hi, everyone, the thing you read is right
it’s Tu Meri Mannat ” may be a phase 2, ok
thanks, a lot for your; love towards this ff nd really it’s so close to me on ur repeated requests I decided to do this I hope you will like it
its continuation on that ff nd don’t worry I will give a short summary to remind it {this is ur valentine’s day gift }
this update is specially dedicated to my champ nd my darling alekya last but they are best i.e my lovely readers who are continuously messaging me for season2
Finally, I got some time so thought to use in this way so get ready tighten ur seat belts ahh
summary ;
Swasan nd raglak loved each other since childhood both of their families live together there mansions are beside each other
after facing a lot of struggles swasan nd raglak got married with both families acceptance (READ EPILOGUE FOR MORE )
both the couples are blessed with two son’s
Sohan: 6yrs old son of swasan _____ naughty BOY
Regan: 6 yrs old son of raglak _– INNOCENT KID
Saanvi: 5yrs old Sohan crush daughter of Sathvik nd Kavitha

Sanskar Maheshwari: A great successful business loves his wife ND his son, a lot naughty person ND a huge prankster

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari ‘ wife of Sanskar she highly professional. ND a strict mom

RAGLAK: are victims of Sanskar prank 🙂

Sathvik: Swara’s bhai now 😉 soo mama ji of sohan

Sohan: Only naughty son of Swasan loves his dad a lot pampered kid but he is not attached to Swara

**********starts ******

Swara pov

It’s been seven yrs of our wedding everything changed in my life
I am enjoying every second of my life with Sanskar ND Sohan

Sohan is Same like Sanskar but I am scared that do he be serious in life or else he do same like Sanskar
Actually, I am there for Sanskar to change him but for Sohan?

But this now my Sanskar turned serious in life but he is pampering Sohan a lot it is really wrong he may turn rebel if soo

I am thinking to see a change in future at least

Sanskar pov

All this 7yrs of my life is like heaven
Sohan changed it completely he is the precious gift I got from my Swara
Swara is thinking that I am pampering him but I love him more
I want him to be successful but not like a robot
life should be thrilling bcoz we had only one life
I want him to lead everything as per his wish
so on right time he will change
Although he won’t do any mistake in life bcoz he say everything with mee nd he makes me a partner in all his naughty activities
he asks me either do or not also
Even gud or bad I am happy that my son is friendly with mee
finally, my Sohan slept not I need to handle his mom

it’s a valentine week all this 7yrs we celebrated it in different ways but this yrs
nooo bcoz she left to Delhi for a conviction on first 3days of week nd after that I left to Bangalore on a business deal
nd today whole day we are in office I reached home soon as I wanted to spend some time with Sohan nd I wanna surprise my Swara too

I think she would be working for tomorrow presentation
let me check once

I peeped into my room
yes my guess is right she is doing working
thank’s god my son is like me or else I used to be crushed in btw to robots

she is wearing pink shirt nd gray pants my wife is the most beautiful girl in this whole world
I moved towards her nd closed her eyes from behind
she hitted me with her elbow
“Sanskar I know it’s you ” she whispered while still focusing on her work
I am jealous of her laptop nd her pen also
because all the time her eyes will be on that laptop nd that pen will always be caressing her rosy lips
I wish I should be that pen
my naughty ideas got wiped out when I felt her lips on my right cheek
” I won’t kiss laptop or my files, ” she said huskily
oh noo she is reading my mind also
she placed her laptop on study table I moved towards her

” wese ur reading my mind that y can’t you read my heart also, ” I said in husky tone while lips are touching her ear

” I read ur heart long back hubby so, I am ur wife, ” she said while blushing
I hugged her tight nd whispered ” happy valentine week sweetheart can we celebrate now ” I asked with naughty smirk

” u completed ur presentation for tomorrow mr.maheswari, ” she asked with a wink
tomorrow na we will think tomorrow I can do it well so let me love you, ” I said while tightening my grip on her
“really are you missing me, ” she asked while wrapping her hands around my neck
“soo muchh I missed you so muchh in this week, ” I said while kissing her forehead
” I missed you more my hubby ” she kissed my cheek
” we are married since 7yrs but still ur kissing my cheeks only,y can’t you change place, ” I said with a teasing smirk

