tu rang sharbatoon ka mai mithe ghat ka paani (swasan os) for harinipriya di’s birthday)

Happy birthday my sweet harru diiiiiii…
I wrote this ff for you..I hope you will like it my os champion ?

The story starts in an island it was a pleasant spring morning..in the embrace of nature..
A peaceful silence was spread all over, the sounds of waves were coming..
Fairies of about 10 cm were roaming in that island..it was a fairy island..
Flowers were blooming..it was a pleasant day but suddenly the sky got covered by dark black
Clouds..the thunderstorm was like a horrible cry.. the rain drops were falling like stones…
.all fairies become afraid and went in their small homes which were in trees..

The next day sun rays peeped from the clouds.. fairies found themselves safe and they slowly slowly came out from their houses..
The Queen of fairies was on a round to check the island.. she​ was very disappointed from the​ loss caused by the strom..then she saw a small girl of 4 years was shipwrecked on their island.
The strom proved to be a nightmare for that small girl
The Queen ordered her small fairy companions to tok that girl in the palace of queen which was quite enough for that girl to live..
The girl slowly slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a strange land
She forgot everything..
A music note ‘?’ was there on her arm..

Queen fairy told every​ fairy to be friendly with her…
15 years passed like this..
Now that girl was of 19 years
Her milky white skin, glossy pink lips,black velvet like hairs..shiny black eyes having a spark of fun..
She was in a flower patel dress… looking the example of nature herself..
She was sitting near a pond surrounded by all animals and fairies…swans also came near her legs which were dipped​ in the pond water..

Then Queen fairy came..
All animals, fairies and swara bowed in her honour..
Queen:- swara!!gajju the baby elephant is not here.. see were is he..(that beauty of island was swara)
Swara:- yes my queen
She went with her fairy companions..
Swara:- gajju….gajju..!!!!

Then he heard his voice..
She rushed there and found that gajju in water of that ocean he was squealing..!!
His trunk was around a boy’s arms who was of about 21 years..
Gajju pulled him to ashore..
Swara saw him and keeping looking him blinking her eyes innocently..
But the time he got conscious..
She ran and hid behind a tree…
That boy came near her and first looked that innocent beauty..
Boy:- hey.. don’t be afraid..!! I am a prince..my name is sanskar… please don’t be afraid..

She blinked her eyes.. she understands human language as fairies taught her that..
Swa:- my..my name is swara…
Prince sanskar smiled..

All little fairies came out when they found sanskar friendly and started roaming around swasan.
San:- are of here’s native?
Swa:- yes..
San:- but no human is here.. you are not here’s native..
Swa:- I don’t know but the time I became capable to understand anything.I am from here..

Just then the fairy queen came.
Queen:- he is right swara my child, you r not here’s native..
Swara looked them with confusion..
San:- will you like to come with me to our land..
Swara looked all fairies and when they signed her to go
Swara nodded..

They made a boat and went..
Prince sanskar was seeing swara continuously..
He can sense that she is not happy to come with him.
Just then swara started coughing..
Prince become concerned and he started patting her back..
Both looked in eo’s eyes and shared a cute eyelock.
Swa(in mind):- I am going to discover about myself..who really​ I am? From where I came from? and this stranger very sweet…uff swara what are you thinking..
She laughed at herself..

Prince sanskar saw her laughing and a smile occurred on his face..
Soon they reached prince sanskar’s palace.’jodhpur’
All saw that beauty in a long flower Patel’s dress.and got mesmerised..
But swara becomes​ afraid and holds Prince sanskar’s hand and hide behind him.

Prince sanskar smiled and assured her that she is safe..
He introduced her with his parents..
But his parents durga prasad and Annapurna..
were not happy by the coming of swara..

Days passed like this
Swara didn’t​ get to know about herself..she became friendly with some animals of the palace.. and with sanskar too…

Prince sanskar now fall in love with her..
But dp and ap didn’t like swara as she was uncivilised.. because she was from a Island..

