Tu meri Mohabbath (Part 12)

[3/26, 4:07 PM] neha: ❤?TU MERI MOHABBATH?❤

Episode 11
2 hr later
Swara was still unconcious ragsan cme back just then they heard a weak voice
Sanlakrag got happy hearing her voice
R-(happy)shona (fetch water frm jug and made her drink)thank god u r ok u scared us idiot??
L-ha swara u knw both was crying like baby in short i became temporary nany(to light up mood)rago i m hungry feed my tummy with yummy yummy foodie???even swara wil b hungry feed her soup
R-ha just a min(she served food for sanlak and took soup for swara)
R-swara cme i wil feed u have it(kept spoon near her mouth)
S(weak voice)-no ragz i m nt feeling like having it..
R-(stern voice)no u have to eat it nw
S-ragz plz no its taste yuk???
San(tauntingly)-oh really to kya tablets tasty ta that u eating every day???(came near ragz and take bowl frm her)chup chap ke kao(kept spoon near mouth)
S-(irritated)i told na i dnt…(but stopd cing sanskar’s blood shot red eye)k i wil have it my own
San(???)5n do whatever u want.
L-hmm rago food is yummy bhai cme na have ur food made by ur to b devrani(dragd him nd made him sit in couch and all had their meal)

Next day
Swara’s room
Swara got discharge nd all came back to sb manshion
Swara was watching sanskar ragini was talking with laksh sanskar sitting near swara being in angry mode was cutting fruits furously bymistake cutted his palm and blood started oozing swara saw dis and got panic took his hand
S(concern)sanskar cant u cut fruits carefully c so much blood is flowing (to rag)ragz plz give me 1st aid box(ragini gave her that laksh dragd ragini outside)
R-lucky y u brough me here bhai got wound na let me(cutted by laksh)
L-rago swara is there for bhai calm dow(rags confuse)are didnt u saw swara’s concern for bhai’s smal wound?(ragz nodded)so i think she 2 started feeling smething give them sme privacy bhai is very angry he has to talk wit swara after that oly he wil cool down
R(pulling his cheek)oh my lucky is so intelligent(packed his lipz)i lov u(bt here laksh fainted in shock??)

Swasan side
Swara was cleaning sanskar’s wound slowly bt he jerkd his hand
S-sanskar give me ur hand let me bandage it or it wil get infection
San-and y should i? Y u care for me ha? U dnt love me? Even u dnt care about me feelings (shouting)u knw hw was my condition watching u in tat hospital and when i got to knw about u eating and slow poison i felt sme1 snatched my life (shouts at peak) who gave u d ryt to play with ur life(hold her arms tightly)tel me????
S(scared)its pain sanskar
San-ryt its paining(pointing his finger to his heart❤❤)its paining here alot swara(teary eye)i love u frm 6 yr(swara??)bt i didnt get courage to tel bt u knw how it feel ur love living like a lifeless body do u knw hw it feels when u c pain in ur eye it kills me dammit(shouts)bt u dnt care abt it then y u care abt my dis wound ha?
[3/26, 4:43 PM] neha: U knw it didnt hurt dis much when i got to knw that u love sme1 else bt nw i feel like dying everyday watching u like this(crying)i knw u faced a lot in ur life i knw u had faced the pain of being ur love away to fir mera dard ku nai samaj parai ho? I dnt axpect u 2 love me back bt i can atleast expect u 2 take care of urself na? I dnt knw wat hapnd in ur past bt i want u to enjoy ur present and future. K u dnt love me 5n i dnt have any imp in ur life 5n bt atleast nt for me bt for ur frnd ur sister ragini u knw she loves u alot for r her u can live ur life na?but no u just care for urself abt ur pain u causing pain to others who love u hw can u play wit our feelings hw can u play with our life who gave u that ryt y u did this y?(kneel down crying bitterly even swara had tears in her eyes)
S(kneel down crying)i m sry sanskar bt it hurts me my past hurts me alot i cant take it anymore (took 1st aid frm bed startd bandage his wound) u knw i never got love frm any1 accept ragini. My parents hated me beat me bt when they left me in orphanage it hurtd a lot bt when that head forced me i left hope to live then sahil came in my life(sanskar raisd his head and saw her)i again started living my life bt what he did he kild my soul he kild me sanskar i (fainted in sanskar’s arm)

Sanskar lift her in bridle style and made her sleep in bed
San(caresing her hair)i m sry i shouted at u bt i couldnt control my anger i am sry(kisd her forehead) bt frm nw FIX SWARA MISSION start

Precap swara’s pov toda past

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