Episode 36
Rag: where were you was shona koi itna time leta hai kya?
Swara: wo hmm my zip was stuck so der lag gai.
Rag: oh OK come we have to buy a lot
Swa: hmm

All were selecting dress, Saree. Swara was seeing dress in mirror when she saw reflection of sanskar who was staring her. Swara showed him her dress saying how is it through eyes sanskar made face, swara again showed another Saree again sanskar made face ye silsila chalta raha now swara was irritated by his continuous rejection and gave a angry glare to him while he chuckled seeing her.
Sumi: what happened beta you didn’t liked anything(worried face)
Swara(in mind): not me your dear Damad didn’t liked any Saree or dress oh god now what will I wear?(to sumi) no maa (Sad face)
Sumi: koi na beta don’t feel bad.
Rag: (audible to swara)you or bhai didn’t liked any dress ha?(swara saw her in shock) don’t get shock darling I saw everything (swara felt embarrasse)
Sanskar slowly came to swara and keeping few dresses and lehangas in her hand: you will look hot in there dresses my princess (swara turned crimson red ??)
Sara: ( who came from behind secretly and teased )bhai you never select any dress for me and for Bhabhi you brought so many designer dress(sad pout)
Rag: (sadly)leave it Sara we are just his sisters na but bhai is so romantic (glaring Laksh who came with sanskar) not like my fiance who even dont give me rose (making Laksh gulp in fear)
Laksh: (in mind) oh god ye bhai we na muje Marva ke chodenge (to rag extra sweetly) are rago why don’t we go candle light dinner tonight (whispers) and I can Romance (now it’s Ragini’s time to blushed)
(one note Sara and swara is wearing same colour dress)
Sara(called Zain)(without letting him to talk)look both my bhai came here for their love, and my love my idiot husband is doing his stupid job oh god poor me(made a pout) one day when i will go missing na that day you will know my importance(angrily) you idiot I m stupid who fall in love with a police officer bye (cut the call)(poor Zain even he didn’t got time to say hello also because of his bak bak wife ??) and left from there to Buy some snacks(in mind) here my both love birds are busy and now after scolding Zain I m hungry now pahle pet puja fir kam duja (giggling to here owe though)
Swasan side
Both are outside of mall empty place(now don’t ask how ?) Both were lost in each other suddenly it started rain (tip tip barsa pani to tell aja wapas darti pe prem diwano) swara came to senses when first drop of rain fell on her.
Swara:(covering her self )sanskar it’s raining let’s go inside the mall and everyone will be waiting for us come (but he was statue) OK fine you stay here I m going bye (moved from there but after few seconds stopped hearing a song)
Sanskar who was enjoying rain started to song expressing his love for his princess
Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhoondhun
Aankhon ke darmiyaan
Tu ab hai iss tarah
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile
(slowly came towards swara who turned listening song which was making her to forget the world and smiling widely)

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani
(now both were drenched completely Sanku hold her hand and pulled her towards himself her soft body hit his hard chest both lost in each others eyes)

Kabhi tujhme utrun
Toh saanson se guzrun
Toh aaye dil ko raahat
(his hand hold her waist giving swara goose bumps in her stomach)

Main hoon bethikana
Panaah mujhko paana
Hai tujhme, de ijazat
(sang this line watching her lips, swara broke the eye lock due to shyness both lips were inch apart)

Na koi darmiyaan
Hum dono hai yahan
Phir kyun hai tu bata
(both were kissing each other passionately forgetting the world feeling heavenly enjoying their first love rain)

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani
(after kiss sanskar slowly turned her and back hugging her kept his face in her neck and started to dance slowly sanskar’s hands were in swara’s stomach under her top)

Na na… la la..

