Episode 34
After hearing doctor all were worried ?.
San:(in mind) no she can’t leave me. She know that i love her i love her, i cant live without her then how can she do that? She has to come for we for our love??(wiping his tears ?)
Sanskar saw swara from outside ICU window and got freeze looking his life lying lifeless with the support of many machines.

He opened door slowly tears were blurring his vision. He forward his hand and caressed her face lovingly but his sight fell on her hands where were burn and belt marks few tears fell on her palm.

San:princess what…what have you done to yourself? please get up, I cant see you like this (choke voice) it’s killing me jaan, (pointing to his heart)it hurting here a lot,  I know its my fault and you are suffering because of me, I failed to protect you, I m sorry (now crying bitterly)please get up princess please get up. 

He was crying closing his face by his hand he felt a hand in shoulder
Laksh: bhai sambalo kudko, you have to be strong for swara, take some rest and don’t worry she will be alright dekna when she will gain hop conscious na then you have to handle her tantrums just like me (sanskar hugged him)
In all this they missed the movement…… Swara made…….when Sanlak were hugging. When sanlak say towards her shock to see her sweating and trumbling,
San: Jaan what happened to you (shouting) Laksh call doctor fast
Laksh called doctor, he came and checked swara
San(hell scared): doctor what happen to her is she alright?

Dr:it’s good news Mr Maheshwari Ms boss ko hosh a gaya hai
San(happy): really doctor act why is she trumbling?
Dr:because something is bothering her may be the toucher she had gone through before you bring her here.
Sanskar nodded sadly ?.

Swara murmuring: please leave me ahhh it’s paining, please don’t beat me sanskar Ragini please save me ???(swara started to cry in sleep)
San:jaan swara please calm down you are save I m hear only(caressing her hairs)
Swara slowly opened her eyes looking at sanskar and blinked her eyes, Bt that time everyone came inside, sanskar smiled with tears seeing swara awake and kissed her forehead ? lovingly but got shock he became numb.
Swara who was watching everyone became scared when sanskar kissed her forehead she pushed him in full force and started to shouting.

Swara:(while shouting and crying) no don’t came near me please please leave me. Please kill me but don’t touch me please ???. Please don’t hurt sanskar and Ragini please i beg you please leave me (and got unconscious but still kept murmuring that lines)
Here everyone became shock watching their strong and bold swara like this a scared girl begging to kill. While sanskar who saw his life like that cannot control himself ran from there. Even all came outside because doctor said to leave them so that he can check swara.
After half an hour doctor came when sanskar ran towards him and started to ask
San:doctor what happen to swara? Y is she not recognizing  us? Why was she shouting? Is she alright? Please answer me dammit

Dr: Mr Maheshwari calm down, I m sorry to say that Ms boss had lost her mental balance because of mental torture she had gone through, (this was like bomb fell on them mainly to ragsan)
San:what do you mean no she is not mental wo pagal nai hai.
Dr:you are getting me wrong Mr Maheshwari (all looked at him like alien) Ms boss is not mad she is suffering from big mental trauma for now her brain is stuck in that torture and that you both are in danger, she had lost her hope so she is not ready to listen to us or to remember you all, she needs lot of care and love and some psychiatric treatment then she will be alright just like before. I have talked with one of the best psychiatrist and she is coming tomorrow. Just take care of Ms boss.(doctor left from there)

Sanskar slowly sat beside swara in chair who was sleeping because of medicine effect, tears marks were there her face was pale and dull, she was looking week,
San:(in mind) I will not leave you Rajat because of you my life is in this condition, you hurted my jaan. Once you was my best friend but now you are my enemy and Sanskar Maheshwari will never leave his enemy to live in peace.
He was holding her hand between his both hands and was staring her after sometime slept with the support of the bed.

It was 3 am when sanskar woke up hearing a sound, he found swara murmuring something in sleep ?
Swara murmuring: stay away….. Don’t touch me……. Please……..don’t touch me sanskar please save me ahhh
Sanskar was broken watching his life like this tears came from his eyes. He cursed himself for not able to save her from pain.
San: (wiped his tears and slowly and carefully patted her cheek) swara….. Wake up….. See I’m here only with you…. No one will hurt you.. Calm down
swara woke up with shock sweating and saw towards sanskar with moist and fearful eyes,  sanskar felt bad for her ??.

