Tu meri Mohabbath (part 24)

Episode 23
Here sanje are sitting closely talking nd laughing having snacks while someone is not liking there closeness her face was red like tomato? but she was feeling like kill them (bechari swara ?)
Here sanskar was dancing in mind
San(in mind)beautiful dont like my and jerry’s closeness means she has feeling for me??? yippie continue sanky maza ayega(to preksha)jerry do u remember our clg fun
J-s sanku how can i forget it we had a great fun at that time(to swaraglak)u know guys we both always hangout together bunk class and watch movies in theater, we were partner in crime always do pranks with our frnds and teachers hai na sanku
San(nauthy smile)ha jerry dont u forget we even won best couple contest in clg
J-hmm ha i really miss that days (side hug sanky)
Hearing all this swara was boiling in anger any time ready to blast sensing this ragini told its late we should leave nw swara too nodded
R-waise preksha if u dont mind we can drop u. Where live?
J-i dont mind and i live in hotel
San-why hotel yar when ur besty has so big house u can stay with us(listening dis sward’s mouth hung down)
J-wow how sweet of u sanku how can i refuse request mainly if requested by handsome guy like u(winks at him)
S(in mind)-she is openly flirting ???(to sanskar)no she cant stay here(all luked at her with confuse)hmm i mean she already chech in hotel na and her luggage also in hotel oly so…….
L-nt a big deal in it swara we can cancel that and about luggege we wil send driver ku bhai
San-yes lucky (in mind) wow bro u r gone ??
L(in mind)lucky u urself digging ur grave all d best (crying face)
R-lucky what hapnd? Y r u making ur face like that
L-nothing rago kuch nai (give a tight smile ragz confused)
S-hmm ok bye (left frm there by walking or u can say stamping her foot)
R-(confused)nw what happend to shona(while sanlakje giggled)

Leap of one week
Swara’s pov
It has been 1 week one whole week i didnt met sanskar currectely he even dont have time to talk???. First he used to wake up me by gm cl but now he totally forget about me.
Fb start
Next day after preksha’s arrival i woke up late when i saw it was 10am
S(to herself)y didnt sanskar called me? He is alryt na..(panicing she cld sanskar)
Sanskar was sleeping in his room he heard his phn ringing and picked it without cing id
San-hello who is this?
S-sanskar its me swara
San-oh swara y u cld me dis early mrng?
S-mr its 10 nt early mrng u didnt woke up?
San-oh sry yar wo me nd jerry talked til late nyt so we slept at 3am
S(jealousy)-oh sme1 is very happy i think
San-ha yar ok bye we r gng for shopping and movies may b i wil not come to ofc bye
S-what bt…….(already sanky cutted the call)
Fb over
Like dis whole week passed we some time talk with eo i want to confess my feelings bt didnt get time. S i love him i m in love with my chipku maheshwari(smiling)i cant forget d day when i realised my love for him
Fb start
Me raglak sanje went to club.
Raglak were romancing as always??. Sanje nd me were talking random thinks j-sanku come na let us dance
San-hmm ok (she almost draged him)
I was all alone they were dancing closely his hand was in prekasha’s waist and her hands was in sanky’s shoulder. she was wearing black backless long dress and sanskar was wearing black clr t-shirt white jacket and black jeans he was luking dashing my eyes without blinking once staring at him but when they were dancing closing i dnt knw i didnt liked it. Then i felt my cheeks are wet oh god i m crying but y? Whats happening with me? Y its hurting me to watch sanje close why? I m not understanding anything. When they hug my heart felt pain bt y i just ran away from club and started to drive stil my heart was paining remembering their dance their hug their talk aah whats happening with we i stoped my car and sat in park i was all alone
Because u love him….. I heard a voice i search for source of voice i didnt find anyone then i saw myself infrnt of me
S-who r u?
Heart-i m u only i m ur heart
S-y u came here go inside me na
H-oye i dont wanted to come outside but u r such a dambo na i had to come
S-oye i m not dambo
H-oh really then y r u here u were at club na(raining eye brows)
S-wo….hm…m..m.. me (fumbled)
H-and y r u crying watching sanje closeness
S-(sad face)i dont know.
H-c said u r a dambo while swara made innocent face
H-stop making that face it doesn’t suits u (while swara glare at heart)are buddu u love him
S(confused)i love but whom?
Heart started to bang her head at nearby tree-kaha bewakuf k heart ban gai me(to swara)u idiot u love sanskar???
S-oh(shock)what no how can i love him?
H-y can’t u love him?i is handsome,successful, caring and
S-cute. But(sadly)what about my past
H-luk sahil was ur past bad past but sanskar is ur present and if u accept he wil b ur beautiful future and he love u
S-but i dont think now he love me(remembering sanje)
H-preksha is his best frnd and he care for u and ur lunch
S-care? He even didnt talked with me properly in dis 1 week and lucky took me to lunch everyday
H-and where did that dambo got that brain ha?
S(realising)means it was sanskar who send lucky(got up and started to jump)yippie means he love me (stil jumping heart vanished)
Fb over
But still now i didnt got d time to confess my love to him?? but i wil surely do it jaldi(smiled brightly)i love u my CM(slightly blushing)
Swara’s pov end

Sanskar’s pov
I know in dis week i didnt met my beautiful and talked with her properly. I knw i did it intensionally and my plan worked. S my plan to make her realise her feelings for me i knew she love me her eyes speaks alot but she didnt knew it even i didnt knew it til jerry told me when swarag left
Fb start
J-sanku i think swara 2 loves u
Me-what how do u know
J-are buddu did u for i m phyciatrist i can tell their feeling by reading their eyes bt she didnt realised it hmm i have a idea
San-what idea? Tel me jaldi(like impatient kid)
J-patients my dear sanku u have to ignore swara and act like u r 2 close to me
San-bt y(dimag ki batti jali)wow jerry what a idea she wil feel jealouse and
L-and becme my bhabhi
Fb end
I m happy now my beautiful my life my love my swara love me. U all r thinking how i got to know am i ryt? Hmm we all went to a club i purposelly danced closely with jerry bt i was watching swara’s activity by cornor of my eyes she was crying trust me i felt to hit me when i saw tearz in her eyes
When i saw u left frm club i also followed u i heard ur confession at park i was in cloud nine i wanted to hug u tightly bt no i wil propose in most romantic manner i lov u get ready to becme mrs swara sanskar maheshwari. I wil propose u tommorrow nw i cant wait more??????
Pov end

Evening swara’s manshion
Swara was working in laptop when she heard a door bell. Servent open d door
S-ragz lucky sanskar prekash tm sb yaha at this time?
San-jerry is returning so
J(interupted)i want to meet u before leaving
S-(felt happy)really(composing)i mean y so suddenly?y u all r standing have a seat guys kaka plz bring some snacks
R-shona i want ur hand made pakoda plz (puppy face)
S-haha ok ragz let me make it(left to kitchen)
Swara was making pakoda when she heard a voice
S(turning)preksha u here? Do u want anything?
P-hmm i want to talk with u may i?
P-do u love sanku?
P-no need to hide i know that u love him
Swara smiled blushingly
P-u knw even sanku love u a lot u r his life(swara saw her)we r just frnds yar so we r little close thats it waise v i m engaged to my love sid??? dnt let him go away frm u and ha take care of him he is little bit mad(swara laughed)
S-i knw that he is nt little ful mad???
V-excuse me(both saw towards door)am i mad(fake anger)
Swapre-sanskar??? s u r mad(againt both burst into laugh)

Precap-sanlakrag to c swara kissing someone

Nw start the real story all the best and plz comment guys

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