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Episode 5

now lets get into the episode:
yuvraj pov..
sharad told me that if i hv to get my old suhani back.. then ill have to open my heart to her.. and our kids, they are a strong key for my old suhani..

i went to the place where the kids were playing..
” kidos.. come here.. ” , i said..
” papa.. first give us our old mom. then u talk with us.. ” yuvani said in a demanding way..
” haan yuvani.. il tell u one thing.. if you want to get your old mummy back.. you will have to go and talk to her openly.. ” i said..

and then i gave them an idea..

suhani’s pov :

i was helping di in the kitchen..
suddenly yuvani and Krishna came and asked me to come along with them..
then took me you my room and gave me one dress. i was shocked to find that it was one of my old anarkali suit which i wore before leaving birla house..
” yuvani.. krishna.. what is this.. ” i asked..
” mumma.. you have to wear this dress please.. ” yuvani said..
” haa.. mumma if you love us you will wear this dress.. ” krishna said with an innocent expression..
” hmm ok.. ” i said giving them a confused look..
i got into the washroom and wore the dress..

my eyes got teary.. i could see the old suhani coming back except for the makeup i wore..
i could see a flash of all those sweet cute and romantic moments with yuvraj..

i stood there thinking of what had happened few years ago.. how my life took a 360° turn.. from that sweet, bubbly and chirpy suhani to this suhani who only knew to give fake smiles to people.. who used scare the employees in her company with one glare..

i never wanted to become this suhani.. i always wanted to be the old suhani..

but suhani can be happy only with yuvraj.. she cannot smile heartily without yuvraj besides her.. the day yuvraj and suhani got separated.. that suhani is dead.. now if she needs rebirth, yuvraj should be there by her side..

i looked at myself once again…
there were some differences.. i had lost a bit of my weight.. i had makeup on my face.. i did not wear the mangal sutra and i did not put the sindhoor..

i wanted to see the old me.. so i washed away the makeup and put some kajal (kohl) and eyeliner on the lower and upper lids respectively
i took a small single stone bindi and placed it in the centre my forehead between the brows.
now i almost looked like suhani yuvraj birla.. but that smile and innocence wasnt there..

” mamma…. how long are you taking… its been almost half an hour we hv been calling you.. ” i heard yuvan screaming…

” ha im coming.. ” saying this i opened the door..

i was shocked to see my room… the whole room was decorated with mine and yuvraj’s photos… from our first marriage till my pregnancy… my eyes were brimming with tears..
” mumma.. you really look young.. ” said yuvani…
” haan.. you look so cute and innocent.. mamma.. you look the best like this.. ” said krishna…

” haa muma.. with makeup and modern dresses you look really wonderful.. but ma.. without makeup and with traditional dress. you look heavenly! ” said yuvan..
” aww mere bachon.. so you all like me like this.. ”
” haan.. mumma.. not only us.. even pappa will love you more like this… ” yuvanj said innocently…
i did not know how to react…
” mamma.. you wait here.. we have a small gift for you.. just five minuits.. we will come in a jiffy.. ” said Krishna..
” ok.. ill wait ”
the children left…
i started admiring the photos one by one..
i saw a pic taken on gauri’s mehendi ceremony… flashes of that day came to my mind… it that day when for the first time me and yuvraj bcame one in all senses.. i my lips formed a curve ☺ unknowingly…

i have always loved yuvraj.. from the first day i met him till today.. and that love has become more stronger now. but due to the past happenings i have been burying my feeling inside my heart.. but today i feel as if all my love for him is gonna come out of my heart
suddenly i heard some noise.. the kids pushed yuvraj inside the room and locked it from outside..

yuvrajs pov :

i just asked the kids to make wear the old anarkali suit which she wore before do that she could feel the essence of the old suhani…
but this was something i never expected…

i entered the room and saw that the whole room Was filled with the old photos of me and suhani.. it brought tears to my eyes….
i saw a pic which was taken when we had drawing competition foe gauri..

