TU MERI RAHEGA _ SSEL SS ( ep 4)( what happened to sambhav, dadi, soumya? )


hey guys im back with the next epi… .. Im so sorry for noy posting regularly.. My school is gonna reopen after vaccations.. I had lots of work to do..
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suhani pov continues;

i knew my children were crying.. they came near me and kissed my cheek.. i kissed their forehead..
the dr came in and told that i can be discharged.. yuvraj went and did all the formalities… when we were about to leave the hospital yuvani asked me ” mamma.. can u nd yuvan come and stay with us in birla house? pls.. ”
i thought for a while.. that time yuvi said ” suhani even i think u should come with us. ”
even mummy and ma forced me.. so i went with yuvraj to birla house .
* * * * * * *
after a while we reached birla house..
as soon as we reached the door dadi opened the door from inside and welcomed us.. i was shocked to see dadi back in her old look.. i wondered how did she grow her hair so fast.. she looked damn tired..
she welcomed me in.. i could see love for me in her eyes.. infact i was seeing this reaction from dadi for the first time… as soon as i entered the house krishna came running to me but she didn’t hug me.. well she was very samachdaar ladki ( matured and understanding girl) so she understood that my wound was on my stomach so.. she was carefull.. she rant to me calling me mumma.. i stood there shocked. “beta.. y r u calling me mumma.. ” i asked.. ” bcoz from today you are my mumma. ”

” but.. where is soumya? ” i asked
” suhani, u better dont talk abt her, ” said yuvraj with his temper increasing..
” beta u need to rest… come with me.. ” said dadi.. and i followed her…

we entered the guest room..
bhavna di came to me .. she seemed really worried.. ” suhani.. . i never expected that sambhav to be such a cheat.. and that somya and that judwa behen ( twin sister ) such bl***y cheats they are…, how could they do this to you ” she said. i was staring at ger with a thousand question marks around my head..
” di, i don’t understand what you mean… i don’t know what has happened? ” i told her..
it was like some realisation dawned on her.. ” suhani, u hv been unconscious for the past 1 week ” she said and i was shocked.. she continued ” a lot has happened during that time.. but this is not the right time to tell u anything ” she said.

” haa bhabhi.. once u get perfectly well.. and be our old suhani bhabhi we will tell u everything.. ” i heard a voice say.. it was non other than sharad.. ” but… bhaiyya… this thought will remain in my mind till i get all my answers.. ” i replied.. ” nahi suhani.
.now u hv to take rest.. ” said rags bhabhi… ” haa aur now im there no. . even dr wont be able to take care of you like i do.. jijji u should be happy that u hv me with u ” said menka bhabhi.. i was shocked.. ” bhabhi u r gonna take care of me.. !!! but- ” i was cut by rags bhabhi.. ” suhani .. dont talk much.. take rest.. i very well know what is going on in ur mind.. Dont worry this is not acting.. but this is sincere love.. from today onwards u r my own sister… experience made me learn that outer beauty is nothing compared to inner beauty… ” she said with a shade of apology .. ” ok bhabhi i promise ill take proper rest “..i said..
they all left asking me to take care..
i couldn’t sleep.. thinking wht had happend in the precios one week.. no one was ready to even tell me..

yuvrajs pov :

To be frank i am the happiest person in the world now… its bcoz my love of life is here with me.. but i was sad too.. bcoz we did not share the same old relation.. we were not husband and wife.. we were just friends.. but.. now im promising myself that i would get her back at any cost.. the family life which i lost six years ago.. i wanted to get it back anyhow..
i went to her room thinking that she must have slept..
but she was awake.. she was in a half sitting and half lying posture.. she was thinking about something serious… i could make it out from her face.. ..
” y r u still awake suhani.. ” i asked

” yuvraj do u still consider me as a friend?? ”
she asked
” of course suhani.. u r more than a friend to me.. ” i replied..
” then tell me. wat was happening in the past one week..? ” i ordered him..
” suhani.. yaar. .. just stop thinking about it..
take rest now..

finally one more week got over and now suhani was perfectly fine…
she got more closer to yuvani.. even yuvan apologised to me for his behaviour.. but i missed my old chirpy suhani… i missed fighting with her.. i missed hugging her… i missed taunting her… i missed her giggles.. i missed the way she used to cal me Mr halki dadi bhikre baal.. and spoil my hair.. i missed everything abt her.. i wanted my old suhani back..

