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Scene 1

A man is seen sitting in a conference room. He is having a serious discussion with someone.

Man- listen Mr. Malhotra if you want us to perform for your company we need 30 lakhs and nothing less than that. You want or not I don’t care but let me remind you there are another hundred people waiting for ne to give them out date.

Mr. Malhotra- but Mr. Maheshwari it’s just for two hours and 30 lakhs is a lot..

Man- yes or no

Mr. Malhotra- ok fine..

Man- so will meet you then. Send the check to my assistant.

Mr. Malhotra- thanks

Man gets up and turns to leave. His face is shown (and you have guessed it??)

Sanskaar walks to his car arrogantly..

Scene 2

A man is seen partying in a club. Girls are so sticked to him ( like chipkalis ? mere pati se dur raho ???)

He is having fun while dancing with them.. but a pair of eyes are staring at him with anger and jealousy.. It’s shown that the person is a female..but who??? Let’s see

Avni (played by Aditi Rathore)- Raginiiiiiiii (aur koun?) I have been calling you since long. Whats wrong with you…….. (she sees her staring at the man)…. Ohh wait are you jealous…

Ragini-what nonsense?

Avni laughs.. Suddenly Niel ( played by Zain Imam) comes in

Niel- its hua jaanu phirse jealous hogaya kya yeh..

Avni- haan but she says no..

Niel- like always ??

Avni- now look she will go to some random man. Flirt with him and start dancing to make Laksh jealous …( haan bhai aur behen introducing my pati {in dreams} )??

Ragini is seen goin to some man and dancing with him..she goes next to Laksh with the guy.. and dances with him sensually but Laksh is seen unaffected even though he saw her.. Ragini gets angry and starts dancing more sensually. Still no reaction..

Niel- ab hoga pattaka

Ragini is seen soaking that guy and going from there.. Laksh laughs

Laksh to the man- sorry bhai actually that’s her daily routine. Today you were lucky to get her slap??

Man- miss and goes confused holding his hand in his face..

Niel comes to Laksh- here bhai take this earbuds and go fast.. you want helmet??

Laksh- thanks yaar no today i will manage without it….and runs

Scene 3

A girl is seen singing in a collage campus. People are heading her with a lot of interest..

Girl- Yeh mausaam ka baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boonde
Tuje hi to doonde
Yeh Milne kwaish
Yeh kwaish poorani
Jo poori tujise meri ab Kahani

Some people- wow Kiya… it’s amazing ( haan ji This is our cute sa Khushi??)

She is known as Kiya in her collage. Very few people know her orginal name..

Kiya- thanks guys. Now I better get going.. bye
Otherwise bhaijaans will kill me

Anika- we all know you bhaijaans will never kill you.. they will die themselves but will let nothing happen to you.

Kiya smiles widely- vo to hai??

Scene 4

A girl is seen working in her cabin.

She calls her assistant Priya

Girl- Priya that Singhania’s file… just give it to me.. they said that they will talk about the deal tomorrow right..

Priya- yes Swara ( haan ji aur koun hamari pyaar si shona)

Swara after checking the file.

Swara- where is Ragini.

Priya- Swara is that a question. Obviously she is in the club.

Swara smiles- I wonder who got slap today…

Priya- I just hope she dosent break anything today… the owner is getting very angry these days..

Swara- what can we do about that girl… and I want you to call Ragini and remind her that we have a appointment with Mr. Rajeev today evening.

Priya- ok Swara..she leaves

Swara- now where is this chote…

Scene 5

A guy is seen riding a bike at its full speed….some other guys are also riding a bike with him. Girls are sitting behind the boys.. The guy is leading and atlast he reached the final destination… he smirks and gets down and kisses the girls sitting behind him..???

The others reach quite soon.

Raj- Arnav yaar how do you drive it so fast..

( haam baccho yeh vahi hai jisne hum sab ka dil churaliya tha)??

Arnav- because there is none who is better than AR…

All smile..

Suddenly his phone rings.. he looks at the caller I’D.

Arnav- shit guys quite.. Dii ka phone hai..

In phone

Swara- chote where are you..

Arnav- diii I am at Nikhil’s house watching football match….

Swara- achha then why do I feel like you are at the hills doing a race..

Arnav- haiii diii kya bakwas kar rahi hai aap… you think I will do bike racing..na na dii…

Swara- accha bhai..

Arnav- diii how do you understand that???

Swara- and how many times should I tell you that I know your every single heartbeat..

Arnav smiles..

Arnav- sorry diii…

Swara- now stop doing those stupid races it’s dangerous..

Arnav- ok bye dii?? love ya

Swara- love you too..

Sanskaar- Kushi where are you…

Khushi- yes bhai coming..what happened..

Sanskaar- vo Laksh kaha hai..

Khushi- he must be filling his stomach…..laughs

Sanskaar laughs and goes to the dining room.

Sanskaar- aaj kitni mili…

Laksh- normal we zyada.. bohot mejnat kiya ta..

Sanskasr- koun

Laksh- Ragini who was busy shouting at me and me who was busy playing in my mobile..

Khushi- bhai you will never change naa

Laksh- aakir kiska bhai hai… laughs

Khushi- hawwww.. am I that bad … starts hitting him…

Laksh trying to run- nooo baby .. i was talking about your khadoos bada bhai…

Sanskar- ohhh ho.. now I want leave you..

Both of them run behind Laksh..
Sanskaar catches him tightand tells khushi to punch him.

She puncheshim badly..

Laksh- ouch why do I always get hittings

Sanskaar- cause you are younger than me

Khushi- and elder than me

Laksh- hmmm?? not talking anymore.. bye and get lost. My food is waiting for me.. hai meri aloo and get lost ullus.. pushing his tounge out in them..

Sanshi laughs..

Swara- aaj kisko maara

Ragini- some donkey…

She was angrily gulping food….

Arnav- haan to isse kuch aur aata hai..

He takes some food from her plate…

Ragini- ohh bewakoof.. that’s my food..and i know very well how to hit you badly for stealing my food…

She starts to hit him.. he runs around the dining table…

Arnav- tumto daayan se bhi burii ho..

Ragini- hawwwww. You dumbhead.. wonder why papa you Arnav. He should have named you rakshas..

Runs behind to hit him..

Arnav runs and hides behind Swara.

Swara whi was busy laughing came into action..

Swara- accha thik hai…enough Ragini..

Ragini- you always support this fool..

Arnav- cause she loves me more..
Ragini- aiyee

Swara- achha baba I love you two equally..

She hugs them both….

Arnav looking at Ragini- moti kahike…

Ragini- heyy… dekho n.a. Swara..

Swara- chote… abbas..

Arnav- ohk bye dii and miss Gadhii..

Ragini- jaa kute apna kaam dekh..

Swara laughs and leaves..

so guys that’s it… hope you all will love it..please do comment..

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