Kartik does not leave her. Naira hits him with her elbow. Kartik takes his hands away in pain.
Kartik: Pagal ladki. Kya kiya tumne.

Naira turns and: Laga?
Kartik: Ha.Ithna zorse mara aur pooch rahi ho lagara hain?
Naira holds her ears and: Sorry and blinks.
Kartik: Ithna cute math bano. I am angry with you.
He folds his hands and turns away.
Naira goes and hugs him.
Naira: Sorry kartik.

Kartik:Acha acha teek hain. Chalo.
Both go out. They go to the aquarium.
Naira points up on the ceiling where there is a large fish.
Naira: Kartik ye dekho. Kithna bada hena.
Kartik: Hmm Lovely hena.

They go through the aquarium. They see beautiful fishes. They come out and get on a horse wagon.
Naira: Really I feel like a queen now.
Kartika puts his hand around her : I have kept my promise. Jo meine papa ko kiya. We must always keep up our promises.
Naira is stunned and to herself: How will I keep up my promise to Swarna maa.
Kartik looks at Naira’s face : Kya hua Naira.
Naira jitters herself : Kuch nahi.
Kartik: I know. You are thinking about Papa na.
Naira smiles: Ha.

They go for shopping and it becomes late and dark.
They reach the hotel room. Naira is about to go to change. But Kartik holds her hand. He pulls her closer to him. He kisses her on her lips and on her neck. He then looks up at her.
Naira: Mein tera biwi hoon Kartik. Mein tera hoon.

Kartik lifts her and takes her to the bed. He removes her ear rings romantically and kisses her near her ears. Naira pushes Kartik he topples and falls near her.
Kartik: I know you are uncomfortable.
He moves aside and gets up to go. But Naira holds his hand and pulls him closer. She kisses him on his cheek. They hug each other. He undoes the rope of her blouse. A drop of tear comes from Naira’s eyes and falls on his shoulder. Kartik realizes it : Naira why are you crying?
Naira: Nahi toh!

Kartik: Then this tear.
Naira: Voh to kushi ka hai.
Kartik holds her face in his hand and wipes her tears.
Kartik: Kushi ka aasu bhi not allowed.
Naira laughs. He holds her hand kisses her hand. Naira hugs him tightly. Kartik makes her lie down and pulls the blanket over them. He then switches the lights off.
Now at Udaipur.
Naksh comes down for breakfast.

He takes bread and is about to spread something on it. He hears Gayu and mishit laughing and turns.
Naksh: Why are you both laughing.
He then turns and sees that even Naitik and Devyani were also laughing.
Mishti: Bhaiyu dekhiye ye aap kya kar rahi hain.
Naksh: Kya?
Gayu: Bhai voh dekhiye aap ne butter ki jage chilli sauce utaya.
Mishti: Aur sochiye aapko kya hoga agar apne usko kaaya!
Naksh looks at it and is shocked.

Naksh: Voh! Kuch nahi. Ok give me butter.
Gayu passes him butter. He hits himself on his head and then he spreads butter on the bread and eats it. All are having breakfast happily.
Scenario 2: (Shivaay gets a clue where Sahil is held and goes to search him)
All come to the place.
Shivaay: Om and Rudra you go that way and myself and Dev will go by this way.
Om: Teeke.
They go in search of Sahil. Then Shivaay gets a call.
Investigator: Sir, Natasha was only a fake name that is sure. But nothing else sir.
Shivaay: Kya? Ok then find out if there is any drama troupe named Dummaka Daal.
Investigator: Ok sir.
Dev: Any progress?

Shivaay: Nope. Ok come let’s proceed.
Rudra stops near a pani puri shop to eat but Om drags him. Om: Not this time too Rudra please. It is dangerous for Sahil every minute we waste. So hurry.
Rudra: Ok bhaiya.
All search for Sahil.

At home Soumya and Sonakshi convince Anika to have food.
Shivaay finds a poster Dummaka Daal. Dev guesses that the place is nearby. They come to an old dirty building with a creaking window. Dev opens it. Shivaay warns him to be careful. Dev keeps his mobile with camera on facing inside. Shivaay sees Sahil tied up inside. He messages Om and Rudra to come. They plan to get in.

Precap: Scenario 1: Kaira share some romantic moments. Naksh saves Keerthi from Aditya who tries to attack her.

Scenario 2: Shivaay rescues Sahil. To solve Natasha issue he plans to approach “Viren”
Sorry for late updates and a short episode. In the next both scenarios will be merged

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