TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu- teaser



nd sorry today i cant upload my ff bcoz its my first holi which i was celebrating bcoz all this years of my life i was busy out of chasing success so now i decided to enjoy each nd every moment of my life nd with ur all wishes my frnd is recovering well thanks alott so having fun 2mmrow mrg i will post it
but before writing it i need to know ur views for my upcoming track

as u all know our swara is being as a assitant for our naughty sanskar

for a week in this week time only i was planning there trip to kearla now u say mee wt u want in this seven days

1) i had done 15part of this ff which is ur most fav scene till now ?

2)nd wt u wanna see in this week nhok jhoks or romance both will be but which should be more ?

3) wt u want swara to take her resignation back or not ?

guys i was writing this ff just for u so everything should be as per ur wish nd dont worry i will clear swaras misunderstandings in Kerala completely i had planned a shocking twist in upcoming track

nd the idea of forest nd holi i will add both in upcoming Kerala trip only i know ur feeling that i was disclosing everything now only then wt will be in my ff to know but there much more surprises nd twists to know

so plz leave ur answers fast i will write it fast nd silent readers make some noise yar i wanna know ur wish too

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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  1. More romance should be more
    My fav scenes conditions of the contract it’s awesome and swimming pool scenes the whole one

  2. Nce….waiting enjoy ur holi dear u can post tmrrw we will wait but this time will never return so enjoy to the fullest…….nd romance should be more nd as ur saying that there is a shocking twist for which I’m waiting very eagerly nd u so said that swara’s misunderstanding will clear in kerala trip so then she should tale back her resignation…..this is my opinion otherwise ur wish nd I like everything whatever u write

    1. thankyou so much khan

  3. option 2 is good

  4. Romance more

  5. Happy holi bhanu di..
    Ur ff is lovely…waiting for ur twist…and yeah nokh jhok and romance between swasan in kerala sounds interseting…

    1. thankyou dolly dear nd u will love this trip

  6. We want swasan nok jok n sanskar irritating swara.lol that’s so funny n ha make some forest romance. It looks nice n make them clear their misunderstanding ASAP.plz update next episode fast. Eagerly waiting for that

    1. ha reethi i will try to make it upto ur expectations

  7. Happy holi to u also.i will be fine with anything u write but write it in ur way.

  8. Ful on romance n sumwht nok-joke…nd i think swara shud nt take resignation bak..

    1. yar kittu ur thinking swara should not take resignation back its diffrent i lv it 😉

  9. Hey I do love ur story a lot and loving this naughty sanskar I just want him to be like this and ya even I want him to punish swara more and more like this….. I do want swasan nok jok with full of sanskar’s naughtiness…….

    1. thankyou priya our sanskar is naughty from beginning it will increase day by day 🙂

  10. Swasan romance nd i thinkshe shuld not take back her resignation

  11. Very nyce it really seems interesting…… Waiting eagerly fr ur next update….. U upload both nok jokh and romance……

  12. Hi I bhanu a very happy holi dear and I think its my first or second comment but instead ur ff is just superb u
    I want swasan romance more nok jhok should also be there but more romance make swasan mu clear soon don’t make sathvik propose swara instead he should see the intense closeness of swasan I don’t know much about Kerala but its one of my fav places to visit make this trip wonderful not only for swasan but also for me ??

    1. second yar nd thanks dear nd Kerala i had visited twice so i will design it in same way which i saw i will try my level best to make it wonderful trip for u too

  13. I love there romance so romance shud be more…n yes she shud take her resignation back….n I will be eagerly waiting for forest n holi scenes….

  14. wish u happy holi….
    i want swasan nok jok n swara should know the reason behind sanskar’s behaviour towards kavita….

  15. Happy holi
    Nok jhok of swasan

  16. Hi bhanu… happy holi…
    And all epi are superb so no particular…
    And i need equally romedy….(rom+ nokjok)
    Let swara take bck her resignation…
    Happy dat ur frnd is recovering..

    1. thankyou navi romedy i will fix it haa;)

  17. Romance more….sanskar jealous with sathvik presence

  18. sorry for late comment actually i had high fever so i couldnot read ur teaser..according to me more nok jhok will be good ..

  19. Next part asap!! Nothing more than that u know :-(?

  20. hey plz post next part.cant wait for their romance and nok jhoks..

  21. Kerala trip i want see naughty sanskar n swasan nok jhok…
    Ur ff all parts are mine favorite n i can’t select one part…
    N swara should take resign back after this trip… And one more thing misunderstanding should end soon …

  22. sorry for late posted next part

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