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now lets get into the episode: Episode 4

yuvrajs pov :

after hearing the truth suhani was dumbstruck… her eyes were overflowing with tears..

” suhani i know u wanna cry out loud.. i wont stop u.. ” i said..

” but yuvraj..how could they do this to me..
i mean wat mistake did i do to them.. ”
she said between her sobs..

” first of all soumya.. i hv always trusted her.. i was never jealous of her.. i have sacrificed my happiness for her many times.. i hv never tried to snatch her things .. i was always happy for her fortunes. .. but she.. ” suhani couldn’t continue.. her throat was dry and eyes were wet..

i got some water and made her drink it..
” relax suhani. .. ” i said..

” how can i yuvraj.. after trusting everybody so much.. what did i get in return..
that sowmya.. she tried to snatch my husband from me.. she wanted my surname.. she wanted my life.. then she wanted the father of my kids as her daughter’s father.. she tried to kill my yuvan.. she instigated yuvani against me.. she brought that sambhav into my life.. she tried to break my marriage.. and sambhav.. i thought him to be my best friend but he prived me wring in judging people.. he wanted me.. my body.. i thought he would be a good father to yuvan.. but he wanted me to give birth to his children.. i feel disgusting.. ” she started sobbing uncontrollably..

” suhani… u r strong right.. try to control ur emotions… ” i said with tears.. i couldn’t bear to see her eyes teary..

” no yuvraj.. enough is enough.. im fed up.. from last six years i m getting sophisticated like this… i had no one to share my feelings with.. even though sharad and Bhavna di were there with me i never shared my feelings with them. i was like a robot.. i never cried in front of them or yuvan.. since the day i left u i was lonely.. i lost everything thing.. the only wealth i had was yuvan..” she said crying more…

” y did u leave me suhani.. u knew when i get angry i dont even know what i am speaking.. u didn’t try to understand me.. ” i told her..

” y always me.. it was always me who understood u… y can’t u think abt me once.. i know yuvraj u always understood me and wre by my side.. but when i needed u the most u weren’t there… yuvraj.. when a girl is pregnant.. what she wants the most is her husband’s love and trust.. if she doesn’t get that she will be completely broken.. and thats what happened to me.. gauri was like my sister.. her death was something i couldnt bear… on top of that u were blaming me for it.. i was already broken by then.. and then u told me to leave tha house and not show my face to u again.. i lost my brains then.. i didnt know what to do..
and then i came to kniw of the death of my daughter.. i was completely broken.. i felt the world crashing down in front of me… you left me alone yuvraj.. ” she was breaking down into more and more tears..

i was at loss of words.. i never expected i would hurt her this much.. i just wanted to hug her and console her but i didnt know how she would take it.. afterall she was not the old suhani.. i changed her unintentionally…

” im really sorry suhani.. i understand my mistake .. but after that we were about to be one tgats when i was kidnapped right.. but that wasnt my fault at all.. suhani.. i was really happy of getting u back.. i thought my family would be compleye but.. that sambhav and dadi spoiled it…” i said..

” there also u broke my trust yuvraj.. though you were kidnapped you sent me that cd.. once again i. was humiliated in the society..
u said marrying me was a mistake.. that we were not meant to be together.. ho how could you say that yuvraj.. i was your world once.. im the one who shared her body, mind and soul with you.. im the mother of ur kids.. how could u humiliate me infront of all those people… ” i was shocked
. which cd
.. what cd..
ohh god.. i think there has been a huge misunderstanding..

” suhani, which cd and what cd are you talking about.. ??? ” i asked her..

” the cd which you send me on the day of our marriage.. ” she told me

” ohh god !! that was for soumya.. that wasn’t for you suhani.. ” i said

she was perplexed..

” what ??” she exclaimed..
” yuvraj it was bcoz of that i agreed to marry sambhav.. oh my god.. wat is happening in my life ” she cried even more harder..

” im sorry yuvraj.. bcoz of me everything happened.. i should’ve waited for u.. ohh… forgive me yuvraj.. pls.. ” saying this she hugged me..
i couldn’t control myself more
. i hugged her back as tightly as i could..

after sometime she came back to her senses.. she felt awkward as if it was the first time we were hugging..
” yuvraj.. i wanna sleep.. ” she said without maintaining eye contact..

