Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story ((You are my Journey and my Destiny) EP: 5

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Scenario 1 (Recap: Kaira board the flight to Melbourne. Keerthi is surprised to see her friends.)

Passengers attention please. Good morning, this is 176538 Spice Jet Melbourne flight. Captain Fredrick and Captain Wilkin are with us now. We will reach Melbourne at 12:15 pm IST. Have a good flight.
Kartik and Naira settle down in their seats. Naira sits near the window and Kartik near her. Naira struggles to wear her seat belt as her sari disturbs her so Kartik helps her to wear the seat belt. Just then their heads dash.
Naira: Ouch….
Kartik holds his ears: Sorry, laga?
Naira wipes her head and smiles: Nahi voh bas aise..
Kartik: Mein toh dar gayi.
Naira: Oh, so sweet.
Kartik: Acha mere mazak udarahiho?
Naira: Are you angry?
Kartik: Ha toh?
Naira: Nahi manoge?
Kartik: Bilkul bi nahi.
Naira kisses him on his cheek.
Naira: Abh bi nahi.(Naira blinks)

Kartik looks at her without blinking: Tumne toh mujhe clean bowled Kardhiya. (Kartik smiles and turns red)
Naira: Acha mera Mendek toh blush kar rahihaii.
Kartik holds her hand and pulls her closer. Naira’s hair falls on her face. Kartik pushes the hair and kisses Naira on her cheek.
Naira moves away when he is about to kiss her on her lips. Naira: Kartik we are in the flight what will others think of us.
Kartik: Mera biwi hai who are they to think about?
Naira: Kithna besharam he na tu?
Kartik: voh toh hu. Par ab………
Naira: Kartik bas. Ab thodi dher aur inthzar karo.
She turns towards the window and is watching the clouds while Kartik picks up a magazine.
Now the scene shifts to Krishna.
Keerthi is enjoying with her friends. They talk about their school and college days. Her friends are surprised to hear that Kartik is married.
Just then Naksh comes there with some juice and asks the staff to serve them. Naksh stands aside near the door of the room.
Keerthi turns and looks at Naksh. Tears roll down her eyes. Keerthi wipes it. Just then all friends get up to leave. They thank Naksh and leave.
Keerthi comes near Naksh. Naksh notices that her eyes are wet.
Naksh: Keerthiji kya hua? Why are your eyes wet? Didn’t you like the surprise?
Keerthi: Nahi. Naksh actually I must thank you. You know in these years my eyes have become wet only due to pain and sorrow but now after long time my eyes are wet due to happiness. So thanks to you.

Naksh: Are please don’t mention it.
Keerthi goes out just then she slips and is about to fall but Naksh holds her. They look into each others eyes and share an eyelock. They hear Mausi and Gayu coming. Naksh helps Keerthi to stand.
Keerthi: Thanks.
Mausi: Are Keerthi chale.
Keerthi: Ha Mausi. Bye Gayu bye Naksh.
Naksh: Ayiye we will drop you till the entrance.
Mausi and Keerthi get into the car and leave.
Gayu: Bhaiya how happy she was to see her friends.
Naksh: Hmm. I will call and thank Viren Bhaiya.
Now at Viren’s room:
Jeevika is folding the clothes while Viren comes out wiping his wet hair. He goes and hugs Jeevika from behind.
Jeevika: Virenji….
Viren: I know what you will say, Virenji chodiyena koyi aajayega. Right?
Jeevika smiles : Nahi aur kuch kehna hai
Viren: Kya?
He turns Jeevika towards him. Just then his phone rings.
Viren: Kon hai yaar.
He goes and picks up the phone.

Naksh: Radhe Krishna Bhaiya. I hope I have not disturbed you.
Viren smiles: Nahi bilkul nahi. Kya hua sab teek hena?
Naksh: Thank you so much Bhaiya. Keerthi ji was very happy.
Viren: Actually thanks to you. By the way have Kartik and Naira left.
Naksh: Ji ha aaj subah 7:00 am flight. They told that they will reach and call you.
Viren: Are koyi bath nahi hai.
Naksh: teeke Bhaiya. Have a good day bye.
Viren: Bye. Good day to you too.
Just then Viren hears a lot of babbling voices.
Viren: Jeevika what’s going on?
Jeevika: Patha nahi hain. Come let’s go and see.
Both go down.
They see Virat talking with Manvi , maa and Bua..
Viren: Virat!
Virat turns and sees them.
Virat: Bhai bhabhi…
Virat comes and hugs them both.

Jeevika: Virat when did you come.
Virat: Just now.
Maa: Acha you go and get fresh. Talks later.
All leave.
Now in the flight.
Kartik is bored to read. He closes the book and looks at Naira who is asleep with her head turned towards the window.
Kartik carefully turns her towards him and rests her head on his shoulder. He pushes her hair that falls on her face and takes her hand in his.
Kartik to himself: Aaj bahoth dino badh Naira is sleeping well. First shaadi ki tayariya phir shaadi uski badh Keerthi ka problem. Naira has not taken rest. During the days in Melbourne I must take care of her happiness and I must not let her worry about anything. After all Naksh and Gayu have promised to take care of Keerthi and Mausi is also there.
He makes sure that Naira is comfortable and wears his earphones to listen to songs.
After sometime Naira wakes up wiping her eyes.
Kartik who was closing his eyes and Hearing songs opens his eyes as he felt that Naira was moving.
He looks at Naira who was now looking at him.
Kartik: Did you sleep well?
Naira: Patha nahi kab sogayi mein!
Kartik: Are why are you talking like you have committed a murder? After all we are in flight so one can sleep. And you did not answer my question?
Naira: Hmm I slept well. Thank you Kartik.
Kartik: Naira you made the rules and you are breaking it.
Naira: What?

