TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-teaser

GUYS ,i was so happy with ur overwhelming response
for u i had started my part -8 too i will post asap by seeing slot avalibility, so here i had a teaser

as per my part-7

swara is complete out of sense nd sanskar is in sense but out of control

spoiler for my part-8 ;

swara:(saw sanskar shirtless nd seen her cloths on floor nd shocked nd shouted )sanskarrrrrrr how dare u wt the hell u did
she is completely shocked to find herself in sanskars shirt nd remembered his words he told on yesterdays game
(tensely)it means u really crossed ur limits

sanskar:(winks at her)ha dont u remember ,u and mee the whole ngt ur really beautiful its awesome

now we go on

but the question is will they both cross there limits or not ? or will sanskar stop to do so then y ?(sanskar loves swara truly nd completely)
i want to know what was ur guess ?

the person who gives a perfect guess will get the credit of my next part -8 of tu meri mannat

and once again thank you for ur such comments i was getting a smile by reading ur feedback

u can see my previous updates i had replied for ur comments

keep reading nd commenting

Credit to: bhanu chowadry


  1. Rina Sivaguru

    I think they won’t cross the limit and sanskar will stop to do because he want swara to accept him whole heartly…… He loves her a lot so he won’t do anything hurt again…..

  2. naina

    Sanskar cnt cros his limits he lovs her me he knw tat sie is nt in her sense. May b he teasing her.

  3. L Khan

    Actually sanskar will not do anything against his loves wish nd he is not a flirt too but with Kavita wht he did was to make her away from him becz he loves swara but ya I think sanskar will tease swara by saying all this……..a nce teaser

    • bhanu

      Mr. Or miss fan u reason is mind blowing not only in this story every girl deserves the same kind of love

  4. Reethi

    Sanskar will not do anything against her wish bcoz he loves her truely.OFCOURSE he is not a flirt too he did flirt with kavita so that she hates him n move on in his life.They won’t cross there limits bcoz swara is not in sense n sanskar will not cross his limit.he is doing that to tease her.pagal ladka but I love that pagal n his pagal n cute shona ☺☺☺☺☺

  5. kaira

    sanskar cannot cross his limits he loves swara a lot he will tease her to get her more close to him

  6. Swetha

    He didn’t cross his limits as he really respects swara n wants her to accept him wholeheartedly

  7. dolly

    No sanskaar will not cross his limits as he loves swara…he is only pretending may be her clothes were being changed by ragini…
    As she was in sanskaar house she made her wear sanskaar shirt …he can’t love her …yes he loved her but he will not play with her…he loves her eternity not physically …he is a well mannered person when for well being of kavita he can act bad so that she can move in her life …he can’t think to do bad with swara at any cost…

  8. bhanu

    Guys all of ur guess may be or may not bee right u have to wait till my next part thank you for such great response surly I will some post by 2mmrow asap till then have patience

  9. I m 200 percent sure sanskar won’t cross his limits ,I guess there is some reason behind ,May b due to rain they get wet.

  10. Meghs

    Sanskar don’t crossed limit …. Dresses were wet so maybe ragini changed her cloth or someone

  11. Tweety

    I think sanskaar takes help of ragini to change swaras clothes. He makes a prank on her same as he did to kavitha to prove that he is innocent. By this time they might clear the misunderstandings and swara starts loving him.

  12. bhanu

    Wow ? what a response guys,ur guesses are awesome till 2mmrow u have to wait to know result I will post asap thanks alot

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.