Tu meri Mohabbath( part 14)

[4/7, 4:59 PM] neha: ❤?TU MERI MOHABBATH?❤
Episode 13
Sar-oh god dnt knw kiska band bajne wala hai
Z-oye listening my idea u all wil b proud of me
San-r u waiting for invitation tel na
Z-kal is holi (exited)
Sara-ha to(uninterestingly)
Z-holi means masti jo holi manae wo apna har gam bhulae
Rag-i dnt knw zain bt ha swara likd playing holi
San-then our 1st step is holi to make her old swara(al gave hifi)

Nxt day
MM mansion is decorated all over color and tandai
San-ragz nw we hav to invite swara(made cl)
S(recievd cl)-sanskar y r u disturbing me in mrng
San-beautiful 2day is holi
S-(fake happy)oh realy(casualy) then go and play y r u telling me
San-hw cn i play without u?(rag tuk phone frm sanskar)
Rag-shona cme na it wil b so much fun plz
S-ragz u knw i dnt like tat so plz leave me u enjoy
R-no if u didnt cme na then me tandai pee pee kar suicide kar lungi(dramticaly)if u dnt care abt me then atleast think abt buddu,monkey laksh na(laksh???)agar muje kuch hoga then use kaun handle karega he wil loose intelligent beautiful gf and us se to koi aur pategi b nai plz cme plz(all were controlling nt to laugh pressing thier lips and laksh was trowing dragerz to ragini)
S-(signs)5n nw stop ur drama i m cming
R-(jumping)yuppiee i lov shona bye(kept cl)lucky shona is cming(saw him who was in angry mode rag smild sheepishly then ran frm there followd by laksh all busted into laughter)

Raglak zaira was playing holi putting clr to eo but sanskar was waiting for swara.
L-bhai(abt to put clr sanskar stopd him)are bhai swara wil cme u play with us til then
San-no i want swara to put clr 1st on me
L-??(dramatically)dost dost na raha bhabi k bad bhai bhai na raha nw wt wil i do oh god bhai forgot me???fake cry
(at that time sanky’s eye fal on a angel who was cming wearing white color long kurti open hair which was flying in air white jumka her hands were adored wit bangles)
L(who followd sanskar’s gaze saw swara)-lo bhai to gaye (left frm there)
Swara came near ragz who was playing wit zaira
S-hai ragz(put clr on ragz)
R-shona(hugd her)y r u late ha (broke d hug and put on swara)oh let me introduce u(towards zaira)sara sanlak’s sister
Sara-hai bha…babes (put clr on her)
S-hai (smiled)
Zain-hellw ladies i m zain sara’s lovely husband.
Z-itna dul hlw its k i cn manage
After a while swara was standing at cornor she felt a tap in her shoulder she turned and make irritating face cing him
S-nt u again (irritated)
San-beautiful y r u making that face i knw i m handsme
S-handsme and u(saw top to toe)in which angle ??
Sa-oh god c kya zamana a gaya h? (fake cry)u r saying i m nt handsme u hurted me by saying dis(started to cry loudly like kid ??? slept in floor and started to throw legs and hands in air all stared at swasan)
S(slowly)stop ur drama al r watching us its so embarrising
San-r u saying i m acting u dnt trust me(again started his fake cry dis time more loudly)
S-k 5n u r handsme and stop crying (angry)
San-really(wiped his fake tears) chalo put clr on me
S-i m nt interested
San(again started)-??? oh god here i m saving my self frm clr so that my jaan clr me 1st bt she is so heartless(again sit on floor???)
S(irritated and tuk color plate and throw tat to him)now happy(left frm there)
San(put hand on his chest)hay me to mar gaya
[4/7, 6:04 PM] neha: Here zailak(zain and laksh)
L-yar i hope this plan will work
Z-of course just 1ce swasan drink this bhang then we wil have fun and they wil b happy(to waiter)hay cme her(kept 2 glass in tray)give this to them(showd swasan)
Waiter came near swasan
W-sir thandai
San-(tuk both glass)take it swara(give it to her and abt to drink his bt sara snatched it)
(frm nw b means sara(baby)
B-bhai i m thirsty u take another k tq(drank it in 1 go which was sean by zailak)
Z-(hold his head)oh god sara drank that bhang nw wt wil happen
L-go and handle her
Z-ha i wil go (ran towards sara)janu cme na wt r u dng here (bhang effected her)
B-no i wil nt(ran frm there)catch me if u can
Z-stop are (ran behind her)

Here swasan side(bhang started to show effect)
S(laughing)u knw sanskar u r cho cute(pulled his cheek sanskar hold his cheek with open mouth?)bt y u irritate me always ah?
San-swara y r u behaving weired(tuk her glass and drank little)oh god bhang?(saw swara who was trying to catch butterfly)swara come with me(took her sme alone place

Here zaira side
Z-janu stop plz (catched her)janu chup chap se sit here i wil cl ragz k(left her)
Here she was seeing here and there and saw smething with sparkling eye and ran there
Z(cme there holding lemon)nw where is she yar janu sara (started to cal her)

Here swasan side
S-leave me (jerked her hand)i can walk u stay away frm me(startd to go with unsteady walk)
San(hit his head)stuborn girl(hold her again)cme we wil sit there (showd a lake)

Zaira side.
Zain found sara eating ladoos sitting in indian style
B-yummie ladoos(to waiter)go and bring more sweets go(waiter left)
Z-janu enough of eating(tuk plate frm her)cme we wil go to our room.
B-no i want sweets give me(started to pull pĺate and sweets fel on floor)
Z(in mind)oh god zain u r gone nw(showd her ful teeth??)
Sara 1st saw sweets on floor then zain then floor then zain and started to cry loudly
B-i want chocolate i want ice cread ??? i knw u dnt love me ???(started to beat him with her hands)
Z(fold his hands)are chup meri maa i wil brink wt u want plz stop beating me
B(stil beating)no u r lying u wil nt give me i knw now u dont love me ???
Z-(to himself)aj to me nai bachunga god save me (hold her hands and hug her tightly)janu i love u i love u more than my life more than anything(broke d hug and cuped her face)u r my life sara reason of my breath hw cn u say that i dnt love u ha(again hugged her)
B-(felt wet in her neck so she broke d hug and saw tearz in zain’s eye)cholly(hold her ear)plz dnt cry(childishly)i love u 2 u no i love u dis much(opend her arms)u r my best frnd best husband(wiped his tears)u knw u r my cutie pie (pulled his nose and clapped)hehe(zain 2 smiled both hug eo)

Swasan side
Swasan sat near lake
S-(childishly)u knw sanskar when i was small na i lovd to talk with moon he knw everything abt my pain my happiness all

Precap-swara to tel abt her past to sanskar

Guys plz cmnt dnt u like my story then tel i wil stop dis story or do u want anything then tel bt plz cmnt y so low responce? And sry for late update

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