hi guys im Shilpa back with my ff..
and guys.. this is gonna be the last epi of my ff.. so pls do comment and lemme know whether u like it.. pls i need. more and mir comments as it is the last epi..

and guys. im really depressed hearing the latest news.. dat sahil sir is gonna quit and 15 yrs leap.. pls guys.. protedt ahainst it.. go on tweeter fb and all and message … we should somehow stop them from showing such craps..

so here is the link for the previous epi : ep-7
now lets get into the epi…

yuvrajs pov :

Finally after seven long years BH was full of fun and laughter.. i got my jhalli and pagli suhani back.. my kids were with me.. and we were one family.. ..

the kids were running here and there and playing.. i was sitting in my room looking at mine and suhanis old marriages pic..
although she started wearing those old kinda salwars and stopped putting makeup i missed one thing very badly in her.. tge jhansi ki Rani attitude.. the way we fight like tom and jerry…

i understood that i need to change myself to change her.. i thought of taunting her teasing her like we used to do before.. i got up and turned..

Suhani’s pov :

i was really happy… i got my family back after long years of separation.. i was happy that everything was back to normal.. but i missed onething. the old suhani and yuvraj..
there was still some distance between us.. i couldnt bear more.. i wanted MY Yuvraj.. my SADU RAM.. i missed him.. i missed his way of fighting with me.. romancing with me and everything..
thinking abt all this i took the glass of juice which i made and got inti his room.. suddenly we both bumped into each other and the juice fell on his shirt..
” im really sorry yuvraj ” i told.. i was really scared of his reaction..
but to my surprise.. he bcame my old yuvraj birla.. my sadu ram..

” suhani.. hw many times hav i told u to look and walk.. ” he said
” I’m really sorry yuvraj.. i didn’t notice u. ”
i told him with puppy eyes..
he took the glass from me which was now filled with juice till half..

guys sorry for short update.. pls bare with it.. the next epi will b after my exams.. and the last one too..

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  1. Ruksy

    love it 100000000 times better than 15
    year leap news carry on with ur other ffs then well have something amazing to read.

  2. its is lovely epi .alteat in ur ff yuvani unite and become one happy family i’m happy for it.i really liked it very much . plz update soon and all the best for exams.

  3. Good luck for exams and today’s episode is nice .

  4. Ayesha Siddika Munia

    Awsome epi.At least in your ff yuvani re-unite.If Sahil quitts I won’t see this bullshit.Writter should take advise from you how to write.Best of luck for exam and come back soon with your wonderful writting skill


    This was soo cute and so much better than the rubbish they are showing on tv… Good luck for your exams! And i hope you come back to write very soon!

  6. Aqsxxh


  7. Manya

    Sorry for the late comment was busy with my exams epi was superbbbbb????????

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