Tu meri Mohabbath (Part 11)

[3/25, 1:07 PM] neha: ❤?TU MERI MOHABBATH?❤
Didnt u liked last part? Y so low responce???. I m very hurt?? i m nt feeling to ryt ?? bt i startd to katm v karna padega na? Guys i have so much idea for dis ff. Bt if in future responce were like this then i wil finish dis ff withing 15 parts choice is urs??if i sound rude then cholly.and dnt think i m blackmailing k.

Episode 10
Sanlakrag reached sb butique trio were sad and ragsan are in angry mode knowing that swara is harming herself. They entered swara’s cabin oly to get shock of their life
Swara was unconcious lying in floor. Blood was coming from her nose. Trio ran towards swara

San-(kept her head on his lap) swara get up (patted her cheek)jaan plz dnt scare me get up na(tears whelmd up in his eyes)plz get up i cant affored to loose u again i cant live without u plz(nw crying)
Rag-(crying)shona get up na u promised me u wil not leave me(hold her hands)plz get up(to laksh)lucky tel her to wakeup na(here laksh cld ambulance)
L-(kneel downed)rago calm down u have to b strong for swara (cupd her face)ntg wil happen to her we wil nt let anything happen to her ryt rage

R-(wiping her tears)ha i wil b strong and jb use hosh ayega na i wil beat her and not talk to her(to sanky)bhai ntg get up wil should take her to hospital(just then ambulance arrived sanky lift swara in arms and made her laydown in strecher)

In Hospital
Swara was in icu doctor’s were checking her while raglak sitting outside and sanskar was waking here and there all the while he didnt said a word he was fully broken watching his love his life whom he consider his everything in dis state and cursing himselt that y he left har 6 yr before or y he didnt findout about her intensions y?he was just staring at icu
Laksh who saw his brother’s state was hurt his most imp 3 persons in life was in miserable state ragini his love, sanskar his brother who is his inspiration and swara whom he consider as his sister, s sister bt never said this to any1 bt nw he has to b strong for them bcoz he knw oly he cn handle ragsan now.

L(composing himself)-(kept hand in sanskar’s shoulder)bhai(sanky turnd and hugd him)dnt worry swara wil b alright.
San-ha lucky she wil b she has to b alryt for u, for ragz and for me

After 2 hr
Dr came out from icu sanlakrag ran towars dr
San-dr hw is my swara she is alryt na? Anything serious?nothing happend to her na? Plz tel me
L(trying to calm him)-bhai plz give a chance to dr uncle to speak(and trio saw towards dr)
Dr-beta i already told u that the tablets r highly dangerous and i thing swara is taking tat tablet from long time(paused) her mostly nerves r damaged and morever she is nt responding to our treatment i think she dnt want to live she has no hope to live in short she is in very critical condition if she didnt got her concious til 12 hr then
R(scared)then wt uncle?

Dr-she may slip into coma or she may loose her life
This gave a huge shock to trio sanskar felt like sme1 snached floor from his feet
[3/25, 2:03 PM] neha: His heart is bleeding like sme1 stabbed knife1000 times. He sad on floor with thud

Here ragini was crying miserably hearing that her frnd her soul sister’s state
R-(went near sanskar and kneel downed)bhai get up u cant loose hope we cnt loose hope k.(wiped her tears)c i m nt crying u also dnt cry. What she think ha she wil leave us and we wil let that happen?(sanlak saw towards her)if she is stubborn then we r more stubborn than her (to laksh)hai na laksh we wil nt let her leave us na? Tel bhai to not cry
L-ha rago(to sanky)bhai stop crying like deveas u can oly give her hope to live u have to becme her strength
San(wiping his tearz)ha lucky u r ryt i wil nt leave hes so easily wo mujse itne easily picha nai chuda sakti. She has no right to take decision of my life i wil bring her back(determind and left towards icu)

In icu
Sanskar saw swara her pale face there were dark circles showing her sleepless night many wires were attached her body. Watching swara in dis condition his heart ached he slowly gone towards her sat on nearby chair and hold her palm in between his hands with so much love and kissed it
San-jaan i know i irritate u lot na thats y u r angry on me and sleeping like this. K i promise i wil nt irritate u plz wake up jaan. I love u, i cant live without u. Oly i knw hw i lived away frm u in 6 yr nw i dnt have strengh again to live without u. Dis time i surely die swara. (determined)swara agar tm hosh me nai ayi then i swear on u i wil kill myself before u i wil leave dis world i promise plz cme to me plz (crying his tearz were droping in swara’s hand there were sligt movement i her finger which noticed by ragini who was standing near door)
R(happy)bhai c swara’s fingers are moving
San(felt happy)-tq jaan tq for saving me(kissed her forehead)
L-i wil cl d dr

Dr came and checkd her.
Dr-she is out of danger nw bt ha she need ful bed rest, i m priscribing sme tablets which wil reduce that tablets side effect and dnt let her eat that tablet again or it wil b impossible to save her nxt time.
San-u dnt wry dr uncle nw i myself wil take care of her.
Raglak smiled cing his care towards swara
Dr-k gud let her rest 2day tommorrow u can take her to house and she need happy environment stress is harmful for her(dr left)

R-bhai laksh u both go and get fresh and take rest i wil be here with swara
L-no u both go i wil b here
San-no lucky u both go
L-(stuborn)i m nt asking i m telling u both. Luk at u guys ro ro k kya hal bana raka hai apna(to sanky)and bhai if my bhabhi c u like dis wt wil she think ha? That her ashiq is a monkey

L-dnt make that face go and get fresh and cme(to ragini)u 2 go and make smething yummy yummy?? becoz elephants are playing in my tummy. And make soup for swara i dnt thing she wil eat tastless food of hospital
Ragsan-(smiling at him)thanku lucky(both hugd him)if u were nt there na pata nai kya hota
L(hugd them back)i knw that i m great nw go i m hungry(making puppy face)
Ragsan(laughing)k bye (left)

Precap-sanskar’s angry avatar swara shock

I dnt want many cmnts 10 v enouh for me plz cmnt

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