Tu meri Mohabbath( part 19)


Episode 18
Swara has her own röom there as shemish love her as their daughter
In swara’s room.
S(in mind)-(angrily)what he think of himself? Hero hmm no he is most irritating man i have ever seen how can he play that stupid ignoring act?? and y the hell that effected me does i have feelings for him no swara wt r u thinking? i wil kil him one day with my hand i should go nd talk with ragz so that my mind divert frm that idiot

In ragini’s room
She is talking with laksh in phn
L-rago y were u sad? Dont u want to marry me?
R-no laksh its nt like that i m happy that nw officially i m gng to urs forever.
L-then whats bothering u plz tell me u can share with me anything
R-i know its swara i m worried for her
L-y what happend to her?
R-(sadly)nothing i m missing my old shona, u know when v were in clg she was so naughty always used to say that in my eng or marriage function she wil rock it and mostly she wil irritate her jiju a lot(teary eye)bt c na 2day was my engagement and she was so quite i know its becoz her past bt still i want that she forgot her past and lead her life like before fully
L-and she will bhai hai na
R-hope so
Their conversion heard by swara who was cming to chat with ragz was crying silently left frm gm

In swara’s mansion
In dark room which is ful dusty old furnitures chaires were their its luk like store room where we can c a figure standing infront of big trunk she is ńon other than swara
She just put all the things in bag which were in trunk then bought that outside
S(while cing d bag)-i must do it for rago for shekar papa sharmishta maa and for me 2.nw i cant live in my past and hurt who love me for those who dnt deserve my love i hate u sahil i wil nt let u win to distroy my life and 2day i m letting u away far from me(she put fire to that bag)now i wil live my life as before (smile teary eyed)

Next day
Swara was sleeping peacefully after years with smile when some1 come to her room with bang which made her wokeup with jerk
R(shouting)-what the hell swara how can u come here in mid nyt that 2 without informing us upar se phn v nai uta rahi ho u know i was damm worried about u
S(rubbing her eye like kid) sorry ragz i was not getting sleep so and u were sleeping and dreaming about my handsome jiju(winks at her)
R(widening her eyes)u just said what
S(shrug it off)i wil come getting fresh u go and prepare my fav yummy yummy pasta with orange juice ??(rubbing her stomach)i m hungry(left frm there leaving shocked ragini)
R(in shock)did she just nw teased me? And that antics
S(shouting frm bathrum)ragz shop wondering and go to kitchen jaldi.
R(coming to sence)hmm…ya

In dinning table
Swara came after getting ready and surprised to c sanlak sitting and having pasta
S-when u both came here that 2 early morning?
L-oh thought to c u rago was worried about u so….
S-came to c me or sme1 else(smiled)(saw pasta)wow ragz its luk yummy(served her plate nd started to eat)its cho yummy (squized like kid making trio luk at her with atter shock)
R(whisped to san)c i told u she is behaving wierdly meri dost ko kuch ho gaya hai
San-(whisped back)sshh let me check(to swara)beautiful
S-( while eating)hmm dnt disturb me u CM
San-(confused)CM? Swara it must b SM nt CM
S-no its CM means chipku maheshwari
San???wt did u say chipku maheshwari
Trio luked at her with confuse
S-hmm ya u always chipakte rahte ho mujse so frm nw i wil cal u CM short form of
Raglak(union)-chipku maheshwari(and bursted into laugh)
L-(laughing holding his stomach)oh god bhai wt a name u got
R(laughing)-ha that 2 frm shona
San(fake angry)u both shut up(to swara)ms boss dnt u dare to cl me like that
S(with attitude)i wil CM(showd her tongue and ran frm there)
Sanlakrag were shocked to c sudden changes but they were happy too

In SB Butique
Swaragini were doing their work its nw lunch time
Swara who was working heard a knock.
S-come in
V-hello beautiful
S-(without luking at person)not again u CM
San(making face)-beautiful wil u stop caling me like that
S-s ofcouse(sanky’s face light up)if u stop calling me beautiful.
San-thats nt possible.
S-then u forgot about me nt calling u as CM
R(whïle entering)what u both r doing here come lets have lunch
Swasan(luking at eo)ok come

In canteen
S(while eating)ragz lucky yaha aye i can understand that he want to meet his to b wife, bt y ur dis bhai come here daily?
San-to c u
S-dont u have any other work mr
San-are tume mera chain mera neend sab le liya then how can i work jaan(called her with so much love??)
Swara got up straight went near sanskar and started to check his face near eye??
L(confuse)swara what r checking in bhai’s face
S-jiju ur bhai said that i stole his neend ryt(raglak nodded)but y i cant c any dark circles in his face? Soyega nai to dark circles ana chaiye na? ??(wide her eye)dont tel me CM that u put make up ??are u a girl to do makeup
San-oye i dnt
S-it means u lied u lier(left from there
San-no i m not(ran behind her)
In parking area
San-beautiful stop listen na(hold her arms)
S-wt mr lier
San-1st CM nw lier dont u get any simple and gentle name for me
San(smiles)-i m happy to c u like this
S-hmm i just thought y to make sad my friends becoz of my past
S-(forwarding her hand)s
San(confusingly luk at her hands)
S-are shake my hands na i m accepting ur proposal of being ur frnd
S(fake sadness)-if u dont want then its ok
about to withdraw her hand sanskar grabed her hands started to shake it.
San(shaking her hands)no i m happy that u r my frnd now(started to dance like mad)
Swara who was watching his dance was like???
Here raglak who came after a while near parking area was laughing like hell
San-(embarressed)hmm sry i become little exited
S-(raising her eyebrow)little??
Sanskar smiled sheepishly while swara shook her head.

In MM Sanskar’s room
Sanskar was smiling madly remembering swara

Sanky’s pov
When swara told her past and what that sahil did with her i was damn angry no not with her but with myself how can i just leave her and gone to london atleast i should enquired abt him but no i just left her idiot me. Thats y i avoided her i was feeling guilty then lucky made me understand that it was nt my fault that was fate which played with us, but after that i observed she started missing me so i continued to ignore her so that she confron me and it hapnd sterday and i made her realise she has a soft corner for me and 2day i m so happy today. Finally my beautiful, my jaan, accepted my friendship. And mostly she started to live her life. I dont know how this miracle happend? Bt whatever b the reason i m happy for her. Swara i promise u i wil never let ur smile leave u. For ur smile even i can die hundred times i just love u alot and i m sure one day u wil also love me and i wil wait for that day.

Precap -i wil not tell you
Hope u like dis part???

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