Episode 38
It was another beautiful morning for swasan after spending romantic and good time together in farm house last night(don’t use your brain nothing happened between them just slept in each other arms). The first sun rays fall on sanskar making him wake up with a big wide smile on his cute face. As he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was his lifeline swara who was sleeping peacefully cuddling more and more into him. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead with a smiled and tried to got up he carefully placed her head in pillow and freed himself from her grip and left to washroom.

After some time sanskar came out getting ready he was wearing t shirt and jeans looking handsome as always he saw swara who was awake and smiling seeing him
San: good morning jaan
Swara: good morning Sanku(got up and kissed his cheek) I will get ready (sanskar nodded)
After 15 min swara came out wearing a white anarkali dress with open wet hair while drying. Sanskar mesmerised seeing swara and kept on staring her lovingly. Swara who felt gaze on her saw sanskar and blushed hard proceeds towards dressing table and came infront of mirror and saw him in that and got ready.

Swara: (avoiding his gaze) Sanku I m hungry
Sanskar who came to sense hearing her: ha let’s go down I have already ordered breakfast (swara nodded and walked away when she felt a sudden pull, hitting sanskar’s hard chest)
San(whispering in her ear): looking beautiful (kissed her earlobe and hugged her) i love you swara please don’t leave me ever never.
Swara who broke the hug saw his eyes which were showing pure conditional love and there was something else which she was unable to figure out (in mind) : sanskar what are you hiding from me? I know there is something which is not letting you to live but what? I m seeing you from 3 weeks you always have fear but why about what?

And came to sense when sanskar shook her
San: where you lost? Come have your breakfast (swara smiled at him)
After breakfast they left for gadodia mansion.


In gadodia mansion
Swara was sitting in her room getting bore sanskar left for office after dropping swara and stricken ordering her not to do anything accept resting ??.
Swara: I m getting bore yaar, this sanskar na just know how to order me. I this 3 week he didn’t let do anything just sleep, eat wo v that tasteless yucky food with that medicine ??. And he is eating tasty tasty food. (mimicking sanskar) swara don’t eat that it’s not good for you now you have to eat healthy food you are not well bla bla bla… Even that rags is following his ??. But now enough now to I m fit na (got up from bed) now I will go down waise v Sanku is not here and rags too went for some work so how will he know swara boss you can do it (marched out left right left right and came near kitchen and peeped inside it)

Sharmishta who was preparing for lunch saw swara and asked: beta do you want anything? (swara nodded yes) OK tell me I will make it (swara came near her with baby step)
Swara: Maa give me some work na i m bore sitting idle please (asked with cute puppy dog face)
Sharmishta: but beta you are not well you should take care
Swara : Maa please

Sharmishta: OK (giving plate filled with vegetables) you can chop it OK
Swara(happy) : thank you Maa (took plate and started to cut it murmuring something) wow great swara, you Ms SB owner of SB boutique who give work to other today asking for work from Maa (angry) this all happened due to that ragsan (crying face) they are treating me like a kid but I m to big girl na. And I m fit and fine but who will make understand this to them ??. Let them come I will not talk with him Mr Khadus Maheshwari

Sanskar who came to see swara smiled seeing her cute complaints but panicked when he saw blood oozing from her finger. Swara was cutting veg by mistake cut her finger but got scared after seeing angry young man means sanskar who glaring at her angrily. Sanskar took her finger and tied hanky to stop blood and took her to room Sharmishta gave first-aid box to him, he slowly cleaned her wound with dettol and put bandaged in all this while swara was smiling ear to ear seeing her cute Maheshwari because when he was banding her finger his face clearly shown how much it was paining him which clearly shown how much he love her. After treating he got up and about to move swara held his wrist

Swara: Sanku are you angry on me asked cutely
San: why?
Swara: sorry na but I just wanted to do something
San: something like hurting yourself am i right Ms boss
Swara(pout) no I hmm (hold her ears) cholly Maafi de do bachi ko (said cutely blinking her eyes which melted sanskar like butter)
San: it’s OK but next time please take care. Shona it hurts me when you are hurt please apna kayal rakna (swara nodded)
Swara: now give me your smile please (sanskar smiled) Oh god (keeping her both hands in her chest) me to behosh ho gai (acted like fainting)

Sanskar laughed seeing her antics
Next day
Sanskar was driving and swara was sitting in passenger seat enjoying weather closing her eyes with a smile on her face.
Swara: hmm Sanku drop me in SB boutique

San: why jaan (concern)you are still not fit. No you are not going to boutique
Swara: (softly) Sanku I know you are concerned about my health don’t worry I will take care of myself it’s just that I m getting bore sitting idle in house And I can’t put all burden on rags she is handling everything from long time and moreover I m missing my work. (lost in her past) wo sirf ek butique nai hai for me that is place where I get my solace. That place that work gave me reason to live and move on or don’t know what would have I done with myself. SB boutique is my identity my hard work(tears were threatening to come over sanskar felt bad for not being with her that time) .