i stll remember wat happened that day…
when i forced suhani to wash the paint in her hand and she started putting water on me..
suhani puts water on yuvraj..
” suhani.. let me teach you the consequences of your deeds… ” saying this he opens the shower and pulls suhani into his embrace..
” yuvraj.. leave me.. if anyone sees… ” suhani said..
” so what suhani.. Its our room.. Our bathroom.. Y should anyone else care.. ” saying this he starts nuzzling her face.. He slowly kisses her cheeks… Her chin.. He moves the hair from her shoulder and kisses her neck.. Both of them were breathing heavily… They could here both of their heartbeats…
Suhani was shivering due to nervousness…
” yuv.. Yuv.. Yuvraj. I think we sould sto-”
Yuvraj stops her by kissing her lips.. He qas really enjoying her taste.. He felt as he got the sweetest fruit in hthe world to taste… Suhani did not respond.. Bcoz she was completely nervous… She never expected this to happen when she just put a few drops of water on yuvraj as a prank.. Yuvraj stopped when both of them were out of breath.. Yuvrajs hands were on the zip of the salwar kameez she had worn.. He was abt to open it when they heard a knock on the door and moved apart..

Fb ends…

Yuvrajs eyes were overflowing with tears.

Then i was awestruck to see my suhani.. In her original form.. It felt as a dream to me.. MY SUHANI is in front of me.. But her lovely and charming smile wasnt there on her face and i verywell knew that to some extent.. Or fully.. I was the reason ..

I kept on staring at her like an idiot.. I knew staring at women was not good.. But here she is my wife.. Opps sorry my ex wife.. But till i love her i hv the right to stare at her..

” yuvraj.. Yuvraj.. Are you alright.. ” she asked..

” yea im alright.. ”

” i have been calling you since last five minuits.. Wat have you been thinking.. ”

” well suhani.. I don’t know how you will take it.. But i cant resist telling you that you look extremely gorgeous like this…. ”

” thanks.. Ehh.. Yuvraj i dont kniw wat the children are up to.. ”

” me too… ”

” wat.. Ill tell them to open the door… ”

She was about to leave.. I held her wrist and stopped her..

” before that i need to talk to you suhani .”

My eyes turned red and teary…

” yuvraj are you alright.. Wat happ-”
” first listen to me suhani.. Ill tell you the answer.. Im mad.. Im. Mad for you.. And the only cure is i want my old suhani back… ”

” yuvraj.. ” she said with a choking voice..

” haan suhani… Im fed up with all this…
A life without you.. It has been worse than hell suhani… I now understand the mistake was mine too.. I was broken suhani.. I got my sister after long years and god took her early.. You knew abt my anger right.. You know rite how i react when i am angry.. I don’t even think before blabbering anything… And just bcoz i blabbered some nonsense thay doesn’t mean you leave me and go… You knew suhani that i cant even spend a sec without you in my life.. I needed you.. My existence was dependent upon you… And i was completely broken when i came to know you left your own daughter and left… I was a man who didn’t even knoe how to cardy a baby.. But u left me giving me a newborn baby..

Slowly i started pretend as if i hate you because i wouldnt be able to handle anything…
But the fact was that my love for you grew stronger and stronger by each passing second..
I had to live a fake life… With a fake family…
And wen you came back and i came to know i had a son.. I ws totally broken.. I missed my fatherhood.. I acted rude to you because i wanted you to know the pain i hv been going through all those six years…. Byt then i thought i woul get back my happiness when dadi announced our marriage.. .. Tou know what i was returning back to your sadu mode.. But that kidnapping.. And seeing you married to another man.. I was being killed in by each incedent.. U know wat suhani.. I used to even get jealous when bhavna hugs u. Then can u even imagine how it feels wen u put the kumkum in the name of some other guy.. That to a guy like sambhav.. Everything was beyond my control.. ” i said.. Opening my mind and heart to my beloved…
I broke down.. Tears were flowing like a stream.. I couldnt stop them….

Even suhani was in the same condition… I could see love for me in her eyes….

Thats wat i wanted.. I was craving for her.. The warmth of her body.. The sofness of her lips.. The purity and truthfulness of her love…

I wanted ut badly.. I wanted the mother of my children.. My family.. My soul.. My happiness…

” im sorry… Im really sorry yuvraj… ” she said h.. Her voice was barely audible… It was cracked…

I nodded negatively meaning that she need not apologize…

” forgive me if you can yuvraj.. I was selfish.. I just thought of my pain.. Im so sorty that i gave yoi immense pain.. Pls forgive me of you can.. ” she said crying her heart out…
” no suhani.. There is only one way i can forgive you.. You will havw to do it… ” i saod in an angry and harsh voice…

” im ready to do anything.. ” she said..

