Episode 33
Swara was being treated outside all were worried for swara. Ragini was crying and laksh was consoling her, dp and ap were sitting worriedly, but where is sanskar? He was nowhere to see.
Sara:dont wry ragini bhabhi swara bhabhi will b alryt
L:(seeing here and there)where is bhai?
Z:dont know i wil find him
Ap:no need beta he need sometime, let him be alone he will come by himself(all nodded)
In park we can see a man sitting in bench lifelessly, tears were briming from cheeks, (i knw my intelligents readers already have guessed it)it is sanskar. He was blaming himself whatever happend to his love.
San:its all happend becoz of me meri wajah se swara is in this condition,
R:no bhai dnt blame urself, its not your fault.
San:it is rago, its all my fault that i didnt try to find the truth, its my fault that i chose wrong person for frndship, its my fault i couldnt protect her my love?????.
R:bhai wo(hesitating)do you know the person who kidnapped shona?
San(hurt voice):ha and knw i regrate it.he was my best friend rajat we studies in same school and clg. He was in relationship with girl named kavitha, she was a gold digger she was with rajat just for his money and i got to know about it. But i kept queit didnt told him and that was my biggest mistake, once rajat’s father got bankrupt due to false illegation, kavita started to avoid him after that and tried to get close to me tried to seduce me

Sanskar was living in hostel, he cme from bathroom rubbing his hair with towel, waring yellow t-shirt and jeans when he felt a hands in his chest.
San:what the hell(jerking that hands)what r u doing here kavita?
Kavi:(sensualy rubbing his cheeks with finger)oh sanky u r so hot, handsome darling.
San(angry):what rubbish u r taking??
Kavi:oh sanky dont tel me u r not getting my talk you are not a kid. (hold his hand)I know that even u want me, even i want u baby(kissed his cheek)
San:stay in Zeus limit kavitha. Dnt forget that u r with my friend.
Kavi:oh please don’t remind me about him. He is just a looser. He don’t have anything now just waste of time. I never loved him.
San:just get lost from here before i do something to u.??
Kavi:(smirks)of course. But before that let us enjoy baby(pushing him to bed and and upon him)I love you and I know even you love me hai na?
San:(trying to push her)just get up from me you(angry)
Kavi:oh darling (turn him now San was above Kavi) let me give you pleasure (about to kiss him Rajat came there and both got shock)
San: rajat it’s good you came here she was(before he tell him Kavita started her acting)
Kavita: Rajat (fake crying) he was trying to molest me. He was saying that he want to enjoy and betray you. You don’t have a single penny you are my not suit for his friendship. I tried to make him understand act I m a girl n ???
San: (shock)Rajat she is lying she is betraying you. She is a gold digger she dont love you she was with you just for your money trust me Rajat
Rajat: shut up sanskar I don’t believe it how can you stoop so low i thought u r a gem and you tried to hurt my love i hate you (punched him) just get lost (while Kavita was smiling)
Fb end

San: after that i got to know that she left him writing a letter that i blackmailed her to leave him or i will kill her parents so she left him and he believed it and now my love is struggling just because of me ?????(crying) that time i lost my best friend my buddy didn’t trust me and now I am going to loose my love i can’t live without her Ragini i cant i love her
Ragini:on Bhai don’t blame your self it’s not your fault even i didnt believe my Shona my soul sister (wiping hop tears)i know she will be alright she know that me love her so she will be back I know her she is a fighter bhai now come let us go inside (sanskar nodded)
All were worried about swara. Doctor came
Sanskar was the one who 1st ran towards doc and asked:doctor how is my swara is she alright? Why are you not telling anything wo tik to hai na?
Dp:sanskar let him talk beta
San:sorry doctor please tell me she is alright na?
Dr:she is not Mr Maheshwari. She has been tortured a lot. She has burn marks all over her body someone has beaten her very badly with belt and I think she has been given shocks so that she looses her mental balance. I’m short she had gone through a lot. Itna torture to koi animal ko v nai karta, upar se she is not responding to our treatment now only god can save her (left from there)
Sanskar sit down with thud all were crying.
Precap:dnt knw
Guys sorry for late update

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