Episode 37
He was safe not even a scratch but….. He was shock seeing swara who was lying in floor pool of blood if was like he lost something precious to him (let\\\’s see what happen), when Rajat shot sanskar swara came in between them and took bullet to herself.
San: swaraaaa……. (kept her head in his lap) why you did this No nothing will happen to you i will take you to hospital (lifted her in his arms) .
All were taking swara to hospital and forgot about Rajat who got chance to hurt sanskar again shot him but this time…….

Zain: Saraaaa…… (Sara came in between and got shot in stomach) (specially requested by Sara pagal ladki) both sanskar and Zain got shock, Zain shoot Rajat who died in spot.
After Sara got shot SanZain bought them to hospital, now swara was in ICU and Sara go OT. All Maheshwari and gadodia family arrived to hospital and was in tension. Mostly SanZain was shattered watching both girls who are their life reason of their life fighting between life and death, both were praying for their life, for sanskar no one can tell how much pain he is going through one side his lady love and other side his baby sister for him both are like his two eyes, and for Zain Sara was his only family his life he may be toughest police officer but now he is a lost person who is just waiting for his lady to come and console him tell him everything is alright.
2 hours passed swara\\\’s doctor came out after operating her. Sanskar was the one who 1st ran towards doc and started to ask about swara.
San (worriedly) : doctor how is swara? She is alright na? Please tell me (impatiently) why are you not telling anything…?

Dp: swara teek to hai na dr?
Doc: yes Mr Maheshwari swara is alright, by god grace bullet just touched her hand and left so not to worry even if you want you can take her to home.. But now she is unconscious due to medicine she will wake up after 5 hours.

San felt relief and happy to hear that swara is alright : thank you doctor (doctor left)
Here from OT doctor came and informed them that Sara is serious and meet her all got worried and started to cry but for Zain he felt as someone took floor from his feet he stormed into OT and felt like his soul snatched from him watching his wife lying lifelessly on bed. He hold her hand and sat in his knees but he was not crying not a single tear,

Zain: (holding her hands) please Saru please don\\\’t do this with me you know na you are my everything, you promised me that you will not leave me (now angry seeing she is not responding to him and hurt) see now you are also leaving me like other am i that bad if yes then kill me na i will go away but please you don\\\’t go I can\\\’t handle this separation I will be all broken please Sara come back to me please (and started to cry loudly all were broken seeing him and Sara like this)

Zain\\\’s tears were falling in Sara\\\’s hand may be she felt her love broken state and can\\\’t leave him like this she can\\\’t broke her promise, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him
Sara(feeble voice): Z…a…i…..n.
Zain who heard her voice become happy and hugged her and kept his head on her chest: thank you Sara thanks for coming back I love you sweetheart I can\\\’t live without you (and kissed all over her face)
Sara was her family standing in door and called them
Lucky: baby you scared us.

San: ha what was the need to become jansi ki Rani if something would happen to you then??
Sara: I m your sister muje kuch nai hota I m strong girl na(blinked her eyes)
Dp: still beta you should have take care of yourself……
Ap:(crying)ha beta. You are my only daughter I can\\\’t tolerate if something happens to you
Sara: sorry na maaf kardo bachi ko(cutely) (something remembering) bhai how is swara?.
San: (smiling) she is alright and doc said that we can take her to home…
Sara(cutely) and what about me?? Bhai I don\\\’t want to be here you know na i hate hospital please take me home please( blinking her eyes and pout) I will take care of my self
Zain: (suddenly) no I don\\\’t trust you who knows what you do in home? You will be here till you get fit and healthy (sternly)

San who melted seeing his baby sister who was looking cute smiled: it\\\’s OK Zain we all are there na we can take care of her (patted her cheek) and she will recover soon with us (to Sara) but you will follow our instructions without any tantrum OK (Sara nodded yes cutely)
After 5 hours swara got flashes of Rajat shooting sanskar came and she got up wit jerk, and saw here and there only to find white wall but she was searching for someone her love her Sanku she got scared not finding him near her and started to shout his name, sanskar came inside and shocked to see her sobbing and ran towards her and wrapped his hands around her.
San: swara jaan why are you crying? Is it paining anywhere?
Swara: (while sobbing) where were you I got scared not finding you here.

