************#TU_MERI_MANNAT TEASER *****


(sry guys i can’t post next part today bcoz my work burden is high but read this teaser its my 1st nd last teaser for my ff )

scene1,sathvik guest house

swara is crying badly

sathvik; (evil smile) arey darling y ur crying i just said truth na

swara; you bl**dy vamp u will pay back for everything

sathvik; oh really will think it later first do wt i say

meanwhile sanskar entered in full angry swara ran to him nd hugged him

swara; (crying ) sanskar see wt this stupid is saying

sanskar broken the hug nd gave a tight slap to swara



sanskar on floor he is unconscious blood is oozed out from his head(swara is crying by waking him up “sanskar sanskar utoo’

sathvik ; (pointed gun towards sanskar) now say me shall i or will youuu

swara; (shouted in tears ) ah kill him

sathvik; (shocked) wt shall i kill ur sanskar

swara; (shouted out ) ha kill him “sanskar ko marnado ”

sathvik shooted bullet nd swara fallen on floor with tears



sathvik; (evilly) even sanskar is no more i can have you now

swara; (scared nd crying vigorously ) i hate you sathvik i hate you

sathvik; its ok hate mee but i want you (he moved close towards her) )

swara ; satvik just get lost don’t you dare to take one more step

sathvik; (evil smile ) wt you will ah say ur face is showing ur helplessness

swara; plz stop it sathvik i just love sanskar plz leave mee plz

sathvik; i will leave but after completing my work now stop it nd let me enjoy (he pulled swara towards him nd came on top of her )

swara pushed him aside nd dragged the gun from sathvik nd pointed towards herself

sathvik; (shocked) wt ur doing swara

swara;( stammering tone) “swara is for sanskar only for sanskar, if sanskar is no more then swara can’t leave anymore ”

“hum saath mai jeena nahi toh kya hua saath mai marjavugi ”

she pulled the trigger nd shoot the bullet

screen freezed on shocking face of sathvik


why sanskar slapped swara ?

why swara said to shoot sanskar ?

will swasan live together or die together ?

To Know The Answers of All These Questions Keep Reading

#TU_MERI_MANNAT next part on Saturday

and i know i was giving shock by shock par kya karu thrill-loving person na so u too bear somewhat thrill and thrill comes in b/w suspense only 😉

so let me know how your feeling now shower your comments 😉


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  1. interesting..

  2. Plz don’t seperate and kill swasan???❤️

  3. dont seperate swasan.. yeah kaise teaser hai re full of suspense why he slapped and why she told to shoot him update soon… dont seperate them..

  4. Bhalu di?? kya tha yeh?? Only teasar…i hate uh….i will never talk to uh!??????….katti….i really hate uh…uh r gery bad…ittu chota sa teasar bas?? Nd woh bhi office k bech me likha?? huh!! Phele health phir ff samaj aaya…agar apko time mile toh jext part dedo jldi se…i cant wait…but..but…but….first take care of your health..agar time mila toh hi likhna warna mein read nhi krungi aur ??????????

  5. Nice..
    Don’t u dare to end this story soon and coming to the teaser it’s shocking with suspense.Don’t stress yourself,v can wait for ur update.

  6. It’s really awesome one, waiting to know what happened between swasan please in next part break the suspense and this was a sad part

  7. Shocking but last ku

  8. Bomb fod diya…. Shocked by teaser….pls update soon…cannot wait longer

  9. Full suspense….pls don’t kill swasan

  10. Rain_Lightwood

    WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT? I think it’s an act by Swasan to teach SATHVIK a lesson. Don’t kill them tho??

    Saala Satvhik. I’ll kill him one day if Swasan don’t. Idiot kahika. I think I like Cavity better?

  11. Mariyamul Aysha

    Awesome…full of suspense plzzzzz don’t separate swasan

  12. I am shocked…Tell u about it later…

  13. Vyshu10

    omg…itne sare twists? thrilling

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