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GUYS ,i was so happy with ur overwhelming response guys u will find ur answer after reading it , here we go on with part-8 of tu meri mannat

recap;swara total out of sense nd swasan romance

************episode starts***********

mrg 8am,swasan room ,

sanskar:(woke up nd saw swara sleeping peacefully smiled looking at her nd went to freshup meanwhile she wokeup with a phone call)

Swara: (sleepy) Hello,this is swara mitra who is on the line

Shekar:(angry that she had not reached home)tera baapp
Swara:( Still sleepy) tera baap kya naam ah oo ,I don’t know any
person on that name wrong number(she cuts the call)
Shekhar: (got angry ND again he called back swara lifted
Swara ; (still sleepy)kyoun ah tum its wrong number let me sleep dont disturb
Shekhar; (shout) swara its 9 ur still sleeping how can u be so irresponsible swara I had told u its a big contrat ur presenting today
Swara: (shocked to her Shekhar voice nd fallen out of bed on ground)dad wohh I will be in 30 mins dad

Shekhar; come fast by 10.15 am u should be in hotel s&s (cuts the call)
swara took a breath nd about to get up in a while for her shock
swara:(saw sanskar shirtless nd seen her cloths on floor nd shocked nd shouted )sanskarrrrrrr how dare u wt the hell u did
she is completely shocked to find herself in sanskars shirt nd remembered his words he told on yesterdays game
sanskar ;(smiles)gud mrg swara,u know its my lifes beautiful night i had spended
swara;(tensely)it means u really crossed ur limits
sanskar:(winks at her)ha dont u remember ,u and mee the whole ngt ur really beautiful its awesome
swara;(she closes her face with her hands)oh no sanskar plz be serious i cant trust it
Sanskar:(teasingly) I am serious swara I never thought that ur that much romantic
Swara:(shocked) is it really true i had not remembered anything oh noo ,how can u do this
sanskar:(comes close to her nd holds her shoulder romantically) if u want we will do it once more to remain u wt u say haa ,i know u dont trust mee oka listen u told that i was a flirt nd womanizer na so i made it true see i had only changed u this shirt too

swara;(shocked tears roll from her eyes )how can u do this sanskar ! how can u, u told that u love mee i was ur frnd from my childhood how can u do this sanskar ans mee (she shouted)
sanskar:(holded by her wasit )wts wrong i did wt u blamed i turned real thats it no flirt will leave girl when he got chance to romance naa wt u say
swara:(pushed him nd covered her legs in comforter)dont u dare to touch mee
sanskar;(teasingly)y ur covering now i had seen everythingggg clearly
Swara;(shocked)sanskar are u serious promise on mee nd say

Sanskar;ha sure promise I have seen u completely
Swara;(started crying loudly as a kid) hoo god till now i had watched only cartoons nd not even watched one ‘A ‘rated movie but this man did it oh noooooo wt i should do now
Sanskar;(with a smile)don’t worry dear i will not leave u we will get married I will speak with ur dad u don’t worry(picking her cheeks)
Swara;(pushes him on floor)get away from mee nd don’t u dare to touch me back ,I will kill u sanskar
Sanskar : Oka give me my shirt then i will go

Swara :(shocked)wtt How can i haa dont u have brain
Sanskar: (moves close to swara )u only told na u don’t want me so y my shirt ha(he opened the neck button of shirt)
Swara :(shocked nd pushed him) hoo yes i dont want u but its my shirt only i had only gifted u na so i cant give now get out of my sight
sanskar; no way u had gifted then its mine only how can go give me my shirt i will go or else
swara;(tensed) ha or else

sanskar ; wt happened yesterday night i will say it to ur dad
swara;(shocked ) sanskar how can u say such thing to dad how shameless ur
sanskar; (moved towards her) i am shamless ha
swara; ha urrrr
sanskar ;(about to say something but ragini arrived)
ragini ; kya horii yahaa y u both always keep on fighting
swara; (runs towards ragini nd hugs her )di u know wt sanskar did last night
ragini; (shocked) wt he did swara
swara ; (cried) he had crossed his limit with mee dii
ragini; (shocked looked towards sanskar ,nd sanskar winks at her) how u know ,who told u
swara; (pout face )this sanskar only said
ragini ; no swara cool nothing happened like that he just kidding
swara; (shocked )then who changed my dress
ragini; its mee i had only changed bcoz u had been wetted in rain so
****** flashback last night *******

