Tu meri Mohabbath ( part 26)

Episode 26
Sanskar breaking the hug-swara come lets have lunch
Swara just smiled
Sanskar took swara in his arms and started to climb stairs
S(shocked)-sanskar what r u doing get me down i can walk
San-no jaan 2day u wil not say anything its my day with my love and i want to make her feel special so u enjoy and let me enjoy
S-ok chipku maheshwari
Sanskar make ??? face swara laugh
San-lo we reached and made her stand swara was outstuck watching tarrace decoration rosepatels were all over the floor in middle table with 2 chair(guys i dnt knw to describe decoration so adjust plz) with food items
S-its nice.
San-arey only nice?
S-s only nice now let me eat something i am hungry.
San-sure my highness and started to serve food
Swara trying to stop him-sanskar u leave i wil do it
San-no i will do it
Sanskar served food to swara and himself. Swara about to eat sanskar hold her hand, swara saw him confuse
San-i wil feed u and took a roti piece dip it in curry and fed swara she ate it with tears were flowing down in her cheek
Sanskar paniced and asked-jaan y r u crying is food is spicy? Let me check
Swara smiled teary eyed-no sanskar food is delicious. Its just that kisine muje pyar se khana nai khilaya
San while wiping her tears with thumb-sshh nw i m there na i wil feed u, cook for u, and protect u(swara saw his eyes) and ha(cupped her face)there is no place for this tears now. I lov u swara even i dont know how much but u r my life. Chalo now eat and started to feed her and himself.
Swasan were sitting in floor like swara’s head was in sanskar’s chest and hugging him while sanskar’s one hand was in swara’s waist hugging her
S-u will not betray me like sahil na
San-(in deep voice)the day wil be my last day in earth(swara jerked her head towards sanskar with shock)
Sanskar smiled looking at her shock face-shall we dance (swara nodded)
(jo song chahe soch lo bt ha romantic song ok)
Both got up from floor sanskar hold her hand and pulled her towards himself landing her front hitting his chest
San-u know beautiful i m so happy today i never thought that u will accept my love (sanskar slide his hand in swara’s waist pulling her more towards him)
S-even i didnt thought that i wil ever fall in love again wo v with you
San-what do u mean by with me?
S-(teasingly)with u mean like hmmm(sanskar being impatient)monkey (saying dis she started to run)
San-what? (started to chase her) u know all girls drool over me and say i m handsome(while running)
S-hahaha may b they r also mad like u
San-1st monkey now mad u r gone ms swara bose
S-catch me if u can ???
San-(speed up and hold her from back)i catch u what u said…. (swara struggling)(near her ear)i love u(left her)
S-(feeling his hot breath near her neck)sa…..sanskar what are u doing?
Sanskar back hugging her kept his face in her shoulder-romancing with my lover. (turn her nw they r face to face) hmm swara chalo
San-i want to show u something come
Both were in cliff its time to sunset sanskar kept his hands in swara’s eye in one hand and holding her carefully with other hand
S-sanskar remove ur hand na i cant c anything
San-just a min 5…4….3….2….1(removed his hand)now open ur eyes
Swara slowly opened her eyes and mesmerised to see the beauty of nature
The sun cast its golden rays down upon the clouds of billowing smoke, turning them bright red; fire red.
Swara stood watching the line where heaven touched earth. Her wide eyes witnessed the resounding glowing collision. Sparks lit the sky and blood poured, as the glory of paradise descended further behind the seam of the world. Swara felt small as she glanced over her shoulder and saw her shadow slowly shrinking towards her feet. She looked back to the line, only a few bright streaks remained to signal heaven’s passing. The sun had set.

Precap:dont know

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