Episode 35
Leap of one month
Sanskar was standing at window tears in his eyes looking at the dark sky
San: it has been 1 month still i cant forget that how can you say that swara how can you leave me i will not talk with you.(he felt and in his waist when he turned around only to be surprised by sudden kiss. That kiss was smooth without any hurry. Once they broke apart from the kiss he saw her smiling face which made him happy, the smile for that he even can give his life his swara’s smile (shock laga)
Swa: I m sorry Sanku, (sanskar glared her) it was important meeting or else I wouldn’t go leaving you wo be just for a day (hold her ears) sorry ab to maaf kar do.
San: you know na i cant leave without you even for a minute fir be you left me for you stupid meeting,(told with a angry pout)
Swara: so my Sanku is very much angry with me, oh Ho I made kheer with lot of cashews, and dry fruits for you(sanskar mouth stare watering after listening to her) but you are angry means you will not eat that, it’s OK I will give it to lucky my sweet sa dever.
San:(shouts) no…………… I m not angry with you, how can I be angry with my jaan, now give me kheer na i m hungry(made a puppy face) i didnt ate anything from morning.
Swara: what but y? (panicking)Sanskar you should have told me oh god u stay I will bring kheer for you, why are you standing sit na you should be feeling tired
San: hay calm down I m alright, but ha I want to eat your hand made food and I will kiss your palm after eating(winks at her)
Swa: (blushing) sanskar tum be na (ran from there)
Sanskar smiled watching her like this only he know how much he wanted to see swara like this without low tension carefree swara.
OK so now lets see how this miracle happen ??

Flash back start (from sanskar’s pov)
Days passed there was no improvement in swara’s condition. She was in gadodia mansion Ragini was taking care of her just like a mother for her swara has turned into child, sanlak everyday come at morning and go in night. Swasan bond become stronger, but her fear for men still remain same she only comfortable with sanskar ??.
One day Ragini took swara to nearby park
Rag: (made her sit in bench) shona don’t go anywhere I will bring ice cream for you OK
Swa: (childishly) really OK
Rag smiled and left from there. Swara was watching children playing and clapping when a boy came near her
Boy(flirting) : hello beautiful can i sit here?
Swara started to shiver with fear sweat formed in her forehead.
Boy: hay no need to scare I will not do anything to you (but swara started to cry loudly and boy was ?? and tried to calm her but all went in vain, sanskar who came there to meet swara got tensed watching swara crying and goes towards her.
San( hugging her): what happen princess(saw towards boy)who are you(angry) how dare you scare my girl.
Boy(scared) : no no I didn’t do anything I was just joking Noah wo…. No I mean talking…. OK bye(ran from there bechara dar gaya Sanku se)
San(to swara): it’s OK princess (wiping her tears) see i m here na (while swara hugged him tightly hiding her face in his chest)
Ragini who came with ice cream saw all this and thought to change the mood: (smiling) who will eat ice cream (swara remained silent)
San: I think shona don’t want ice cream koi na i will have it(took ice cream from rags) hmm yummy ?
Rags: ha bhai it is tasty poor shona missed this tasty ice cream

Swara who was scared now watching them with pout forgetting her fear and snatched ice cream from sanskar and started to eat childishly ragsan smiled seeing her, but swara was in naughty mood
Swara: Sanku (forward ice cream) you to eat with me, I will make you eat (she made eat him ice cream but….. Muh ko nai nose ko?? she kept near his nose and ran from there leaving shocked sanskar and rags she burst into laughter)
San: swara ki bachi ruk (ran behind her)
Both were running in whole park swara hide behind rags but sanky caught her and started to tickling her
Swara: haha Sanku leave me haha i can’t laugh more hahaha it’s paining
San: (stopped talking) what oh god i m sorry jaan (made her stand) bolo where is paining (pointing towards her stomach) here
Rags: may be because of laughing so much.
San: princess (helped her to get up) let’s leave.
When trio were near car someone came from behind and hit sanskar’s head with rod.
Swaragini: (shocked and shouts) Sanku/ bhai (someone hold them and made unconscious.

