Tu meri Mohabbath (part 22)

So söoorrryyyy i m late bt frm nw i wil b regular my dr readerz.

Episode 21
Birds were chirping and sun is disturbing our princess oops sry sanskar’s princess? she covered her face with pillow but at that time her phn started to ring. She picked phn cursing the caller
S-how d hell is disturbing my sleep early mrng??
Unknwn person-gud mrng beautiful(sweetly)
Swara wake up rubbing her eye like a kid-sanskar u….. Hmmm gud
San-u r still sleeping its already 9 yar

Swara who was still sleepy and rubbing her eye opened her eye with jerk and shouts-wwhhaattt…..(Then luk at d clock)i didn’t knew that the great sanskar maheshwari dont know to c clock its 7 not 9
San(laughing)-i knw ms swara bose but i wanted to make ur sleep run away c i did it
S-whatever i have to get ready to ofc bye(cut d cal)
San-arey(c d phn)muje bye v nai bolne dia (pouts)

In ofc swara was working in laptop but got distracted or can say got scared when sme1 suddenly opend d door with bang and came inside shouting followed by other 2 person.
Person who banged d door-shonaaaaaa(huged her tightly)i m cho happy(broke the hug)u know finally my buddu fiance got brain
Sanlak who came inside with ragz, laksh got shock hearing ragini while sanskar was controlling his laugh

S-ragz will u stop shouting near my ear plz (pushing her little)or keep distance while shouting (ragz pout)nw tel me y r u so happy 2day?
R(with exitement)-u know sanlak planned a trip for 4 of us for 2 days we r leaving today evening at 5.
S(sat in chair)-u guys enjoy i have some work so i cant join u guys
San-i m extremely sry ms beautiful we r nt asking u we r telling u that b ready at 5 ok bye(sanlak left without hearing sanskar).

S-ragz i m busy yar
R-shona plz start to live ur life yar i know u r trying to forget everything let us help u(swara luk at her)luk shona bhai is realy trying hard so that u start ur life happily and dis trip 1 of that so plz come with us what u think we cant c ur pain behind ur fake smile i know u r acting to be happy (swara bow her head down)so dnt u dare to reject ok plz join us please

At evng gadodia house
Swarag were waiting for sanlak
R(angry bird)-oh idiot lucky bucky where is he they told us to be ready at 5 bt nw its turning to 6 where r they(walking here and there)
Shekar-beta calm down they told na they r coming
Sharmisht-ha beta u sit for sometime (to swara)swara beta we have packed sme snacks for u all in this bag eat them ok (swara nodded)and ha plz take care of this idiot pata nai kb kya kar beta pagal ladki hai and ha save lucky from dis pagal bechar dont know how he fell for her
Even i m thinking that only mom a voice came from back
She(turned)-arey sanla beta come inside (sanlak took blessings frm shemish ragini was glaring laksh??)
R-u lucky bucky u dnt know how u fell for me na i knw nw u dont love me(sat in car)
L-arey rago stop
San-i think we should leave now swara lets leave(swara just hummed)
Shemish-take care of them beta bye
All -bye

Sanskar was driving laksh was sitting beside him swarag were sitting back side. San was watching swara through mirror.

After 5 hr of travel they reached the destination
San-guys we reached(all cameout of car swarag was just outstuck with beauty of house
Farmhouse was situated little far from city. It was a small house with 3 bedroom and kitchen with big hall. There was a garden where all type of flowers were there luking like small flower garden there was a big bird cage varriaties of birds.
R-wow bhai its awesme
S(smiling)-ha sanskar its just i loved it(walked towards bird)i love birds alot
L-wo actualy shona its bhai’s house whenever he got tired of work na he cme here to relax
San-enough of talking cme lets take rest
All left for roon to take rest and dozed off

After some time swara got up and saw d time showing 10
S-(in mind)its 2 late i m hungry kitchen ji i m coming (got up and washd her face at that time ragz 2 woke up both left for kitchen and started to laugh)
some time ago
Sanky( got up)-lucky utt
L-bhai let me sleep na
San-get up i m hungry i hope kaka made yummy dinner, waise i didnt saw him when we reached here??
L-(still sleepy)who kaka?
San-ramu kaka our caretaker
Laksh who was sleeping got up with jerk and start sweating
San who noticed this-(extra sweetly)lucky u didnt told to kaka that we r coming hai na?
L-wo bhai i forgot sorry.
San-what u idiot u duffer now who wil prepare dinner ha?
L-relax bhai rago hai na

San-(hitting him)we bought them so that they take rest and u r planning to give work to them and dnt forget ragz is angry with u
L-oops i totally forgot abt that bhai now what wil we do?
San-hmm let us prepare something
L-(mocking)do u know how to prepare food?
San-i dnt bt my dr bro we have phn in that we can google anything samja
L-wow bhai u r very clever
San-clever k bache nw chal

In kichen
San-what should we make?
L-let us make parata i have seen maa preparing parata its easy
San-ok u make parata i wil do some curry ok

Present time(when swarag came to kitchen)
Sanlak were doing something with with a flour their whole face was covered with flour and cloths is like muddy kid and kitchen sme veggies are on floor and sme are on sanskar head? whole kitchen is a messy like some storm came and laksh add a water on flour that flour is mini swimming pool ful of water???
L(crying)-aah bhai i its not mixing correctly??
San-even me lucky this veggies also not letting me to cut them properly or u know na SM can do anything
L-ha bhai we maheshwaries are great na
Soon Both heard laughing sound yes swarag were laughing swara was holding her stomach and laughing like hell and rag was sitting in floor while laughing
Swara while laughing-oh god sanskar???u r luking cute??? like this???if u both dnt knw how to prepare food then???y u came here???

San-(with pout)so that u both dont starve
S(controlling her smile)-so sweet u both go and have shower i wil clean dis mess prepare something
San-no i wil clean this u no need to do that
S-y am i not ur frnd??its ok i knw u dont want me now i wil leave then
San-(panic)no no i didnt mean that i u r most imp to me swara
S(laughng)oh god CM look at u haha i was joking yar
San(relaxed)-beautiful u scared me ok i wil also help u
S(smiling)sure bt 1st plz clean urself so that u can clean dis kitchen
San-ok girf friend
Sanlak tuk shower san started to help swara in kitchen had their dinner
L-nw what wil we do?

R-let us watch horror movie
S-k ragz
San-cant we watch any other movie?
R-are u scared bhai?
San-no not at all let us watch
All started to watch here sanky was scared ever raglak suddenly lights went off
R-(hold lucky arm)lucky what happend to lights(scared)
L-(turning on light in phn)dnt knw rago let us check come bhai
San(scared)-ha lucky chal swara where are u?
S-i m here oly u guys go i wil b here oly
They startd to go when lucky stumbled and his phn fel down now all went dark.
R-mummaaa muje dar lag raha hai
L-i m here na rago plz calm down

Suddenly they saw a candle coming towards them
San-swara is that u? Swaraa….
Then they realised it floating in air
R-bhai its hawa me how???
Then they heard a sng
Gum naam hai koi
Bhad naam hai koi
They saw a lady wearing white saree her face covered with hair ??
L-bhai wo ka…kaun….hai?

San(scared)-i….do…..dont….. know…. lucky….
That lady turned towards them her face was now covered with blood?? trio started to shout.
Sanlakrag-aaaahhhh mummaaaa bachao
Lady-???????oh god its so easy to scare u????
Trio(with shock)-swaraaa

S-(removing her mask)ha me?????

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