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Ohk so this is a completely different story. Anyone who want me to continue my previous ff. Comment the name and I will finish it off.

Character Sketch

Sanskaar Maheshwari- An arrogant and rude man. He dosent care about anybody except his siblings. He is a professional singer. He and his siblings have their own band. Very famous rockstars.. His stage name is Sanky. So all knows him as Sanky. His siblings are his life. He can take anyone one’s life and give his life for them. His band name is SKL. Age -24

Laksh Maheshwari- non-identical twin brother of Sanskaar… a total playboy. Completely opposite to sanskaar except the fact that he loves his siblings more than himself. He can die for them. He loves life in his way. Girls die for him and he enjoys it. Never played with any girls dignity and never forced them too. He Is a playboy only to bad girls( you know what I mean?). His stage name is know as Lucky.

Khushi Maheshwari- younger sister of SanLak. 4 years young to them.She is their life support system. She loves her brothers to the core. She is still in collage. But she is famous for her singing..and all adores her. She gets hundreds of proposals every day. But she politely rejects them. She is traditional everywhere except when she is in the stage. Her stage name is known as Kiya. She is 20

Swara Raizada- a sweet innocent girl of age 24 . She is very kind. Loves her younger siblings like anything. She is traditional yet modern. She can change any sad atmosphere into a happy one. she us a business woman and run a buisness with her siblings in partnership. Company name is ASR(??)

Ragini Raizada- a carefree young girl of 23. She is total flirt?? but she never crossed her limits. She loves her siblings a lot that she can die for them. She is Laksh’s girlfriend but they never crossed their limits. In business field she as known as RR. She is very serious when it comes to work. Crime partner of her brother. They both irritate Swara a lot..

Arnav Raizada- he is like a bird.. one moment you see him the next moment he won’t be there. He disappear before anyone can realize.only his sister can keep a track of where he is. He loves his sisters like anything. He dosent let anyone cast their evil shadow in them. If swaragini is in trouble. He will be there with them that very moment without them even informing him. He is Ragini’s crime partner… but Swara’s kiddo star.. he is 21 years old.

So guys this is the character Sketch.. All the siblings love each other to the core. And yes none of them have parents. Swara’s parents died when she was 18. Since then she takes care of her family. Sanskaar and his siblings were an orphan since SanLak were 4 years and Khushi was just born.. why and what happened to them.. i will reveal soon..

Please comment.. other characters will be revealed in the next post. Wait for the twist and turns..

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  1. Nice..continue soon..
    In ur story my mental wife u mentioned about a swasan ff writer’s story..she is back here..Nw she is writing SIA K MAHESHWARIS..her name is Nandana..

    1. SRSL

      Ohh I am glad?


    Nice plot…. do write more as swasan stories are lacking….. my best wishes are with you…

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  4. Continue

  5. Simi

    Nice intro

  6. sounds really interesting
    post the first part soon

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    Its interesting. Post next one soon

  8. awesome…continue soon

  9. IQRA222

    wow!! totally interesting
    loved everybody’s character sketch
    waiting for the story to start
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love

  10. Bubblu

    wow..Arshi wid swasan nd raglak..its a treat

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    Nice nd pls do read nd comment on my ff Rabba Ve based on arshi

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