Swara tried her best to impress dp and ap but her all work always goes in vain…
But Prince always encouraged​ her to be strong.
And that’s why slowly slowly she also fall in love with him..

But the king dp wanted his son to marry a princess and that’s why he arranged his marriage with Kavita , a princess from neighbouring kingdom..
But she was also didn’t interested in marring a boy whom she doesn’t love but she mother Kaveri wanted her to do so… because she wanted to acquire the kingdom by her plan to kill maheswari family..

One night price came to swara and asked her to elopement..so that they can marry..
She agreed and the Prince told his driver of his coach to drop swara near a xyz lake..
He assured swara that he will come soon..
But the kaveri got to know about it and she loosen the wheel of coach and when the coach was passing from a bridge it lost balance and fall down..

Here Prince reached that lake but he didn’t found swara there..he became very disappointed and came back unwillingly..
He was feeling that he lost the most beautiful gem of the world.. after don’t finding swara there.

It was kavita and Prince’s marriage day..
All were preparing for the marriage but kaveri is preparing for her plan.
She added poison in the ladoos..
Before marriage Kaveri offered maheswari family ladoos..but they were still fit and fine after eating those ladoos..

Swara falled from that bridge her head got injured but the she was saved by swara’s little companion fairies..
But in the world all things happens for a good motivation behind them.
Swara got her memory and
The fairies took swara back to the palace to unite her with his prince charming..

There they saw Kaveri mixing poison and with the help of fairy’s magic they removed the effect of poison..
————flashback ended———-

Then a voice came”Prince sanskar..I am your childhood friend, your shona..”
All turned there…
And found swara in a beautiful blue velvet gown looking extremely gorgeous.. with a glittering tiara on her head..

Prince:-shona….!!! You??
Swa:- yes I am swara gadodiya!! The princess of Bikaner.

Then from the guest a lady and a man ran to her and hugged her..
Lady:- you are my daughter???
Swa:- yes maa..!!!
She showed her mark ?

All became happy now..but punishing the evil is still left..
Swa:- This Kaveri wanted to marry kavita with sanskar for acquiring the kingdom..she added poison in these ladoos..

Finding best timing kavita also helped swara to expose Kaveri so that she can happily marry to whom she loves..

Hearing this king dp and queen ap asked forgiveness from our beautiful princess..

Fairies winked towards swara and rotate their​ magical Wizard and Kaveri got caught in a bottle…
And swara got dressed in a beautiful bridal dress..
Prince sanskar smiled and both swasan got married happily…

They took all Elder’s blessings and blessings of fairy queen too.
She blessed them and chanted some spells and swasan got disappeared and reached to a beautiful garden..
Rose petals were all there..
Butterflies were roaming there..a beautiful rainbow was smiling seeing this beautiful couple..
Flower Patels fall on them… and a slow and romantic music played..

Surili aanhkiyon wale
Suna hai teri aankhiyon se
Behti hai neendein aur neendon mein sapne
Kabhi to kinare pe
Utar mere sapno se
Aaja zameen pe aur mil ja kahin pe
Mil ja kahin
O oo O
(Prince holds her hands in his and kissed them and took her to a swing and made her sit there and he also sat beside her resting his head on her shoulder)
Mil ja kahin Samay se pare
Samay se pare
Mil ka kahin

Tu bhi aankhiyon se kabhi meri aankhiyon ki sun
Surili aanhkiyon wale
Suna hai teri aankhiyon se
(Sanskar looked into her eyes and she also looked in his eyes..then they get lost in each others eyes sharing a cute eyelock)

Jane tu kahan hai
Udti hawa pe tere
Pairo ki nishan dekhe
(Prince sanskar kissed her forehead and princess swara smiled)
Jane tu kahan hai
Udti hawa pe tere
Pairo ki nishan dekhe

(Now the evening changed into night the moon came in the sky between the twinkling stars..both were smiling seeing different patterns of stars in the sky.. they discovered one pattern​ as SS)

Dhondha hai zameen pe
Jana hai falak pe
Sare aasmaan dekhe
Mil ja kahin Samay se pare
Samay se pare

Both rested their heads on each others shoulder and saw the moon which was smiling on this perfect couple..