suddenly i heard someone knock the door of my room..
yea.. she will live for hundered years.. it was non other than suhani…
” come in suhani.. U need not be formal with me.. ” i said
She gave a faint smile and entered the room.
” yuvraj.. U know now im perfectly alright.. Now pls tell me wat happened to sowmya and dadi.. And sambhav.. ” she said

” hmm ill tell u… “” after you got stabbed…….
Flash back :
Suhani gets stabbed and everyone rushes her to hospital..

” maaa, i wont leave that sambhav.. How dare he do this with suhani.. ” yuvraj said… His eyes were red.. And flowing with tears… His white shirt was stained suhanis blood. ….
He rushes to sambhav and starts beating him hardly… But sambhav did not respond.. His eyes were guilty… He had understood his mistake.. After some time the police arrives and arrests him… But before getting into the jeep sambhav says.. ” yuvraj.. Im really guilty for whatever i hv done.. I wanna save ur family now.. The lady who claims to be ur dadi is not the real dadiis not the real dadi.. She is ur dadis judwa behen.. ( twin sister) .. She wants to destroy the birla parivar.. She is the one who kidnapped u on ur wedding day..

And that soumya.. She is the one who called me to birla house to separate you and suhani.. ” yuvraj was shocked .. He didnt know how to react.. the police was about to put sambhav in the jeep when sambhavs phone rings.. It was dadi sambhav hands over the phone to the police.. They attend the call and and put the phone in loudspeaker .. ” hello sambhav.. Our plan bcame fail.. Did that yuvraj come there.. That girl yuvani right she is same like her mother.. She is really cunning and clever.. She called yuvraj and informed him that u were trying to misbehave with her.. Be careful.. Y aren’t you saying anything.. ” dadi said over the phone.. ” what is left to say.. ” yuvraj said.. Dadi got the shock of her life..

The police then went to birla house and arrested fake dadi and found out the real dadi… She was really weak.. She was guilty.. She understood her mistakes..
She once had kidnapped suhani.. And now.. She got the taste of her own medicine…
Since that day she changed.. Being a caring and loving dadi…
Then soumya was the one remaining… Yuvraj felt like killing her.. Yuvraj went to bh and scolded at her he screamt at her.. ( guys i dont wanna give importance to this part.. But this is needed.. So im not writing their dialogue in detail ) soumya was shocked as well as scared to see yubrajs this side.. Ragini and menaka were tired of the tortures by somya.. So they blurted all the truth to yuvraj.. Starting from calling sambhav to birla house to the marriage day fiasco.. Hearing this krishna felt disgusted and she broke all the ties with soumya.. She declared that she will only have one mother from then and that will be suhani.. .. ”

Flashback ends…

Precap : yuvraj.. Tum itna sadu kyun hai…

Guys hope u all liked this epi.. Plsss pls.. Do comment… And mostly ill end this with two or three chapters..

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    I love this ff so much and prwfer it so much better than the serial rn… you are AMAZING! x

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      Thnks a lot shreya… U r no less than mme…

  2. Shilppy Di I’m soooo proud of you for this ff X it’s fabulous I like be how sambhav admitted everything and how everyone has b n caught showing how th good always triumphs ty do for making me happy after my intense sorrow X ?☺️

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Aww. Ly … Im really fed up.. The wrong person is never punished in ssel.. The wrong doers always escape the punishment.. So i thought of adding it in my ff

      1. Aqsxxh

        I know shilpy, te serial doesn’t know how to do it, but you learly do! I am soo proudd x

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    Million times better than the serial dear 😀 x

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    love it plz post soon

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  6. this is perfect.finally suhani is back and all evils got their punishment.actually not only yuvraj but we are all missing that bubbly suhani we want our old suhani back.i am eagerly waiting to see our old yuvani.

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Yea ull soon get to see themm… Thnx a lot..

  7. Awesome n waiting 4next ff

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  10. its is really very lovely epi i enjoyed while reading , i like one very much punishing those 3 sambhav, soumya ,twin dadi . im eagerly waiting to read next epi.

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