Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story ((You are my Journey and my Destiny) EP: 6

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Scenario1: Recap: Kaira reach Melbourne. Keerthi thinks of Naksh and the past events
Naira and Kartik fresh up and go out. Naira holds Kartik’s hands and rests her head on his shoulder while walking.
Kartik: Naira I am so happy one by one my dreams are becoming true.
Naira: Meri dreams bi.
They go to an ice cream shop.
Kartik: Naira what do you want?
Naira: Whatever you choose.
Kartik: Then chocolate.
Naira: Hmm ok.
He goes to get the ice creams while Naira takes her phone and calls Naksh.
Naira: Bhai
Naksh: Naira, have you reached safely. Sab teek hena vahan? Tere flight kaisa tha? Kana kaya tum dono ne?
Naira: Bhai Bhai… Ek minute pehle kis question ko answer karoon? Don’t worry bhai sab teek hain yahan. Vahan Papa, Gayu di , Dadi, Badi dadi, Bua dadi, Dadaji, Chachi, Nani, Mami, Mishti sab teek hena?
Naksh: Ha Naira. Aur Keerthiji, Mausi voh log bi teek hain.
Naira: Aapko kaise patha?
Naksh: You know na we planned a surprise for Keerthiji at Krishna so..
Naira: Bhai usko pasand aaya? Kya surprise diya aapne?
Just then Kartik comes and Naira puts the phone on speaker. Naksh tells them everything.
Kartik: Thank you Naksh for cheering up Keerthi.
Naksh: Are Kartik tum kabse yeh sab bolna shuru kiya? We are family now.
Kartik: Ha voh toh sahi hai.
Naksh: By the way not only we did this Jeevika bhabhi and Viren bhai also helped us. Teeke tum log enjoy karo badh mein call karrongi. Voh papa ka davai ka time hogaya.
Naira: Teeke bhai. Take care Bye.
Naira calls Viren.
Vadhera mansion:
Viren and Virat are talking about Keerthi.
Virat: Bhai how dare did he do this? Agar mein haya hotha na usko zinda nahi chodtha. Koyi nahi react kiya?
Viren: Virat cool, Kartik aur Naksh ne us Aditya ko ithna mara jithna voh apna poora zindagi yaad karega.
Virat: Ha usna Naira ko bhi tang kadhiya.
Viren: Hmm. Dadi and Manish uncle told that Naira was taking revenge against Aditya for a long time.
Virat: Uthna hogaya. Uske badh bi voh log nahi mana?
Viren: At last they agreed.
Just then Viren’s phone rings.
Viren: Kartik pahonch gayi?
Kartik: Ha bhai. Thank you for helping Naksh to plan Keerthi.
Viren: Kartik voh mera choti behen hai. So don’t say thanks.
Virat gets the phone.
Virat: Kartik how are you? How is Melbourne?
Kartik: Virat bhai… When did you come back.
Virat: Today morning. Kartik I want to talk to you but not now. Once you come back we will talk about it.
Kartik: Ok bhai.
Jeevika gets the phone.
Jeevika: Kartik how are you?
Kartik: I am good.
Jeevika: Kartik ek minute meri bath Naira se karvadhona.
Kartik: Ha bhabhi.
Kartik gives the phone to Naira. Jeevika walks away from Viren and Virat.
Jeevika: Naira how are you.
Naira: I am good bhabhi.
Jeevika: Voh I want to talk to you about something personal. I am telling this as a sister or mother. Kyunki yeh to ek maa apni beti se kehna hai. Meine is bath ko Maanvi se bhi kiya. Agar teri maa hothi toh voh tumhe sab kuch….
Naira: Bhabhi you are like my sister. So please tell me don’t hesitate.
Jeevika: Teeke. Naira yeh teri honeymoon hain. I know tum samajdhar ho phir bi.. Naira Kartik may try to come closer to you.. Tum samaj rahi ho na? He may feel to take your relationship ahead. Agar usne aisa kuch kiya na tum apni saari family issues ko booldho. Teri vadha ko booldho jo tumne Swarna chichi ko diya. Aur..
Naira gets shy: Bhabhi mein samaj gayi….
Jeevika: Sorry I talked to you about this. But..
Naira: Bhabhi agar meri maa hothi toh voh bhi aisehi bath karegi. So don’t worry.
Jeevika: Teeke bye.
Naira: Bye.
Kartik: Naira why are you blushing? What did bhabhi say?
Naira: Kuch nahi voh toh bas aise. Ach let’s have aur icecream.
Kartik: Are you sure.
Naira: Hmm. Ha mein sure hoon.
They have their ice creams.
At vadhera house:
Virat: Bhai wil you be going to Udaipur?
Viren: Haan Next week the case will be completely over. So to see to it I will go.
Virat: Then I too will come.
Manvi and Jeevika: Hum bhi.
Viren: Are teeke all of us will go. By that time Kartik and Naira will be back. So we will meet them too.
Manvi: Very good Jiju.
Now at Melbourne:
Kartik and Naira go for shopping and return to their room after dinner. Naira goes to change while Kartik removes his shoes and falls on the bed. Naira comes out and lies down near him. Kartik puts his hand on her waist and pulls her nearby. Naira too does not resist and gets closer. He kisses her on her forehead. Naira puts her hand on him too. Kartik slowly pulls her very closer to him. He looks at her who was now red with shyness. He laughs. He kisses her on her lips. But he was too tired to go ahead and his eyes were closing too. So he sleeps. Naira too was tired and when she saw him going to sleep she also closed her eyes to sleep but she did not move away from him. They slept peacefully. In the morning sun rays fell on Kartik who woke up first but he did not move as he saw that Naira was sleeping unstirred with her head on his chest and her hand around him. He moves her hair on her face and kisses her. In few minutes Naira too woke up. She saw Kartik seeing her.
Naira: Kya dekhrahiho?
Kartik: Mera queen ko.
Naira gets up to leave but Kartik holds her hand and pulls her. She falls over him. They start laughing.
Naira: Kartik it is getting late. Baki sabh rath mein now we must go to see Melbourne.
Kartik makes a face seeing which Naira starts laughing. Kartik: Ach hasdo hasdo. I will get a chance soon.
Now at Udaipur, Naksh is unable to sleep. It is late night. (difference of 4and half hours between India and Melbourne)
He tosses and turns but is unable to sleep. He remembers Keerthi’s tears and Aditya’s rude words. Naitik who has woken to drink water sees light in his room and comes.
Naitik: Kya hua Naksh?
Naksh: Kuch nahi papa.
Naitik comes and sits near him.
Naitik: Bathao kya hua.
Naksh: Thinking about the past and Keerthiji. She is very strong papa. She has withstood all insults and was smiling.
Naitik: Women are like that Naksh. Akshara, Naira are all very strong.
Naksh: Ha papa. But we men try to defame them.
Naitik: Hmm. You are right. Just like Naira has got such a caring husband and in laws Keerthi should also get. Bas yehi prarthana karo.
Naksh: Teeke papa.
Naitik: Aur ab sojao. Bahoth dher hogay. Good night.
Naksh: Ha papa.
They both go to sleep.