San: oh mera bacha I was here only now don\\\’t cry (broke the hug) now give me a smile please (swara smiled)that\\\’s like my girl (something strike him and got angry) swara that bullet was for me why the hell you come between if something would happen to you (choked voice) then do you think about me how could I lived i cant even imagine (tears were threatening to come) I love you swara please take care of yourself if not for you then for me please

Swara was overwhelmed seeing his love for her happy tears came from her eyes: I will Sanku I will (wiping his tears) and I love you too my chipku maheshwari (and winks at him while he chuckled hearing his name after long time) Sanku where are others and Sara how is she?
San: actually jaan (told her everything) but don\\\’t worry now she is alright and you both can go home today evening.

Raglak and others came inside elders blessed her and Ap thanked her for saving her son\\\’s life.
Rag: (hugged her) thank god swara you are alright do you have any idea how scared I was? Jao i m not taking with you I m angry on you (turned her face)
Swara: sorry na rags from now i will not even think of leaving you are still i didn\\\’t teased you and not even stole jiju\\\’s shoe also..

Laksh: swara i thought u are in my team (fake tears) hay bhagwan no one love me all only love my bhai
San: ha because mom brought you from forest na you were living with monkey
Rag: really bhai (saw Laksh) that\\\’s why he always behave like monkey…
Lucky : (making sad pout) aww bhai that\\\’s not good how can you tell that (dramatically) hay bhagwan uta lo muje no one value innocent soul like me
Sanskar punching his stomach :stop your melodrama you idiot

Ap: stop it sanskar how can you say like that to my son (fake anger) (caressing Laksh hair) he is my cute baby son dnt say like that or he will start crying Hai na ji(to Dp)
Dp: ha Ap you are right he is our crazy cry baby (hearing this all burst into laughter while Laksh made sad pout)
Rag: oh god lucky you are looking so cute(pulled his cheek) my cry baby ????

1 week leap
Swara is now in gadodia mansion Shemish strictly told swara that she is staying with them from now on they are not ready to take any risk now. Zain took Sara with him as he had took leave from his work for 1 month so that he can take care for her by himself(so sweet na ??)


Swara was sitting in bed angrily. She was cursing someone badly, while Ragini was giggling hearing that curses and praying for that person..
Swara (angry pout) : hah this idiot Maheshwari where the hell is he now, from 1 week he didn\\\’t let me move from this stupid bed if become more possessive and making me eat that yucky tasteless soup and food with that poison(medicine) I didnt ate my chocolate from 1 week not even i had my tasty pani puri (made cry face) that monkey Maheshwari made me house arrest ???, now he is making me wait for him from half hour let him come I will not talk with him. I even don\\\’t see his that donkey face….

Hearing all this Ragini started to laugh loudly.
Rag: (while laughing) oh good shona you are so cute poor bhai you have him various name ? haha ?
Sanskar who came few minutes back heard swara crazy talk and gulped seeing her angry red face
San(sweetly): jaan (no response from swara) shona I bought red rose for you (came in front of her and kept flowers in bed but she turned her face) jaan I know you are getting bore and angry on me but doctor said that you need rest and I don\\\’t want to take any risk with your health (but swara didn\\\’t saw his face now Sanku become sad) jaan please talk to me when you got shot you can\\\’t even imagine how I felt it\\\’s just I can\\\’t loose you and you health is more important than anything else for me (teary eyes) please talk to me i can\\\’t bare your ignorance
Swara who saw his teary eye from corner of her eye got worried she immediately turned to him and cupped his face: Sanku I m not angry on you now please don\\\’t cry you know na i cant see tears in your eyes (sanky nodded) but it doesn\\\’t mean that now I will listen to you i will not eat that yucky tasteless food i want my chocolate cake, pani puri and other my favorite food and……
San: OK enough i will do everything. Today. Evening we are going.