Kartik: You said that pathi pathni ke beech no sorry and no thanks.
Naira: Voh, I forgot. What were you doing?
Kartik: Kuch nahi listening to songs and remembering our Switzerland memories.
Naira: Hmm acha. Kartik I am hungry.
Kartik: They will give the breakfast soon. Till then you have this chocolate.
He gives her a bar of chocolate. Naira bits a bit and gives it to him to have some. Both of them enjoy sharing and eating the chocolate.
Naira holds Kartik’s hands and rests on his shoulder.
Naira: Kartik I am so lucky.
Kartik: Naira I am luckier than you. You would have happier with any one else but my life will be a big zero without you.
Naira hits him.
Naira: What are you saying ha? Tumhe patha from the day I saw till now you have changed my life. Before seeing you mein Tina tha. Tina who always hated family and her mother. Phir tum aayi and changed my life. So agli bhar aise bath karne se pehle sochlo. Ok.
Kartik: Acha teek hain. We both are perfect for each other.
Naira: Hmm. Yeh sahi hai.
Then food comes. They feed each other.
After sometime the flight lands at Melbourne. Kartik and Naira collect their luggage and walk out. They stand outside the airport.
Kartik: Naira Melbourne is sooo cool.
Naira: Hmm.
Kartik: Come lets keep up our deal.
Naira: Kya?
Kartik: Hamare pyar ka har moment ko capture karne ka deal.
Naira: Ok.
They both take a selfie.
Naira hugs Kartik. They are very happy.
Now at Goenka villa: Keerthi’s room.
Keerthi is lying on her bed thinking about Naksh and Aditya.
Aditya was thrashing Keerthi. Naira sees that. She goes and tells Kartik about it. They rush to stop him. Kartik goes and stops Aditya and beats him. Naira consoles Keerthi who cries on her shoulders. Dadi and others refuse to believe them.
Kartik and Naira convince Keerthi to sign for divorce. They seeks Viren’s help who files a domestic violence case against Aditya. But there is no evidence as their family is against them. Naksh, Gayu, Kartik and Naira plan to get evidence.
They shoot a video when Aditya is shouting at Keerthi and is about to beat her.
In the court Aditya talks ill about Keerthi by linking her with Naksh.
Naksh and Kartik get angry and shout in the court. Both of them try to thrash Aditya but Viren stops them. All of them join to prove Aditya wrong. They prove that Aditya was manhandling Keerthi and their marriage was only based on business.
Viren wins the case by proving Aditya guilty. The judgement is against Aditya. At last Goenkas learn his truth. The Goenkas thank Naksh, Gayu. Dadi apologises to Naira and accepts her wholeheartedly. ]
Keerthi remembers Aditya’s insulting words against her. She also remembers how Naksh grew angry hearing Aditya linking him and Keerthi and how he tried to clear all the doubts against her.
Keerthi smiles to herself on remembering Naksh’s surprise.
Scenario 2: [Recap: There is a blast in the gas gud down. Shivaay gets a threatening in a phone call.]
Anika sees Shivaay shocked.
Anika: Shivaay kya hua?
Shivaay: Kuch nahi. You all have lunch.
Shivaay goes to his room. Anika, Rudra and Om look at each other. They follow Shivaay. Dev and Sona too stand up. But Dadi asks them to eat.
Now at Shivaay’s room.
Om: Shivaay kya hua?

Anika: Ha Shivaay please tell.
Shivaay: Anika voh. He tells them about the phone call.
Om: Shivaay that Natasha and this call can have some connection.
Rudra: Bhaiya I think it is right.
Anika: Shivaay ab kya Karen.
Shivaay: Anika don’t worry. I will take care.
Dev and Sona too enter.
Dev: Sorry to disturb. But I think I too can help we are now partners.
Shivaay tells him everything.
Dev: Strange.
Om: Hmm. Shivaay we need to do something.
Just then a staff enters with a cover.
Sir for Anika mam.
Anika gets and opens it. There is a pendrive. They insert it in a laptop. They see Sahil in dark room tied with ropes.
Anika: Sahil.. Shivaay Sahil
Anika starts to cry. Shivaay hugs her.
Shivaay: Anika don’t worry. I am there. Sahil ko kuch nahi hoga. Mein uska Jija hu. I will save him.

Precap: Scenario 1 : Kartik and Naira enjoy some moments of romance in Melbourne. Naksh too thinks about keerthi. Virat is shocked to know about the happenings. They plan to visit keerthi at Udaipur.

Scenario 2: Dev, Shivaay Om and Rudra set out to rescue Sahil and find out Natasha.

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