Scenario 2: Oberoi Mansion: (Recap: Sahil is kidnapped.)
Dev: Anika ji be strong we will find your brother.
Shivaay: But Dev..
Dev: Shivaay we are partners now. And a partner must take part not only in success but also during pain, loss and sorrow.

Om keeps his hand on his shoulder. : Thank you Dev.
Soumya: Anika di bade bhaiya hena. Please tona band keejiye.
Anika wipes her tears.
Shivaay: So we must find who Natasha is.
Dev: Shivaay before that we must find out what the kidnapper wants. Jab tak Sahil vaha hai tab tak hum kuch nahi kar sakthe hain.
Shivaay: You are right.
Sona: Sorry to interrupt but why can’t we trace the phone call which came to your mobile.
Om: Ha she is right Shivaay.
Anika: Natasha is her real name or koyi aur?
Rudra: Ye bhi kya bhabhi koyi jooti naam kyu bolega.(He giggles)
Shivaay: Rudra be serious. Anika is right.
Dev: We can’t waste time by thinking.
Anika: Shivaay play the video again. We may get some clue.
Om: Right Shivaay. Just as we got a clue in that CD matter.
Shivaay plays it again. The room is dark but ..
Anika: Shivaay something is written on the wall. Close up kijiye.
Shivaay: Anika it is zoom.
Anika: Ha vahi toh kijiye na.
They zoom.
Rudra: Something is there but not Hindi I suppose.
Sona: It is Bengali.
Shivaay: Wow. Do you know Bengali?
Dev: Actually she is a Bengali.
Rudra: Really? So please tell what it is written.
Sona reads it : It is written that Ram Rahim koyi bhi nahi. And the next line is Dummaka daal.
Shivaay: What the hell is dummaka daal.
Anika: ShivaayI have heard this somewhere. Ha yaad agay ek road side stage show mein.
Om: Got it. This the place where those artists live. If we go there we will find out.
Rudra: That means near Andheri or some.
Shivaay: Hmm us area mein. Anika all you ladies stay here. We will go as if we are on a business visit. As Dev is here with us they won’t suspect that we are searching Sahil. If there is any phone call attend it and pretend as if you are still confused without any clue.
All the men leave.

Precap: Scenario 1: Kartik and Naira get closer. Gayu teases Naksh. Scenario 2: Shivaay gets a clue about Natasha. Will he find Sahil and Natasha?

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