In dark room only light dim light is there two persons were tied in chair unconscious. And one girl who was lying in floor slowly opened her eyes and shocked to see scene in front of her eye and shouts
Girl: (shouts) sanskar Ragini (who were tied in the chair and swara was lying in floor)
San(low voice): swara run from here
Swara: (panicking)no I will not leave you both (tried to open knot of rope but someone dragged her back) please leave them(crying)
Voice: no i told you to leave sanskar or i will kill him now see the consequence
Swara(scared and crying loudly): ra….Rajat
Rajat: (smiling evilly) yes me hahaha (came near sanskar)
Swara: (started to remember Rajat torture) no don’t go near him dont hurt them please
Rags: swara save us swaraaa….
San: swara fight I know you can do this jaan
Swara: (hell scared) no i…..i can’t
Rajat: haha(to sanskar) sanskar she can’t,  who couldn’t able to save herself then how will she to save u. (took gun and aimed it towards sanskar’s forehead) now you both will die and I will enjoy haha
…………..and………..all room was echoed with gun shot sound
Swara was lying in floor……………

Swara was being treated by Jerry in hospital Sanraglak were worried outside and just praying for her safety. Jerry came out of swara’s ward, sanskar was the one who saw her first and rushed to her
San: (worried and scared)Jerry how is swara is she alright? Why are you not telling me anything dammit
Jerry: calm down sanky
San: (frustrated) calm down really here i m freaking out and you are telling me to calm down
Jerry: (signs) sanky I can understand your concern for swara. Actually swara fainted due to shock and stress and right now I can’t tell anything about her condition till she get up i already told you that with our plan she may react opposite side too we can just hope for best.
San(in mind) : it’s all my fault why did i agree with that plan shit.
FB start(don’t get confuse it’s flash back of FB) San: Jerry i cant see swara like this she is not improving a little
Jerry: I know sanky I m trying all my method but that fear had made up her mind now only have one solution
San: what’s that
Jerry: we have to create the scene like Rajat had kidnapped me and rago so that swara can fight with her fear so that she save you but…
Rag: what happened preksha? Is there any problem
Jerry: (worriedly) ya wo it may work other side too I mean it may worsen her mental state permanently or she may slip into coma
San:(panicking) no then no need of doing it I m OK now seeing playing taking but I could not handle if anything happens to her.
Rag: then what you want swara kavi tik na ho?(crying) bhai I can understand your fear but think about positive sign na may be she get cured please bhai accept it
Laksh: ha bhai rago is right we have to take this risk for swara please

After so may arguments sanskar finally accepted to go further with that plan and Neil acted as Rajat putting his face mask (hope all confusion got clear kidnapping was plan to make swara normal)
Fb ends
Sanskar was in his world he came into senses when Laksh shook him
San: what happened is swara alright?
Laksh: swara woke up bhai come inside
Sanskar rushed to her room
Swara’s pov
I woke up and felt pain in my head, i turned around and got to know that i m in hospital i remember all the flashes how Rajat threatened me how he tortured me how i got saved and lost my mental balance how sanskar care of me and worked hard to make me normal then i remembered that ragsan were kidnapped and that bullet sound i got panic and about to move from bed my eyes fell on sanskar who was watching me leaning to door i smile to him
Swara’s pov end
Swara felt relieved watching sanskar save and sound and smiled widely before she can say anything she was caged in bone crushing hug by her chipku maheshwari ???.
San(hugging her) : thank god princess you are safe if something happens to you i would not be able to forgive my self .
Swara: I m sorry sanskar (sobbing)
San(confuse and broke the hug): jaan why are you crying and why are you apologizing me?
Swara: because mene tumhe bahut tang kia na? I hurted you a lot so
San: no jaan you didn’t do anything (something strikes him) you are alright you became normal oh god swara i m so happy (again hug her tightly)
Swara who felt pain because of tight hug: aahh(hissed) in pain
San(parting away) I m sorry is it paining
Swara: no not now you are with me na
San: I m always with you jaan(kissed her forehead)
When both heard throat clearing sound and got embarrassed seeing raglak and Jerry there (Neil went because of some work)
Rag: bhai control this is not your bedroom
Laksh: oh rago darling for lovebirds no need of bedroom Hai na bhai(teasingly)
Rag: oh god swara i m so happy(gave her a hug) I was missing my shona’s angry mode
Swara: (fake angry) acha? Thank you rago for being my side
Rag: did you forget that no sorry no
Swara: thank you in friendship
Sanlak: and love
Jerry: you all forgot me (with a pout)
San: chup kar dramebaaz (forwarding hand)come on (Jerry side hugged sanskar and Laksh)
Flash back ends