San:(caressing her hairs)sshh swara calm down you are safe. I’m here na……..
Swara got scared watching him so near to her, she got down from bed
Swara:(moving back word) no don’t came near me please
San:(moving forward to reach swara) swara it’s me your chipku maheshwari
Swara: on you are lying my sanskar to hate me (crying) that Rajat made him to hate me on one love me no one want me

San: on swara everybody love you no one hate you(came near her)
Swara: on you are lying and started to throw scissor, plate which were kept on table towards sanskar he got hurt by plate which hit his forehead shouting leave me i want to go home.
Just then a girl came and hold swara’s hand and instructed nurse to give her injection ?. Swara slowly drifting into sleep because of that.

San: (saw the girl)Jerry ??
Jerry: sanskar what’s all this? Oh god your head is bleeding come(made him sit in couch and took first aid box) Sanky what is all this i mean how this happened with swara? (bandaging his forehead)
San: wo it’s all happened due to Rajat (and told her everything)
Jerry:oh god i never thought Rajat will do like this (guys sanskar, Jerry and Rajat were Clg friends but at Kavita time Jerry moved with her parents to other city so don’t know about Rajat story) when dr Mithra told me about swara i was shocked.
San: please Jerry please save my swara use thik kar do, I cant see her like this it’s killing me.

Jerry:sanky calm down, i will do everything to make her normal i promise. Now you take some rest i will leave now bye(sanky nodded if slept in couch)
It was a beautiful morning sun rays were falling on our lovely couple. Sanskar slowly opened his eyes due to sun rays. And saw swara who was sleeping like a baby hugging her pillow. Sanskar smiled little, he slowly came near swara and caressing his cheek just then he heard door opening sound
Voice: good morning sanky.
San:(sadly)good morning Jerry. 
Jerry: OK you go and get fresh
San:no i will not leave my jaan

Jerry: sanky please at least I’m and change your dress and have something I know from tomorrow you didn’t have anything, and if you fall ill then who will take care of your swara, OK you go to my rest room and fresh an up, corridor last room OK(sanskar nodded and left)
After half an hour sanskar came and Jerry left to her cabin at that time swara opened her eyes but we can see only fear from her eyes ??.
San: jaan you wake up good now come take bath and you will have your breakfast (but swara looks towards him without any emotion, at that time Ragini came)

San: rago please help swara to get fresh
Rag: OK bhai (giving him a box)bhai your and swara’s breakfast, sanskar nodded
After sometime rags and swara came out of washroom swara was giggling playing with her dupatta (swara only fear from boys and Ragini was her friend so she easily mingled with her i don’t want to drag I m trying to concentrate only on swasan hope you guys don’t mind)
Sanskar saw swara and smiled watching her playing like that. Rags made her sit near sanskar who was serving food in their plates.

San: (kept food near her mouth) chalo swara have your breakfast (swara didn’t opened her mouth) please shona if you don’t eat then how will you take your tablets
Swara: no you go go (hold rags tightly)Ragini Didi tell him to go if will beat me (and started to cry)
Rag: bhai give me i will feed her(took plate from sanskar)(to swara) now sit
Swa: (slowly) he will not beat me na
San: never how can I hurt my life (swara was confuse ?)no I will not beat you now have this (rags made her eat and have her tablets which she had making faces)
Jerry: (coming inside)wow swara you ate everything good now take your prize (have her a ? )
Swara: yippee for me(Jerry nodded) and started to eat like a baby
Jerry: so swara will you be my friend
Swara: you will give me chocolate

Jerry: yes I will. Hmm swara i m your friend na (swara nodded yes) so my friends are your friend na (swara again nodded yes) then will you be his friend (pointed towards sanskar)
Swara with fear: no I don’t like him he always cry cry and he will make me cry ?
Jerry: on he will not he will be your best friend he will give you chocolate, doll,  whatever you want