” you will have to come back on my life.. As the mother of my children… As the love of my life… As the bhabhi for my brothers.. A daughter for my mothet and moreover.. Evrything for me….. You will have to give me the pleasure of having you all by myself… You will have to become the old suhani.. Who always used to have a smile on her face… Who never used to put a lot of makeup.. Who was pagal.. Who was imperfect.. Like me.. Who used to always c
Correct me… My jhansi ki Rani… I want her back.. Only then you will bs forgiven… ” i said.. Trying put all my emotions to words..
Suhani was standing there emotionless..
I was damn nervous.. Wat if she says noo.. Then today would be my last day..
She slowly inched closer to me and cupped my face…

” then you wouldve alredy forgiven me.. ” saying this she hugged me..
I hugged her back as tight as i could.. I wanted the time to freeze… She perfectly fitted into my arms.. As god made her just for being in my arms.. I loved her wrmth against my chest…
We broke the hug.. Both of us had a huge 1000000000 volt bright smile on our faces…
I cupped her face and was about to kiss her when suddenly the kids opened the door and qw broke apart..
I really missed her body against mine…

Yuvani, yuvan , krishna sharad bhavna maa. Dadi, both the bhabhis and bhaiyyas all came..

We were embarassed..

” at last.. Im happy that my kids got together.. ” maa said..

The three kids.. Ran towards us and huggef us tightly .
” now we will never let u both to be apart.. ” all of them said..
” bhabhi guru.. We hv no words.. U don’t know how happy we are to see you both together.. ”

We both smiled at them

” im happy that my kids got together now… “said maa..

” papa. Mumma.. We want you like this forever.. ” yuvan said…

” sure beta.. Now we will never leave you.. ” suhani assured…

Precap : yuvraj ties mangal sutra around Suhani’s neck. And puts vermilion on her forehead…

Guys hope u all really liked this epi.. Pls do comment.. Ly alll…

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  1. Manya

    ????????the episode was the arrow ??

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ayushi sis.. Ly…

  2. now this one was awesome..and especially the shower scene

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot farhat sis.. I was really disappointed that day bcoz they stopped with both of them under tge shower.. They could’ve shown some romance but they didnt… So i decided to show that in my ff..

  3. Wow !! Its just amazing . Plz update fast

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot avani sis.. Ill try to update once in two days.. As im handling three ffs now…

  4. yaar shilpa is lovely,amazing and fabulous for me words r not coming to express my feeling after reading this its really awesome.i wish if this epi will come in real show in comeing days. im really very eagerly waiting for nxt update .plz continue this regularly

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot sri.. Your comments make me jump up and down in happiness… Ly to the core..

  5. This is an amazing episode.every word which was told by yuvani jst reflects how much they missed each other.finally they united.u d3scribed it in a grt way.we feel we are watching both of them expressing their feelings.i enjoyed ur ff from d begining to the ending.thank u so much for this.pls update nxt part soon.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot radha sis.. Ill try to update asap..
      Love you loads for commenting..

  6. Ruksy

    this is so amazing i have no words to describe how fantastic this was please update all of ur FFs soon. please update as soon as possible.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ruksy sis.. My kkhh ff is on the way.. By tonight or tomorrow morning youll get it… And the other one most probably tmrw ill post it…

  7. Diiiiiiii I have no words to how perfect this was, finally two destined lovers unite X wayyyy better than the serial

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      Thnks a lot aqsaah sis.. Ly u loads bestie..

  8. Sanaa.khan

    This is superb Shilpa. I’m in love with your ff…Keep up the good work sweetie?

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      Thnks a lot sana.. Ty for your support… Ummwaah


    can I just say…. Wow. this was so great I don’t even have the words to describe it. I want to see this on tv! Yuvani uniting was just so beautiful and the idea so unique, I loved it so much shilpa x

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot shreya.. I hv been dreaming about this seen since a long time.. So just put my dream into words…

  10. This was just Awesome!!! U are super talented Shilpa dear! We need writers like u to make a plot for the original serial.. Hope such things happen in ssel too..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Aww.. Thanks a lot neethu sis.. I hv been doing this only with the support you all jv given me..

    2. Shilpa-Saraj

      And im eagerly waiting for your ff too..

  11. NAPSHa J

    Shilpa I’m dying to see this ff onscreen..

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      Thnks a lot napsha…

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