when swara came with his kheer saw Sanskar who was in deep thought making swara sign
Swara: (keeping bowl in table) sanskar (on response) sanskar….(little loudly) sanskar
San (coming to sense): ha jaan I m here only why are you shouting.
Swara with o shape : what I m shouting it was you who was lost in your deeeeeep though. What were you thinking ha?
San(avoiding her): nothing important just thinking about meetings
Swara: Sanku now you will lie to me ha(keeping her hand in her waist) forget it na (sanskar saw her with confuse)I know what you are thinking (sat near him) look now i m alright then why don’t you come out of that days which will only give you pain
San: I can’t swara i just cant forget (holding her hands) I cant forget your that state I felt like killing myself that time it’s just
Swara: (stopped him further saying anything by closing his mouth by her palm) don’t you dare to think about hurting my Sanku. Now I m fine in front of you safe and sound so chill baby (winks at him making him smile oh god she know how to handle him very well) OK now I m leaving
San: where?
Swara: are my chipku maheshwari we are going for our marriage shopping
San: we?
Swara: me, Sara, rags, ap maa and sumi maa.  OK bye (ran from there but not before packing sanskar’s lips)
Sanskar was shocked with sudden kiss came into senses when swara peeped and said loudly
Swara(loudly): I love you my prince (gave a flying kiss and again ran in jet speed making sanskar to laugh loudly)
All ladies were in shopping mall
Rag: shona try this gown na it’s so beautiful and you will look hot
Sara: and bhai will not leave you after that hearing this swara’s cheeks turned into beetroot red
Swara: OK girls I will try (ran to trial room)
Swara entered to trial room and saw back
Swara: oh hi Sanku
San: (who was standing support of wall) Hai princess
Reality stuck in swara’s mind and got shock
Swara: what are you doing here and how did you enter in trial room?
San: jaan may be you are forgetting that I m Mr SM, who can do anything darling (came near her)and here I came to give you your return gift
Swara(confuse) return gift? But when did I gave you a gift
San(teasingly) today morning when you came to mall (whispers in her ear)your kiss. It means even i have to kiss you na afterall sanskar maheshwari never keep any favour you know.
Sanskar came near hear her swara started to breath heavily due to close proximity her cheeks turned red due to blush, sanskar leaned towards her and their lips met (aur nai likh sakti?? sharm ati hai)
Their beautiful moments were broken by a knock
Rag: shona how much time will you take to change come outside
Swara(stammering) : ha wo…. Hmm…  I m coming in few minutes (to sanskar) Sanku leave me na rags is outside wait how will you go oh god now rags and Sara will tease me (make a cry face) momma now they will not leave me (beat his chest with her tiny hands) it’s all because of you
San: (hold her hand) are what’s my fault it was you who came here leaving me there all alone (saw swara’s angry face)OK you go i will hide behind door (swara left sanskar scratched his back side of head and come outside from being noticed)
Prcap: shopping, Masti, Romance and kidnap.???
Hope you all like it

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