Hawaaon se tera pata poochta hoon
Ab toh aaja tu kahin se
Parindon ki tarah yeh dil hai safar mein
Tu mila de zindagi se
(he give her kiss in her earlobe she shivered in his touch, her face turned red tomato)

Bas itni ilteja
Tu aake ik dafa
Jo dil ne na kahaa
Jaan le…
(he twirled her around her top was sticked to her body)

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish purani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani
(he again turned her and kissed her forehead giving unsaid promising to protect and love her immensely hamesha, she closed her eyes sensing his love and both hugged each other tightly)
Zain was in police station doing some work a constable came and informed him that Rajat escaped from jail.
Zain: what how this happened oh god all gone for shopping i have to inform them(he tried to call Sara) pick up Sara pick up (but Sara was in angry mode with her hubby so cut the call) damn ye ladki we na.(he tried to call sanky but he was busy with swara ??)I have to go there (ran towards his car)

In mall
Some goons came, going here and there like they are finding someone,
Goon 1:(pointing to someone)see these she is……
Goon2: ya come let kidnap her (went near her and sprayed coloform near her nose that girl got unconscious. Zain who came hurriedly saw it and got shock, goons laid her down in car and zoomed out
Zain (who saw them taking that person in car shouts): Saraaaa……….. And ran behind that car but he lost it.
Zain(sat in his knees and shouts) : Saraaaa……..

In Maheshwari mansion
All were sitting in hall swaragini and Zain were tensed but sanlak was calm like nothing happened and playing in their mobile…..
Swara who saw them playing got angry and snatched his phone: Mr sanskar maheshwari are you gone mad here your only sister is kidnapped and you are playing how can you be so calm?
Rag: yes Laksh shona is right how can you both be so irresponsible go and find her you idiot (hit his head) pata nai kis halat me hogi(worried)
San: she will be happy (swaragini Zain saw him like he is an alien)  don’t see me like that
Laksh: bhai is right afterall her dream come true na
SwaragZain: dream?
San: yes dream, Zain you always save people so our little crazy sis wanted to get missing so that her not so intelligent husband save her like hero.
Zain: what do you mean by not so intelligent husband ha?
San: then what do you expect from me ha? You should be finding your crazy wife but you sitting here like devdas idiot
Zain: are I m worried na for that goons (now others got shock) she is my wife don’t know till now bechare gundon ka kya halat hua hoga?
Swaragini(in disbelieve) : you guys are heartless creature (left from there stamping sanlak’s foot)
Sanlak started to dance in one leg and got angry on Zain seeing him laughing and both stamped his both foot
Zain: aaaahhh………
Sanlak fake angry: now you too go and find our sister or we will make your bartha
Zain(dramatically) no one love me here my wife is missing, you all should console me but (fake cry) you all are scolding it’s OK princess I am coming to save those goons (saw sanlak glaring him)i…..i means to save you (ran from there)

In some dusty godown
3-4 people are cleaning godown and murmuring something (let’s see who are they ?? they are to kidnappers who kidnapped Sara but why are they cleaning????)
G1: are boss is angry with us and this girl is made us sweeper ?
G2: ha we misunderstood her are that girl because of same dress ?? and now we have to do this or she will beat us again
G3: because of you both I have to do this(angrily)
Girl who was sitting on chair eating ? apple saw them talking : hay no talking only cleaning idiots don’t you know we should keep clean our house and surroundings(I know all must have guessed it it’s our Sara ?? as sanlak said poor goons)
Sara’s pov
When I got my senses I was in this dirty room (made face) then I heart then talking
Fb start
Rajat: (seeing Sara) who is this? She is sanskar’s sister Sara na
G2: the girl whom you wanted to kidnap
Rajat: she is not that girl I showed her photo na
G2: I didnt see that you said to kidnap the girl who will were yellow colour top so I…….
Rajat: just shut up (think something) it’s OK sanky love his sis a lot i can take any advantage.(to goon) keep eye on her (left from there)
There I got to know Rajat wanted to kidnap swara but they kidnapped me by mistake. But how dare they to think like that ?? now i will show who is me till Zain come to save me let’s have fun Sara(smirked)
Sara: (to goons)why did you bought me here?
G1: ye chup don’t shout or
Sara: or what ha?(keeping her hands on her waist)
G2: or we will beat you

