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THANKYOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR UR RESPONSE i was shocked by it is really awesome yarr, here we go on with part-9 of tu meri mannat

recap; sanskars prank shocked swara ,sanskars challenge to swara to win the tender

**********episode starts*********

swara; i was not afraid i will win at anycost u know its my 36th
tender which i was presenting i won 35 times i will win now also
sanskar ; acha then y cant u accept my deal
swara; (thinks for a while )ha deal
Sanskar; pakka if u had failed u have to follow all my orders I will be ur boss,u shouldn’t cross ur words
Swara; ha sure wt I say I do may be u know this I think
sanskar ; okay i dont need 1month u work for 1 week its enough
all the 4 left to conference hall sathvik is also present in hall everyone took there sits swasan beside eachother nd satvik on one side dp nd shekhar sited in front of them on other side
sanskar;( leaned towards swara ear) u know something swara i had purchased all the parties who coded for this tender only 3 are left u me nd that stupid sathvik varma
swara; (shocked)wt its cheating mr.sanskar
sanskar; no its business i want to win
swara ; noway i was the biggest competitor for u u cant win on mee
sanskar; (teasingly)acha ,dont worry i will plan for u also

swara; u cant stop mee from winning get ready to be my assistant for next one month
sanskar; i will see who will be an assistant nd who will be boss(naughty smile)
swara; (in mind) ho god plz save mee i have to win at anycost plz help if i fail this sanskar na i cant face him for 1hour also how can i for 1week
sanskar ;(kept on thinking how can i stop swara from presentation she should fail at anycost then only she will listen to mee clearly nd i can sort her misunderstandings he get a naughty idea nd smile )
meanwhile officers had arrived nd time to presentation 1st turn is sathvik nd later swara
swaras turn she had prepared hard for it by working 4 night on that project
swara;(opened her lappy nd started her presentation by sitting only its very impressing, she had completed 3/4 of presentation)
sanskar with naughty plan he placed his hand on swara’s knee nd slowly caress which made swara freeze she is completely shocked turned speechless totally sweated not even able to get a word due to nervousness ,everyone are staring towards swara as she is not speaking from 3mins
sanskar;(took her lappy )woh actually we both are partners soo she had done her part its my turn he took laptop and continued the presentation tender got to sanskar
swara shocked by this act of sanskar as fast as he removed his hand she took the water bottle nd drunk it completely sathivk observed swaras strange behaviour
. presentation is completed nd sanskar won, everyone are congratulating sanskar, swara got frustrated so she pinched sanska on his leg which made sanskar shout
sanskar; (shouts)ouchhhh

office; wt happened mr.sanskar y ur shouting
sanskar;( fake smile) woh actually its my 1st success so i was excited (winks at swara)
Sathvik ; swara what happened y u left ur presentation in middle
Swara; (speechless)I will speak to u later (she run to out of hall)
. Swara; (to herself)wt the hell this sanskar thinks,mrg that prank nd now nd to do this just for a contract ,he need to do this much nonsense today,its cheating, I will kill him today how dare he is to touch mee i have to teach him a lesson
meanwhile Shekhar came towards swara he is so angry on her
Shekhar;(shouts) swara wts this how can u be so irresponsible towards the company I had remained u million time to prepare well but u still, How reckless ur ,swara ur incapable to handle such a big company
Swara; (shocked nd sad) dad just listen to me I had prepared well Its all happened bcoz of sanskar dad
Shekhar;u had failed nd blaming sanskar ahh bcoz of him only we got this contract wt he did to u to stop ur preparation do he strucked ur mouth ahh answer me (shouted)
Swara:(speechless she don’t know wt to say to her dad wt sanskar did if she told truth it wont be good dp may throw sanskar out of house for behaving odd so she kept quiet )
Shekhar;(angrily) u don’t have a answer wt sanskar did! I don’t wanna u to repeat the same again nd I don’t want to hear anything against sanskar did u get it
. Swara; ( Shekhar words hurted swara a lot ,tears rolled from her eyes till now no one blamed her against her profession
sanskar nd dp are shocked to see Shekhar s angry towards swara
Swara:(gave a angry look towards sanskar ND left to office )
Sanskar;( shocked bcoz he had no idea that Shekhar will react so hard with swara he felt bad nd wanted to say sorry to swara)

all the four went to office including sathvik
Its 12.30pm
Sanskar,Shekhar nd dp in Shekhar ‘s cabin
Dp; Shekhar its a small deal y u shouted on swara for such a small thing its just a contract nd y don’t u given a chance to her its her 1st mistake bcoz of her talent only our company is in top 1
Shekhar; she is irresponsible if I scold her now she wont repeat it again soo I don’t want her to fail as per her profession durga prasad
. Otherside swara cabin she is sitting in sofa nd she is crying by remembering Shekhar words went towards her pc nd typed a letter signed on it nd went towards shekhars cabin nd knocked the door
Swara;excuse me , may I come is sir
. Everyone are shocked to see swara her face is pale as she cried from past 2hrs
Dp: Come in beta u don’t need any permission its ur office
Swara: I am sorry sir its not my office I was just a auditor so I should ask permission(she handled a letter on table)
Dp: Wts this swara
Swara; its my resignation letter I had decide to leave ur m&m group
. All are shocked mainly sanskar

Sanskar;(shocked) how can u resign, anyway u had signed a contract of 5 yr contract
Swara:(angrily) ha Mr.sanskar I had signed but u have not read it completely I had a clause 27 were I noted if “any of the director feel that I was irresponsible or incapable to ur firm I will resgin so Shekhar sir had told mee just 2hrs before that I was incapable nd irresponsible so I was resigning
Dp; no swara how its possible ,think for a while its not a correct thing to do wt shekhar told is just in angry he dont mean soo
swara; i dont mine its the true ,nd i had decided to leave thats 5n for mee
shekhar; (annoyed)wt u will do by leaving this job will u stay in house nd do household works ahhh
swara; (angrily) shekhar sir ur mistaking i was a auditor not a normal staff i had ocean of opportunities i can choose the best nd may be u had forgotten i had got 3 best multi national companies offers but i rejected nd joined in ur company due to respect i have towards u ,but today i had found that i dont have any respect or importance in ur office so i cant work like a robot which always keep on winning,i was human being so i cant win always . u search a auditor who suits for u ,now i will serve my notice period of 2months in ur office
(she turned to go but stoped )
swara ; shekhar sir one more thing , wt u said is wrong the contract u got is only bcoz of mee the presentation is prepared by mee i had only presented 3/4th of it ,ur honorable director mr.sanskar had not even read the contract completely he just presented the 1/4th which i left due to some reason (she walked towards door)

sanskar ;(shouts )swara one sec plz listen to mee
swara ; what u wanna ask i know dont worry mr .sanskar i will work under u for 1 week i cant let my word down so i will ,u can irritate me in this whole week now happy (she left )
**************** to be continued********

precap; sanskars jealous nd later swara starts to trust sanskar back

guys lot of u asking mee to sort out misunderstandings b/w them ,they had 2yrs of communication gap how they can clear in 1week so it takes time but the upcoming episodes has loads of fun nd excitement so kindly have patience

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Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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