Tu meri Mohabbath( part 15)

[4/21, 3:10 PM] neha: ❤?TU MERI MOHABBATH?❤
Hai all how r u? I missed u alot. Sry for late update frm nw i wil try to b regular. So cming to part much awaited part SWARA’S HALF PAST WHICH MADE HER SB poor girl and frm nxt part swasan frnship gng to start in short swasan’s love story i hope u wil enjoy it main que missed me??? i hope so

Episode 14
Swara in thali mode
Swara got up startd to unsteady walk
San(got up)-swara stop
S(cutely)-y(cme near him)u knw u r choo cute(pulling his cheek)my cutie pie(startd to laugh)
San(fake angry)-swara i m nt cute for boy u must tel handsome
S(started to cry)no u r cute(sat down in indian style)i wil cl u cute oly ???
San-(kneel down)k swara cl me whatever u want bt plz stop crying i cant c ur tears(teary eyed)its hurts me swara
S(innocently)-cutie pie plz u dnt cry(wiping her tears)luk i m not crying now
San(smiling)gud girl now get up come with me
S-where? I dnt want to go chee its cho nice here(childishly)
San-no beautiful its getting cold here cme we wil go home k
Swasan both got up sanky was holding swara’s shoulder in 1 hand(frm nw swara wil talk in kiddish tone)
S-bt cutie pie my house cho far my leg wil pain na(luking at her legs)
San??(acted like thinking)-we wil go by car k
S-no muje gar nai jana(i dnt want to go home)???
San-k dnt cry(in mind)nw wt to do? Hmm idea?(to swara)k cme we wil go to my room
S-okie(started to play with sanky’s finger)

Sanskar’s room
Smehow sanskar made swara sit in his bed
San(in mind)-swara welcme to my no no our room soon to b mrs swara sanskar maheshwary kash u were in ur sence now i would have showed our whole room(bt his though were broken by when he felt sme 1 is shaking him)
S(shaking san’s shoulder)-sanku y r u standing like that ha r u playing statue statue game
San(came to his sence)-wo nai nothing u sleep here i wil cme in 5 min ok(abt to leave)
S(hold his hand)u also leaving like him na(choke voice)u also dnt want me(hugd him)plz dnt leave me plz i promise i wil not irritate you
San-(cupping her face)no swara i wil not leave u never.(in mind)sanskar its ryt time ask her abt sahil (to swara)like whom swara
S(saw him with teary eye)sahil(nw crying)he left me with them
San-with whom he left u
S(shivering in fear)-no no they wil hurt me they wil torture me(sanskar hugd her tightly)no 1 wil hurt u i wil dnt leave them to hurt u calm down swara sshh
S(calm down)-promise u wil never leave me na(innocently luking into his eye)u know i loved sahil cho much bt he

Flashback starts
Swaragini and sahil were in same clg. Swara had a crush on sahil.
1day feb 14 valentines day clg was decorated with red and white heart shape baloons swaragini were cming frm library when 1 boy kneel down in front of swara holding a red rose
S(widing her eye whisper)-sahil
Sahil-swara jab se tmhe deka hai i fel in love with u. Ur sweet and caring nature ur beauty all made me fall for u yes swara bose i love u wil u b my valentine wil u b mine girl friend
S -yes sahil i wil(happily hugd him)
After that both becme couple swara’s crush turnd into love she started to trust him blindly
[4/21, 4:04 PM] neha: Ragini try to warn her bt swara said -its ur mu ragz he loves me alot
1day swara was in her room when she got cl frm sahil
S(happily)-sahil how r u
Sah-swara save me plz come to xyz place aaaa………(cl cutted)
S(panicd)hello sahil hello(ran to that place cryingly)
Xyz place
S-(shouting) sahil…….. sahil…….(suddenly she felt pain in her back side head sme1 hittd her and she got uncouncious)

In dark room
Girl was lying on floor her face was covered with her hair her hands and legs were tied she got concouious and stard murmuring sahil (s she was our swara??)
S-aaahh… Where am i
Man-oh u got up gud (with smirk)
S(scared)-y u bought me here where is sahil (tears made place in her eye)
M-oh girl u want to meet ur bf ha k(light fel on sahil who was tied in chair)
S(shouts)sahil… What have u done to him
M-til nw nthng bt if u didnt listen to us then (pointing to other man who switch on lite nd sahil startd to shout in pain)
S(crying)wt r u dng with him
M-nthng just a shock treatment bt dnt worry with low woltage oly
S-wt u want me to do i wil do bt plz dnt hurt him plz????
M-gud girl(to a girl)bring that packet nd make her ready (to swara)if u showd any tantrum then ur sahil (laugh loudly)
S-no(scared)plz dnt do anything (Man left)

After sometime swara came out wearing short dress which is hardly covering her body she was shocked to c outside sme girls were dancing sensually near sme men sme are drinking sme are watching lustfully it was a pub swara got disgusting
M-nw go and start to dance and ha satisfy them ok
S(shocked)-what no i wil never do this
M(smirk)-oh realy 5n then (cld sme1)finish sahil
S(horrified)-no (crying)plz dnt do that y r u dng this with me (saw man)what have i done to u
M-nothing baby bt u r so hot that u belng to here oly (pushd her)nw go and do ur work(without any chance swara start to dance)
Sme were touching her sme were throwing money auher she was feeling disgusting on herself when she refuse they startd to beat her brutaly nd trethend her by sahil’s name like this 1 mnt have been passed nw swara was pale and dull she was a lifeless body she wantd to kil herself bt for sahil she was bearing dis
1fine day when swara was passing through a room she heard a laughing sound she slowly go near nd peepd into room she was hello shockd watching d scene she felt betraying,foolish hurt cheated
In side the room sahil was with girl holding her by waist laughing with that man nd there was a lady whose only back side was shown
Man-haha that girl swara really a foolish girl yar bt ha she is realy v hot
Sah-haha i knw i oly knw how i controled myself i made her believe that i lov her nd that idiot girl believed it
Lady-that was needed for us after she came here our profit level got double wel done my boy
Sah-ya bt nw its time to sell her we got a big client (bt they heard a sound)
Swara was gng frm there bt a vase fel down
Sah(shockd)-swara(smirk)so u cme to knw d truth gud
S-(crying and shouting) y u did this with me i lovd u trusted u blindly even i didnt listened to ragz (startd to beat him)
Sah(got angry)-u how dare u(slapped her hard)nw i wil show u no no i wil enjoy u(swara got scared and tried to run bt sahil caught her)u knw how tough for me to hold myself u s*xy(touching her cheek and neck startd to force himself on her)
Guard-sir run police raid this place (but at that time police came arrested them all bt lady escaped frm there)
Flashback end

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