“oh really you want me to change, ok let’s try ” he caressed her nose with mine nd adjusted herself up to my height
I was about to capture her but our moment is disturbed by a knocking sound

we had parted away I really wanna kill the person who disturbed my romantic moment
I opened my door nd I stood blankly by seeing the one who stood there
it’s my son Sohan
“dad I got a doubt can you say me, ” he asked
I got on my knees “wt is ur doubt Sohan ”
he gave a greeting card it’s a love card for valentine day
“wt is valentine day dad, ” he asked
his question made me Shock
wt should I answer him now he is just 6 1/2 yrs old he is so sharp

I gave a look at Swara she stood just beside me with a blank expression

“answer him Sanskar, ” she said with a teasing smile
‘it’s about love Sohan you will know as u grown up, ” I said
“when I will grow up papa,wt height you want ” he asked innocently
” no not height I mean age Sohan you will know soon now go nd sleep like a gud boy ” i said with a smile

” daddy say me wt it is” he yelled at me

” plz chacha say us ” Regan yelled in polite tone ( Raglak son )

” tomorrow morning I will say now I am tried, plz go ND sleep Sohan nd Regan,” I Said in pleasingly

” ok say us a story we will sleep ” Sohan yelled childishly
” I said a few minutes back na, ” I said while controlling my thoughts
” no dad say another ” he yelled
” no I can’t now anyway, who is that idiot gave you this card ” I yelled in frustration
” y ur shouting Sanskar they are kids, ” Swara said while moving towards Regan nd Sohan
” lucky papa we got it in his bag, ” Regan said while covering his face with his two little hands

” Offo Regan come here I will give chocolate for you both “I felt bad so I grabbed two chocolates for my bag
” thank you ” he yelled in excitement

“then story, ” sohan asked with a pout face
“tomorrow I will now go nd sleep, ” I said in cold tone
“Sanskar come let us make them sleep, ” swara said
we both left to their room nd made them sleep properly
nd got back to my room I locked my door she left for changing
but again a disturbance someone is knocking my door again “oh noo
Sanskar: (shocked ) lucky
lucky; bhai where is swara I had a doubt
Sanskar: (utmost angry ) wt the hell doubt ah can’t you let me in peace
lucky: wt I did now, you go nd sleep I want swara only
Sanskar: (utmost in tears of frustration ) bhai plz I want swara plz leave her for me plzz go now
lucky: wt but y he asked innocently
Sanskar: wtttt don’t you know, ha how you will know this
“you married a doctor, you both are doctors nd same hospital so no limits, you can romance whenever you want like in hospital, in home or in operation theater also
“but,wt about me, I married a workaholic a CA….auditor from a week we had no time to see each other also if I wanna do anything in office I had Hitler dad is in front of me
see now also she is working like a robot now you came to disturb again.
(he said all this in one gooo )
Lucky: haha sanskar cool it’s just a word to share it takes only one minute
Sanskar: after saying this much also you wanna talk, come in goo nd talk (he said in frustrating tone )
lucky; ok chill I am leaving, you enjoy gud night (he left )
Sanskar locked the door whereas swara came out after changing into pink nightwear sanskar ran towards her in excitement he is about to touch her but again he heard a knocking sound he got hell frustrated now so he grabbed a vase nd moved towards the door in full on angry
swara; Sanskar wt ur doing stop it may be………… her words ended by seeing the person in front of them
Sanskar: pa……pa..papa (he has hidden the vase behind him )
DP: WT is that sanskar behind you
Sanskar: woh woh it’s ntg papa, I got this vase to place here (he placed that vase beside the door on the shelf )”it’s looking gud here soo ”
swara; (is controlling her laugh ) papa is there any work
DP; ha actually tomorrow we had night we had a business party so we need to attend you nd sanskar are important soo
swara; ok papa we will
Sanskar: nooo way tomorrow is valentines day
dp; wtt your not a lover boy ok,
swara: it’s ok papa I will manage,sanskar we can attend na say (she asked in a convincing way )
Sanskar: will think….ok
dp; gud now sleep well gud night
sanskar came out of his room nd checked out
swara; wt ur doing out
Sanskar: I am checking that do anyone left still
swara laughed out loud “come in sanskar sleep” (she got towards study table nd started her work on her lappy again
Sanskar: let us have a deal swara tomorrow we both have our respective project presentations so you explain to me I will explain you
“if you win –we will attend tomorrow party ”
“if I win — you need to skip that party &nd you should come on a date with me
swara gave a shocking expression bcoz she knows her naughty husband pranks
Sanskar: say swara deal ah
swara: ok done but I had some rules
Sanskar: wt rules (he asked with a mischieve smile )
swara; you should not touch me while I am explaining, you should maintain a 4feet distance if you cross any of both rules you will be failed in this ok
Sanskar: haha ok done I will give 5 feet distance but I have a small rule ok
swara; wt is that anyways I won’t touch you
Sanskar: I am not kiddo like you to say stupid rules ok
swara; I am not kiddo
Sanskar: will know that in 10mins my rule is ” I will do my presentation on my way, you should not stop my flow I will ask a small question after completion if you fail to answer or if you stopped my flow in btw you will be lost ” soo deal Mrs.swara sanskar Maheshwari
swara; (thought for a while ) ok deal
Sanskar: ok; let us start with you now, start (he got seated at a distance of 5feet on a beanbag with a smile nd swara completed it in just 7 mins
swara; it’s done
Sanskar: great you completed
swara; yes swara sanskar Maheshwari never loses ok
Sanskar: will see after my turn (he got up from his seat nd moved towards her with a smirk while unbuttoning his shirt