” its ok .. Gudnght ” i said and left the room..

The next morning :

Suhani’s pov :

I woke up and got ready..

As i turned i saw bhawna di smiling at me…

” suhani.. R u fine now… ” she asked…

” im perfectly alright.. ”

” suhani.. I think you should think abt ur future now… ”

” my future.. Di wat are u talking about.. ”

” suhani.. Now there are no obstacles in your life.. I think its time you move on with yuvraj.. ”

” di.. I need to think.. ”

” what is the there to think suhani.. Now there is no soumya .. No sambhav.. ”

” dii… I know… But first i need to know about yuvrajs mind… ”

” k suhani.. I wish now you will take some proper decision.. ”

In the hall :

Yuvraj pov :

I was sitting in hall.. Yuvan , yuvani, krishna, golu and sharad were also there..

Sharad was watching some vedio and laughing out loud..
Yuvani : chachu can u show us also…
Sharad : sure beta come..

Even i joined i was shocked as well as embarassed to see the vedio..

It was of mine and suhani.. Just after we came to know that she is pregnant..

The vedio :

Suhani : yuvraj.. U know wat.. Im really happy.. When i wished for one kid.. God gave me two…

Yuvi : suhani it was my offer. Buy one get one free…

Suhani : haha.. Now tell wat names do you want for our kids..

Yuvraj : hmm i hv no idea.. Its ur wish…

Suhani : wats sort of a dad are you… You are a saddu.. Gud for nothing…

Yuvraj : ya ya.. Thats now ur pregnant with twins right… I wonder whether you will love me after getting kids..

Suhani : yuvraj.. U r my halki dadi bhikre baal.. How can i not lov u…
Saying this she messes his hair..

Yuvi : awwhhh suhani.. I hv told you not to do that..

Suhani : im sorry yuvraj.. Untill and unless i remain mrs. Suhani yuvraj birla… Ill keep on doing it..

Yuvraj : see wat i do to you.. Saying this he starts chasing her all over the room..

But then he stops.. “Suhani this time your kids saved you.. But next time this wont happen ” he says..

The end of vedio..

There was a 1000 volt smile on all their faces..

Yuvani : papa.. I wanna see you and mumma like this…. Pls…

Yuvan : im sorry papa.. For hurting you and talking rudely to you.. I couldnt understand how much you loved mom.. Im so sorry..

Yuvraj : its ok beta…

Yuvan : but papa only you can give us our old bubbly and chirpy mom back…

Krishna : haa daddu.. Pls i want that old suhani aunty as my mum…

I wanted to tell them that even i wanted that suhani back..

” hmm… Lets see.. Now u all go and play… ” i said.. They left.

” guru.. Tell me the truth.. Even you wish to see our old suhani bhabhi na.. ”
” haa sharad but how can i ”
” hmmm i hv an idea.. ”

So guys thats all for today.. Pls enjoy.. And pls do comment..

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Shilppy my heart is beating faster than the speed of light this epic was sooo emotional I’m in love! How will the gang get their old Suhani back ? The suspense is killing me! ????❤️ Ly shilppy

  2. Aqsxxh

    Shilppy my heart is beating faster than the speed of light this epic was sooo emotional I’m in love! How will the gang get their old Suhani back ? The suspense is killing me! ????❤️ Ly shilppy, love you millions x

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lotaqsaah . . U make me fly high in happiness by your comments… Ummwaahhh??????

  3. Ruksy

    plz plz plz post soon this is so amazing plz post soon.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ruksy sis

  4. finally today yuvani shared their feelings with each other.this is very emotional.i just cant wait to see old yuvani nok johk.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnk u radha sis

  5. its is awesome … each and every line of story is amazing with wonderful thoughts i like is so much plz plz update soon

  6. Shilpa-Saraj

    Thnks a lot sri…

  7. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee as always ?????post soon …

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot ayushi sis


    This was tooooo beautiful, im in love with your ff please update soon because its just too good x

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot shreya…

  9. Sanaa.khan

    Loved it Shilpa….. keep rocking dear

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks a lot sanaa… Ly..

  10. really i want orginal suhani to say all this to yuvraj.

  11. It’s too good.. Keep going..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Thnks farhat..

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