San: OK jaan I will drop you there (wiping her unshed tears) but promise me you will have your lunch at time and you will not stress yourself
Swara: OK baba i promise(hold her neck)
Sanskar dropped swara at boutique giving a lot of instructions of doing and not doing but at last swara packed his lips making him smile and ran inside.

Swara was working in laptop as usual forgetting about her health and promise, Ragini went to meet her client. Here sanskar also got busy because in these days if didn’t concentrate on his business so he has lot of pending work so didn’t get time to call swara.
Swara got distracted by phone call: (picking up) ha rags ha I m still in boutiqu
Rag: what my dear shona you know what the time is now?
Swara: (seeing clock casually) ha it’s 8 at night(widened eyes realising time) oh shit (in mind) in work I didn’t realised time even i didnt had my lunch and took medicine
Rags:(not getting any response) shona are you there (loudly) shona
Swara: coming to sense) ha rags

Rags: where were you? Hmm leave it did you had your lunch?
Swara(in mind) swara now what will you do? You idiot this rags and Sanku will eat me alive(lied her) ha rags I ate and took medicine also don’t worry OK bye will talk to you at home OK bye (cutted hurriedly without listening to her) swara jaldi se eat something.
Got up but felt dizziness and fell down half unconscious she heard a someone calling and patting her cheeks. She smiled sensing his touch it was her love sanskar and closed her eyes.
Sanskar who came swara’s cabin after completing his work to pick her and smiled seeing her talking with rago but got shock when he saw her falling he got scared and shouted her name and ran towards her kept her head his lap and patted her cheek but she closed her eyes without wasting my time he took her in arms and rushed out to home.

Doctor were checking swara from long time according to him and sanskar being impatient asked: (worriedly) Dr is everything alright what happened to her
Dr: Mr Maheshwari don’t worry Ms boss is all right. It’s just she is little stressed out and I think she didn’t had anything from long time
San: thank you doctor (Dr left)
After some time swara got up and saw sanskar coming holding tray and kept in front of her and stared to feed her but he was doing all this with a angry face and avoiding her.
Swara: why are you avoiding me Sanku
San: why does it matter to you
Swara: it does I care for you

San: (sarcastic) oh really (hold her shoulder angry tone) yesterday only i told you to take care of yourself but what you did ha?
Swara: Sanku I m alright I didn’t did intentionally I just forgot to have my meal. I m sorry
San: oh yes you always say sorry and do same mistake. I told you not to go office but I m mad why the hell I dropped you
Now swara got irritate: sanskar you are over reacting I m fed up by your care you are behaving like i m dead

San: (shouts)swaraaa… (fisted his hand to control his anger and left from there)
Rags: shona tuje aisa nai bolna chaiye ta
Swara: rags now you don’t start please leave me alone for now (rag shook her head and left from there)

It was night there was no news of sanskar now everybody is worried for his swara was cursing herself for loosing her temper and calling his phone from long time but no response that time they heard horn sound. Laksh was helping sanskar who was walking unsteadily holding bottle in his hand. Swara was shocked seeing him like this is hair was messy eyes were red swara got tears in her eyes.

Swara (cupping his face) Sanku what have you done to yourself.
San: (drunken state) jaan don’t cry please (wiping her tears) you know na i cant see tears in your eyes. You know shona you shouldn’t be with me i m unlucky to you (swara confuse) jab se we got engaged you are in trouble first I left you 6 year ago I would checked sahil’s background you should not had suffered like this but I left you (crying) then Rajat came and You suffered only for me but what i did i didn’t believed your eyes which were showing love for me, i believed on your words you then you got got shot saving me why swara y u love me this much don’t do that I can’t handle if something happens to you i will die swara i will die muje tere life me ana nai chaiye ta tum atleast safe hoti. I thought to leave you but I can’t I love you a lot i m selfish swara please i m scared to loose you (crying bitterly) don’t leave me please (all got shock had tears seeing sanskar in this state) I m sorry if you think I m over caring but what can I do I can’t see you hurt i love you so much i love you (fainted in her arms)
Laksh made him sleep in his room all left leaving swasan alone.

Swara: (to herself) how i didn’t saw your fear sanskar, Rajat incident affected you lot this fear is not good for your health (determine) till now you showed proved your love now it my turn I will remove your fear your insecurities it’s my promise to you to me to our love (kissed his forehead, cheek and packed his lips) I love you my cutie pie (slept hugging him tightly)

Precap: new morning naughty swara

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