swara; oh hello wt ur doing ah “first complete ur presentation ”
Sanskar: doing that only its hot na so I removed it, wese it’s my turn it will be on my way(he hugged her from back while resting his chin on her shoulder
swara; (in mind ) oh noo it is his way how I forgot this
Sanskar; let us start baby and ur every night belongs to mee
Swara is blushing hard while breathing heavy
he explained only half while teasing her his hands are moving towards her nightie rob he removed the tie while speaking
swara just gulped, her mind had lost long back in this lovely touch
swara: sanskar plz stop
sanskar; sooo your lost right I won it
swara; noo i don’t mean it
sanskar; really so answer my question if you do answer ur won or else I won
swara : ok ask
sanskar; i said an amount of new investment “say me wt is that actually amount I coded ”
swara : may be around 165 or 167 CR
sanskar : say one amount its last chance
swara; oh noo 167 CR
sanskar; you lost babe it’s 166.9cr
swara:wt it’s cheating I said na
sanskar; it’s a wrong amount you can lose tender in 1/- right,u lost now
swara; oh nooo it’s so much sanskar wt will papa think, if we don’t attend it
sanskar; I don’t care I wanna love you now, tomorrow nd forever
swara; ur crazyy my hubby (she nuzzled her nose with him)
sanskar; yes u made me my love ( he kissed her forhead )
” i love you swaraaa ur mine ur mine ”
swara; ha i am all urs sanskar ”’swara is for sanskar ”( She looks into his eyes and could see his love!!.. She just places her lips on his and kisses him softly.it a small kiss )
sanskar captured her lips again he kissed her soft swara to reciprocated his kiss her hands are driving into his hair where as sanskar is pulling swara close towards him )
after a long Passionate kiss sanskar lifted swara in his arms
(he placed her on the bed romanticly nd kissed her forehead
sanskar came on top of her he started kissing her neck sensuously swara is blushing hard his hands are traveling on her waist by moving her dress )
he pulling face towards him ND kissed her back on her lips it’s wild kiss with full of love nd desire swara to reciprocate it with the same desire

Sanskar bitted ND sucked her lips but swara did not react any thing she is quite. Which made sanskar shock he broken the kiss when he felt he need oxygen 😉

They both stared each other while breathing heavily
swara; I love you more nd I miss y….
her words remained incomplete as her lips were being smacked by sanskar ’s who just pulled her into a kiss

she held his both arms tightly while pulling herself close to him she took out a gasp as she took out sanskar grab the oppurtinity and enter her mouth and started exploring her every corner’s of the mouth passioniately

sanskar; i love you so much swara

he said pulling back from the kiss nad again in no time pulled her in a long kiss and swara also responded him with equal passion the kissed eachother as there was no tomorrow …
while sanskar pulled her down making her lay on the bed …while kissing her ….. and he lend over her on the top of her

.. they both kissed for eachother till they both were out of breathe .. Sanskar looked at swara who was highly panting and was looking at him .. Swara instantly turned her face on the otherside while clutching the bed sheet on her fist …. Swara felt blush on her cheeks as sanskar roamed his palm through up her shoulder … while swaras breathe stared going heavy and her heavy ..