Sara: oh really? Try to touch me I will break your bones
G1: you are talking a lot now we will show you (raised his hand to slap her but……… She bend down and he slaped his partner)
G2: (crying face) oye why are you slapping me(holding his cheek)
G1: it happen because of her (saw sara who was holding broom stick in her hand)
Sara: now i will show you with whom you all have messed up(stared to hit them) you will kidnap my bhabhi (hit them) how dare you raise you hand to me(again hit) you know I didn’t completed my shopping also and Zain I didn’t punished him for coming with me and very important think how can you bought a beautiful girl like me to this yucky sticky dirty place (in all this she was hitting their dump and they were running in all godown)
G1: beautiful who is beautiful here? (this is it for Sara she throw the stick hold that goon’s hair and stared to pull in with force)
Sara: what did you say am i not beautiful? You donkey idiot creature (stamps his foot)
G1: aye ma it’s paining stop please(crying)
G2: are whom we bring yaar she is not a girl she is our MA
Sara: (hell angry) what did you say(goons got scared)go and clean this room or (both goons hurriedly pick up broom stick and started to sweep)
Here Zain was searching Sara tracing the car in which Sara was kidnapped and got godown’s address, now swasan and Zain was going there, raglak were in home to handle their parents all were tensed, (becharon ko nai pata kya dekne ko milne wala hai unhe ??)
Rajat who came godown got shock seeing his men doing work while Sara sitting in chair
Rajat :(shouting) what’s going on here (to goons) I haired you to handle her but you are doing work(Sara have i don’t care look)
G1(scared) boss she beat us by this stick, it’s still paining
Rajat: stop complaining like a kid and tie her (to Sara) now I will hurt your brother by hurting you (have her devilish smile)
Sara: haha try try for that you have to catch me (and started to run goons chased her and couldn’t catch her but Rajat came from behind and caught her hand) aaaah you leave me (but Rajat was strong but Sara was Sara she slap him with her sandal. Rajat got angry and slaped her hard)
Voice from behind: how dare you slap my sister (shouting)
Rajat turned and saw all with police.
Goons attacked them Zain, san started to fight with them police arrested the goons. Zain now started to beat Rajat shouting: how are you to slap my wife
Even sanskar started to hit him: you touched and tortured my swara na because of you she was is trauma for 3 weeks now i will not leave you. Both were hitting him badly.

Swara: sanskar stop he will die
San: (hell angry) I don’t care swara i will not leave him
Swara: you have my swear leave him now (shouts) sanskar saw her with rage and pushed him with force
Rajat who got chance slowly got up and hold Sara.
Rajat: (hold Sara’s neck from back side in one hand and in other pointed gun to her head) don’t move or i will shoot her
Zain: (worried) no please don’t harm her. Look leave her I promise no one do anything to you.
San: Rajat you have enmity with me then kill me but leave her what she did to you please.
Rajat(laughing): wow the great business tycoon Mr sanskar maheshwari and Mumbai’s brave ACP Zain Mehra are pleading me. But you said right your little sis didn’t do anything to me(he pushed Sara harshly to floor but Zain caught her before she her head hit the floor) but you did (now he pointed gun to sanskar)so you have to die and……….


All godown echoed with gun shot sound and scream
Sanskar/ bhai……………………………

Precap: don’t know depends on you what you want.
Guys sorry for being irregular. O i can post only once a week hope you don’t have problem. And please like and comment. Hope you like this part. And this part is dedicated to my baby aka Sara hope you like it darling ????. And thank you for your kurafati ideas hope tum age v aise ideas deti raho. And all my readers and silent readers too thank you so much for liking my all ff.

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