Harru di hope you liked it…I wrote it in hurry so I think it will be boring.and I never write os , this was my first…

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  1. IQRA222

    angel it was simply amaing and adorable
    fell in love with it loved it to the core
    our swara must be looking so sweet and cute in that velvet gown and flower pattern dress
    and prince sanskar oh la la so sweet of him to take swara back to his palace encourage her
    and those fairies were the best part
    thank god kavita was good in this os and that kaveri she only should eat the laddoos
    last but not the least our swasan scenes were really cute

    1. Yashu24

      Awww.. my princess I am happy that you liked it..
      But abh meri itni bhi tarif mat karo..mai itni bhi kuch khas nhi??
      Take care cutie
      Keep smiling
      Love you
      Soooooo much???????

  2. Harinipriya

    So Mickuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not thanking u but saying LOVE U loudly that u hear it in ur house! I know u can hear because our r connected hearts r naa? And u made my birthday a block buster! I am very happy that I was getting my lost happiness in last year and u returning it me.
    And coming to the story,
    A FAIRY TALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I am not a kiddoo, but still I love it.
    The romance and understanding between prince and shona is amazing
    The story line, the beautiful nature and its surroundings made me mesmerize!!!!!!!!!!
    And I gone to my la la land and came back to the reality after the end.
    I am really enjoying this os. My mom will always says that first one will be best one.
    And this os is the best of ur ffs. I am giving u tight hug for this present micku. I wish my Ram to always give her happiness! And for ur kind info micku that I am not a champion! I am only ur sister! Love u a lot that I can’t express in words!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Harinipriya

      sorry for this second comment and it had mistakenly posted and I am second! Shit! I want to be first but I was also busy in eating my chocolates so I delayed. *with pout face* chooooo chorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy* and I won’t repeat that again!

    2. Kakali

      Be lated Happy bornday Harini.!
      Wish and pray the best for you.! Stay blessed.!
      You are blessed to have a sister like Mickey!
      TC both and keep rocking..!! 🙂

    3. Yashu24

      Diiiiiii I am really very very happy that you liked it… And di I am also hugging you back very tightly..???
      Sorry for replying late to your comment actually I forgot to reply..???
      Ok boss you r my sweet sister okkk..
      And I love you that much that you can never imagine also…

      Take care
      Keep smiling
      Love you ??????????

  3. Rabia0032

    It’s awesome dear loved it…

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you..diii??

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks dear ???

  4. Mahisha

    It is awesome dr

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks mahisha dear???

  5. its nice hope to see swasan ss from you again.
    happy birthday to ur friend

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you..??
      I will write a swasan ff soon

  6. Mintu

    Awesome micku..wow fairytale love story..!! Fairy helps to unite swasan..Its great dear..!! loved it da..!! ???

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you my sweetie akka???

  7. Soujanya


    1. Yashu24

      Thanks di???

  8. Simi

    Lovely os

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks di??

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks dear ???

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks arshaanya dear ???

  9. Kakali

    Sooo sooooo sooooooo beautiful story Sissy..!! I just loved it a lot.!!
    Urghh my heavenly SwaSan! it’s a bliss to read Mickey..!!
    Thnk u. ;-*

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you very much kakali di???

  10. nice…happy birthday harini priya☺

    1. Yashu24

      Thanks ritu dear ???

  11. Ayesha123

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh…Here I lands….Huh Finally…!!! Its Awesome..Mind blowing and what not ..I loved it..Love U…My Fav Song as the Title attracts me…
    Khuwab e hai tu
    Neend hoon main
    Doono mila Rath bana…
    Main Rang Sharbatoon ka
    Tu meetha Gath ka pani..
    Atif too loved it..

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