Tu meri Mohabbath ( part 27)

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Episode 26
Wow i cant believe this i completed 25 parts. And kisine muje wish v nai kia ???its ok. The part start with
Swasan were watching sunset. At that time swara eyes fell down and shock to c that they were standing in edge of cliff.
S(scared)-sanskar w….we a..are standing here
San(casually)-ha beautiful why
S-what y ha… Back off i wil fall

San-(slowly turn her towards himsele)i wil never let you fall, i wiĺ never leave you.
S-(smiling)i know (hold his hands)thank u for coming in my life sanskar. Thank u for everything(sanskar put his finger on her lips)
San-sshhh… Tum bahut bolti ho now listen(cupping her face)whatever i did even i dont know u are only said that i did(swara laughed little) ok i m selifish i want u becoz i cant live without you, so i made u fall for me thats it(and winks)swara i want to tell u something that(while swara c ing his with confuse)hmm i am hungry can we go and have our dinner plz(blinking his eyes like kid)plz
S-sure (both left for restaurant)

After having their dinner sanskar dropped swara to her house. Swara got down from car
San-jaan (swara turned)kal ready rahna…. Ok bye(? left)
Both slept peacefully having smile in their face
Next day
Swara was sleeping peacefully on her bed but suddenly she started to stir in her sleep and her breathing got heavy sweat formed in her forehead she opened her head with a jerk and shocked to see sanskar was laying almost above her

She looked at him and he looked at her on seeing her awake he kissed her forehead while wishing her GOOD MORNING JAAN she just closed her eyes sensing his lips in her head.
But realising something she got up with jerk leading sanskar to felldown from bed.
San-aaahhh jaan slowly yar
S(throwing pillow at him)u idiot u monkey who u come in my room? Y did u come early morning(again throw pillow directely hitting his face) u.

About to throw pillow at him sanskar cought her hands and pulled her towards himself and his one hand on her waist caressing it sensually. Swara breath got stuck in her troath, her whole body shivered with his act both are having a passionate eye lock. Sanskar slowly came close to her without breaking eyelock, and kissed her rosy lips while swara felt heavenly.
S(breating heavily)-san…..sanskar what are u doing?
Sanskar coming to her sence broke the eyelock- beautiful get ready i have a surprise for you and wear dis (gave a packet and left from there)

Swasan were sitting in the care going somewhere swara’s face was covered by black cloth and even her mouth was tapped by sanskar. She was sitting her hands folded on chest angrily while sanskar was controlling his laugh and driving the car.

Swara was so happy after reaching the place she was playing with kids and sanskar was smiling ear to ear as sanskar bough swara to same orphanage where he saw her 1st time and fell in love with her

When swasan reached orphanage swara was very angry with sanskar.
San-jaan sry bt i wanted to surprise u so
S-is this the way to give surprise
Sanskar smiled and kissed her cheeks tightly and said SORRY JAAN making a puppy face seeing which instantly swara’s anger vanished and packed his lips making sanskar numb to react and ran towards kids and started to play
Fb end

San(in mind)-i m so happy swara ur this smile is reason for my smile ur happiness is reason for my happiness ur life is reason for my life i love u jaan and i promise from now every problem wil face me.
S-(loudly)sanskar what r u doing there come join us
Sanskar joined them and both spend their day together happily

Precap-twist ??

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  3. Dear can I plz show previous episodes of th meri mohabbath cause I have missed some episodes and when I tried searching it I couldn’t find it so plz show the previous episodes also CONGRATULATIONS for completing 25 episodes ohhhhh sorry 27 episodes and I am waiting to know what the TWIST is and hoping of won’t separate out SWASAN!!!!!!!!☺☺☺???????????????

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