Swara: Sachi
San: muchi, will you be my friend (forwarding his hand)
Swara: OKie. (but you don’t cry I don’t like it when you cry) sanskar smiled.
Jerry: sanskar I think you should take swara to home there she will feel safe and homely environment will help her to recover soon
Rag: OK then I will tell mom to prepare room for swara (sanskar saw her) what she is living with me in gadodia mansion OK
Jerry: fine I will make discharge papers ready.
Laksh: I will complete the formalities (Jerry and Laksh left)
In gadodia mansion
Swara was playing with her dolls in her room all were in hall sitting in sofa worried
Sharmishta: y god do this with her Shekar or kitna dard denge bachi ko she don’t deserve this pain (while crying)
Shekar: don’t worry we all are there na she will be alright
Rag: ha na we had consulted best psychiatrist for shona. Dekna jaldi hi wo thik ho jayegi. sanskar bhai’s love will cure her.
All were taking while sanskar was sad. Rags left to swara room.

Swara was sleeping Ragini was sitting beside her, and remembering all the happy moments spend with her tears were flowing from her eyes, sanlak entered inside rags quickly wiped her tears.
San: oh to my swara is sleeping ha (say rags tears)rago what happened why are you crying? Is everything alright? Swara is alright na?(asked restlessly and worriedly)
Rags: on she is alright see na how peacefully she is sleeping
Laksh:rago tell me what happened? Please…………
Ragini who was controlling her tears broke down in Laksh’s arms, sanlak were confused
Rag: (crying) I cant see her like this Laksh I can’t she is my best friend my soul sister, she always was there when I needed but what i did i couldn’t understand her i left her when she needed me most I m a very bad Laksh very bad.
Laksh: on rago you are not bad that moment was like that only please don’t cry (pats her hair to calm her down)

San: (teary eyed) even i didn’t understand her rago but now it’s not the time to cry we have to be strong to make swara normal and punish that Rajat. Now wipe your tears OK(holding swara’s hand) and about swara she will get well soon i know that (kissed her forehead making her to smile in sleep)
Lunch time
Sanskar was feeding swara or you can say  trying to feed her soup who was making yuck face and running in whole room
Swa: no sanky I dont want to eat that it’s yucky
San: (while running)jaan please it’s good for your health

Swa: no no no I will not have that. You are very bad
San: (sat in chair) OK don’t drink I thought to give you a big teddy bears but it’s OK I will give it to rago
Swa: no i won’t teddy please give me na
San:OK then have your lunch
Swara:OK (sanskar feed her and gave cute sky blue colour teddy)
Swara started to play with her teddy sometime irritating sanskar by pulling his nose and ruffling his soft hairs ??

Swara(giggling): Sanku your hair are messy you are looking like a ghost hehehe
San(raising his eyebrows): oh then you are looking like chipkali
Swara making her mouth in O shape: no i m not chipkali u r ghost
San: no you are chipkali
Swara: no you are ghost ghost ghost
San:chipkali chipkali chipkali
Swara: ghost

San: chipkali
Swara : ghost
San: chipkal
Swara: chipkali
Sanskar started to laugh: look you only agreed that you are chipkali ?????
Swara:(with cute angry pout) oh Sanku you are bad I will not talk with you Katti(turn her face)
Sanskar who was laughing got emotional remembering those 3 weeks when he craved for hear to her sweet voice got tears in his eyes immediately hugged her:please swara don’t stop talking to me you can beat me slap me give me any punishment but don’t stop talking to me please i can’t tolerate your silence jaan I can’t

Swara who shock by sudden hug felt pinch in her heart seeing sanskar like this crying like a baby may be she is not normal by mind but her heart still beats for her sanskar for whom she was ready to leave him and suffered this much. Even she got tears in her eyes seeing him crying.
Swara: (sniffing)don’t cry Sanku I m sorry i will be home girl please don’t cry
Sanskar who was hugging her tightly say towards her hearing her sobbing: jaan why are not crying
Swara:because you are crying (cutely tells between her sobs)
Sanskar wiped his tears and with smile: see i m not crying now stop crying i cant see tears in your eyes (wipes her tears)
Swara: OK Sanku (kissed his cheek ??)

Precap: leap and shock

Hey all 1st time i wrote this much long part 2577 words only for you Hope you like it.

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