Swara breathe hitched as sanskar moved closed toward her while still helding her wrist .. he moved close to her while taking her both arms in infrost resting on her tummy along with his’s while he wrapped his arms around her waist as hugging her from behind .. her back met with his front as his member met her’s back

… it started iricking her making swara’s breathe get stopped while she clutched the bedsheet tightly closing her eyes .. Sanskar pressed herself more on him by her tummy nad then with the help of his one hand he took her hair and pulled it on one side … as he dug his face on crook of her neck .. placing soft kisses all over neck and placing sum bites making swara bite her underlips as sanskar moved little down toward her shoulder placing soft kisses and then spun her while she shot opened her eyes . and stare at sanskar

he placed kisses all over her bak and then in a jiffy movement he undid her nighte n.. the only one support that was hanging it together as swara felt her it get loose she instantly spunned laying on her back covering her bare back from him .. and as she looked up into his eyes

sanskar leaned close to her

swara ….closed her eyes feeling him … sanskar left her ahnd nd then moved toward her eyes … placed a kiss over there nd then moved down while kissing her cheeks nose jawline chin … and then travelled down kissng her neck collarbone throat

he used his hand nad removed her pallu from her shoulder

swara clutched the bedsheet in shy
more tightly .. sanskar moved toward her shoulder placing kisses all over shoulder .. nad then kissed all over her arms

he travvelled down while kissing her all over tummy and then rest his lips toward her belly button nad licked it

while her nails were digging his arms

he started caressing her legs..and started kissing every part of her body…he dug face on her neck and started giving love bites she was blushing the whole time…

sanskar: I really wonder swara you taste always new even I explored you this many yrs(swara blushed hard )
sanskar kissed her on lips they covered themselves with a bed sheet and continued the rest of the work…
sanskar dropped sohan nd regan to school nd left to office
and swara left to office

it’s evg 14th Feb
swara cabin
swara; (on ph with an angry tone ) Priya inform sanskar to met me now
Priya: ok mam
swara; fasttttt
Priya informed sanskar nd sanskar rushed to swara in excitement

sanskar; why ur darling did you miss me (he said with a naughty smirk )
swara gave a greeting card
sanskar; “I love you forever can I get a kiss for this valentines day ” (these words are printed on card ) shall i
swara; (deadly glare ) see clearly, I think you have seen this card before
sanskar; yahh who gave you
Swara; sathvik
sanskar; (shocked ) he is ur Bhai
swara; stop over reacting now nd listen “ur son did this ok”
Sanskar; wt my son did now,y u always blame him
swara; wt he did ah u wanna know right “he gave this card to sanvi today in school ”
sanskar stood shocked “wt my sohan ”
swara; (yelled in angry ) yesss wt is his age nd his acts i warned you from long your spoiling him better change him sanskar
“you know it’s embarrassing to know such thing from his school principal”
sathvik is also felt upset by this he thought to change sanvi school also
sanskar; sohan is just a kid yr he is just 6yrs
swara; I am saying that only he is just 6yrs he should think about books nd games but he is thinking about other activities like you
sanskar; my son is like me only his wife will bear him like you do
swara; ( anger ) ho really so you don’t care even now
sanskar “: he will be gud swara just wait
swara; ok listen if your sohan do one more mistake like this i will punish you ok
sanskar; punishment for me
swara; yes I will throw you out of my room enjoy ur nights with sohan only
sanskar; wtt it’s too much
swara; nooo from today it starts “no entry today “you sleep with sohan only “no touching or thinking ”
she threw the card on his face nd left
sanskar; arey noo sohan, wt a gift you gave me for valentine’s day

screen freeze
this is the one shot may be few shots later ur feedback says me either to quite this or to continue this track I hope u liked it
– happy valentine’s day
keep smiling 🙂

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