(sanskar places her on bed nd kissed her on forhead which made swara tensed nd holded his shirt tight sanskar wiped her tears nd slowly kissed her cute brown eyes )
Sanskar lens towards swara lips to kiss here but he came in sense nd turned a side
Sanskar; ( to himself)wt are u doing sanskar she is out of sense but ur in na control urself u can do all this but not in this state but ,can do with her OWN will nd in sense
(he about to getup but he found swara still holding his shirt even in sleep also he slowly tries to remove the grip meanwhile Ragini arrived
ragini;(shocked to see both wet)wt u both doing y u both are wet nd y ur shirt teared
sanskar;ntg ur sister wanted water so she went into rain u change her clothes or else she my get fever as she is shivering now only
ragini;ha but we dont have any clothes here na
sanskar;(went out nd brought his shirt which he removed in evg )were it ,by mrg her clothes may dry then we will go home nd u sleep her i will leave )
Ragini; wait butt wt about u ,ur also wet na
Sanskar:i have brain i can use it but u sister don’t have so u help her don’t worry about mee
Sanskar;(went to washroom nd took out hand dryer nd dried his pant)
ragini changed her dress into sanskars shirt nd place a comforter nd made here sleep in mean while sanskar came in with a towel on his top with covered his tattoo
sanskar; u stay her with her mee nd lucky will sleep in next room
lakshya;(excusing)bhai if u dont mine u be with swara plz we need to go to hospital its an emergency case to attend

sanskar;(shocked )how can i stay with her that to in this state
ragini;i trust u sanskar i dont know y u both stopped talking from last 2yrs but i know u really care for her ,u can handle by mrg we will be back we will get ur dresses too
raglak leave from there
sanskar:(in mind)u dont trust me but ur sister does woww ,i know u love mee i will make u realise nd accept the truth that u love mee
(he sleep in sofa by starting at her whole ngt )
sanskar;(understood she again misunderstood but he decided to play a prank in mrg)
************* flashback ends *******

swara;(taken a breath felt happy turned towards sanskar)u the hell i used to die out of heart attack will anyone play such stupid jokes
(started hiting him with pillow both are busy in fighting again)
sanskar; (got hold on her went on her top nd holded her hands)as i had played a prank on u on that night i had done same prank on kavitha just for to create hatred towards mee
swara; (speechless as he is so close to her she is thinking about kavitha )
ragini;(seeing there position)ahem ahem if ur romance is completed go to office it 9.45am
sanskar:(got up and about to leave)
swara; dii then y ur not in mrg with mee
ragini;i had an surgery so lucky nd i was in hospital whole ngt
swara ;(shouted) how can u leave ur sister alone that to when she is out of sense wt happens if anything went wrong how can u trust this sanskar
sanskar; (got angry nd came back and holded swaras hand nd twisted it )i had told u millon times i was not such a cheap person to take advantage of innocent girls
swara;(pleadingly)sanskar its paining plz leave
sanskar; (shouts) its paining for mee too swara when ur blaming mee as a flirt ,i had not done anything wrong with kavitha if my intenstion is really a wrong one i may not leave her on that ngt ,just think once do ur sanskar is that much bad with only one incident (he left her nd went away)
ragini; (shocked to hear kavithas name )swara kavitha u both are fighting bcoz of kavitha ,wt happened on that night swara ans mee

swara; (took her dress)we will speak later i have to go
ragini; no i cant let u go answer me 1st
swara; no rags not now just leave mee nd dad is calling u plz answer him (she left )
ragini ;i will get ur truth out by evg swara get ready to answer me
swasan got ready nd left to s&s hotel in there respective cars
swara; (in blue jeans nd red shirt with a blazer dont forget its office meeting )
sanskar;(same combinate raglak had planed an matching)

s & s hotel,10.20am
both swasan are shocked to see both dress are matching nd shekhar nd dp are waiting for them
shekhar; how much time we have to wait swara ur 5mins late then sanskar
swara; i am sorry dad
sanskar; woh uncle acully i want to ask some thing
shekhar; ha beta wt
sanskar; dad nd u had told as about the tender if i had losted it i will work under swara for
1month if in case swara lost

shekhar; she will work under u, swara wt u say
swara; (shocked) no way i was auditor not an assitant to do whatever u say mr .sanskar
sanskar; (teasingly)leave it uncle may be she is afraid of loosing
swara; i was not afraid i will win at anycost u know its my 36th
tender which i was presenting i won 35 times i will win now also
sanskar ; acha then y cant u accept my deal
swara; (thinks for a while )ha deal
sanskar ; okay i dont need 1month u work for 1 week its enough

precap; swara fail in getting contract due to sanskar naughty plan
will she work under sanskar for 1week ?

all of u guys thankyou so so much for lots of response u gave for my teaser all of u right SANSKAR cant cross his limits without swaras acceptence for now i cant give you guarantee for my further part may be he may situation matters let it be but some of u had clearly idea on my previous part so they involved ragini its really fabulous the credit for this part -8 belongs to –

plz leave ur valuable likes nd comments below

Credit to: bhanu chowadry- --- dolly,tweety,meghs

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