Tu meri Mohabbath – Prologue

❤?Tu meri mohabbath❤?
A lavish room is shown. A boy is sleeping cuddling with his pillow having a cute smile in his face.
Lady came near bed caresing boy’s head
Lady-beta get up its morning
(boy got up gave a kiss to her cheek)
Boy-gud mrng mom
L-uto. Get ready

Sean 2
Boy-i lov my life. Its ful of fun,love nd sme pranks(winks)
Boy 2-oh ya for u its fun??u nd ur stupid pranks
Boy-are sorry yar. Bt i must tel u i just lov myself thank u god for such a wonderful life (punch to b2 shoulder)nd dis duffer bro

Sean 3.
Somewhere in room corner girl was seen crying
Girl-(crying)y god y u gave me such meaningless life? Y u give me life in this cruel world? I hate myself i want to finish myself bt i can’t i hate u god.

Sean 4
Boy-i love u alot plz accept me nd my love i can fight against whole world if u r wit me plz
Girl-luk i dnt love u. Infact i dnt believe in lov its all lie a big lie so u dnt waste ur time(left)
Boy(in mind)-i knw u suffered a alot in ur life but its my promise i wil heal all ur wounds nd i wil make u accept me.

Sean 5
Boy is laying on bed. Many Wires are attached with his bandanged body
Girl(crying)-i m sorry its all hapnd becoz of me. Plz get up c i m wit u nw (hold his hand)i lo………….

So here my new story. How is prologue? Do u want me to continue? Plz cmnt.
And ya i want to knw tat in my 1st ss lov changes lïfe wt u liked most? Seen nd charecter plz tel. Bye

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