Swara: (exited) Sachi…. Wow (whined like a child)thank you Sanku (jumped in his lap hugged him and have a tight kiss on his cheek) I love you you are best

Sanskar was shocked with sudden kiss he saw her holding his cheek with wide eyes, he was just staring her with open mouth ????.(poor guy it\\\’s just starting age age deko hota hai kya).
Swara: Sanku what happened why are you staring me like that(confused state)
San(still shock) you…..  Jumped on me and and…. Kissed me, but you should kiss right place (saw her confuse face and said naughtily) you should kiss here (kept her finger on his lips)

Swara who was confuse till now turned red like ? hearing sanskar naughty talk, and hitted his chest by her tiny hands and hide her face in his chest sanskar laughed loud seeing her red blushing face, don\\\’t worry guys Ragini already left leaving them alone.

Swara was wearing black backless long dress with diamond necklace and earrings with open hair with minimal makeup looking extremely beautiful….. ??
Sanskar who was wearing yellow shirt white pant and coat he was looking hot… Was staring at his swara with so much of love….
San: (hold swara\\\’s hand) you are looking gorgeous (and kissed her hand)
Swara: (blushing) sanskar all are watching us
San: let\\\’s go jaan….(to rags) bye rago (both swasan left)
Both are standing in beautifully decorated hall.. Walls are covered with pink color curtens  and candles, floor was covered with pink Patel\\\’s of rose and at middle table with 2 chair was there, she was amazed watching decoration and felt happy…..  When her eyes fall in note with cute teddy
From today over beautiful pace of life going to start and I promise I will fill happiness from now and never let tears come in your big beautiful eye, where I see love which is only for me. You are my life, my breath, my soul mate, my madness, there is no sanskar without swara from now i am giving myself to you from now i m only swara\\\’s sanskar……
Your love

Chipku maheshwari  ???????
Swara eyes filled with tears after reading note and was searching for him when she heard a melodious song
Kaise Kahun Ishq Mein Tere
Kitna Hun Betaab Main
Aankhon Se Aankhe Mila Ke
Chura Lun Tere Khwaab Main
She saw sanskar who was singing above line seeing with so much love for her…. Came near her.
Kaise Kahun Ishq Mein Tere
Kitna Hun Betaab Main
Aankhon Se Aankhe Mila Ke
Chura Lun Tere Khwaab Main

Mere Saaye Hain Saath Mein
Yaara Jis Jagah Tum Ho
Main Jo Jee Raha Hun
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
He pulled her towards himself holding her waist they had a small eye lock
Main Jo Jee Raha Hun
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho.. O…
Now he turn her hugging her tightly backside kept his face in her shoulder while swara lay in his chest…

Hai Ye Nasha, Ya Hai Zehar
Iss Pyar Ko Hum Kya Naam Dein
Iss Pyar Ko Hum Kya Naam Dein
Hai Ye Nasha, Ya Hai Zehar
Iss Pyar Ko Hum Kya Naam Dein
Kab Se Adhuri Hai Ik Daastaan
Aaja Usey Aaj Anjaam Dein

Tumhe Bhulun Kaise Main
Meri Pehli Khata Tum Ho
Main Jo Jee Raha Hun
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Main Jo Jee Raha Hun
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Now he turned her saw her lips

Kya Jaane Tu Mere Iraade
Le Jaunga Saansein Chura Ke
Saansein Chura Ke
Kya Jaane Tu Mere Iraade
Le Jaunga Saansein Chura Ke
Dil Keh Raha Hai Gunehgaar Ban Ja
Bada Chain Hai Inn Gunaahon Se Aage
Main Gumshuda Si Raat Hun
Meri Khushnuma Subah Tum Ho
Main Jo Jee Raha Hun
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Main Jo Jee Raha Hun

Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho..
Wajah Tum Ho.

Age bolne ki zarurat nai kud samaj lo ???????

Precap: over possessive sanskar angry swara

Agar koi yaha sara and Zain fan hai then don\\\’t scold me that was her wish only pata nai kya kya ajib wishes hai uske ?? bye

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