TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part4

thankyou for ur response nd here is part-4
******episode starts*******
12pm swasan in office ,swara is busy in explaining the report nd sanskar is busy in starting at her ,swara knows it she wanted to disturb but left quite
it 1hour finally she spoken
swara:sanskarrr sanskar wt are u thinking
sanskar:(lost his sense nd whispered)ur really gorgeous swara
swara(:she tabs on his shoulders) excuse mee its office come out of dreams
sanskar;(he jerks comes in sense)woh ntg say mee wt
swara:i have lot of work u read this report if u have doubts u can ask mee
(she is about to leave)
sanskar:(shouts)where are u going
swara:(shocked)to my cabin
sanskar:(confusingly as he want her to stay with him ) wohh the cabin in the ac noooo the ac in ur cabin is not working so u do ur work in my cabin only i had already brought ur files her (he shows a cardboard full of files)

swara:(understood his intention)acha anyway i dont need all this i just need my laptop thats it (she sat on the sofa in front of him )
sanskar:(in mind)wa sanskar ur really great u made her to be with u waa (nd kept starting at her again
swara:(nervously in mind )wt happened to him y he is continually starting at mee(trying to do her work she saw a cockroach on the files )nd shouted ahhhhhhhhh
sanskar;(got up nd went towards her)wt happened y ur shouting
swara:(hugs him nd hides her face in his blazer)sanskar plz take that cockroach from her plz plz
sanskar:(hugs her tightly )dont worry its gone look at it
swara:(tensedly)no i dont want to see anything just leave
dp & shekhar comes to cabin by hearing shout of swara nd sees swasan position nd got embarrassed
dp:ahem ahem wts happening
swasan:(totally embarrssed moved away)woh cockroach saw swara nooooooo swara saw cockroach papa so she is afraid
dp; we need to speak with u both about a tender come to my cabin(nd left)
swasan moved on his back to his cabin
swara;uncle say mee what tender it is
dp:swara nd sanskar we to get a govt.tender worth 100cr nd u both should participate nd the person who will win will get 10% on tender value as remuniration
sanskar;i was not interested
swara:i was very much interested (as she need money for her ngo)
dp :u both should participate
indivualy thats final

sanskar;(teasingly)if we both fail in it
dp;(in angrytone)then u will be swaras assistant from the very next day did u get it .now u both visit the site nd get ready with ur tender amounts
sanskar:(shocked)oh no how can i (looks at swara)
both left to site in sanskars car saw the site nd about to return there are u guys near there car
swara is coming towards the car nd sanskar is following her at some distance
guy1:(looking at swara)arey yar look at the red saree girl she is so hot
guy2:arey ha her boyfrnd is so lucky to have such a hot girl ah
swara;(tears fall from her eyes about to move but by seeing the guys she stoped
sanskar;(heard all this nd burned out but moved to words swara nd holded her by shoulder)come on swara we have work let go to office
swara;(shocked in her mind)they are teasing mee but this sanskar is not even caring such a man he is anyway he is of sametype na
sanskar:(closes the car door by making swara sit)swara i had forgot my keys inside i will come u be here dont get down
swara;(sitting in car nd thinking all the incidents nd she suddenly heard a shout nd got down nd shocked to see)
sanskar is hitting the guys brutally nd took a drilling machine
sanskar;(angrily placed the drilling machine near guys neck ) now u say me she is hot or this machine
swara;(trys to stop sanskar)wt are u doing just leave them sanskar plz leave
sanskar;(pushes her nd again started hitting them with his feet )
swara;(angrily dragged sanskar nd slapped him)what are u doing will u kill them sanskarrr ahh
sanskar:(angrily) ha i will i cant see anyone bad mouthing u swara i cant
swara;acha u had also commented lot of girls na wt u spoke with kavitha on that ngt
sanskar:(pulls her towards him by twisting her hand to her back)swara i had told u million time i was not a flirt look at my eyes nd say mee am i flirt but ur not ready to trust mee then y u asked my dad to bring me back to mansion ans mee swara
swara:(tries to move away)its hurting leave sanskar .nd auty is very worried about u so i asked thats it
sanskar:(angrily)wt ever in this whole world only i have right to comment or irritate or do anything with u i cant torent when anyone do so, i will kill them( nd leaves her nd both left to mansion)
in ngt sanskars room is is crying bitterly by remembering todays incident nd stood near window by starting towards swaras balcony
on otherside swara is also thinking bad that she had slapped sanskar when he helped her she wanted to say sorry so she went to his room
swara;(slowly peeped into sanskars room nd saw him stating towards her balcony)excuse mee
sanskar:(weeps his tears nd sees her)swara tum yahaa?
swara;woh i had came to say….

swara;woh i am sry i should not have slapped u soo
sanskar:wtt i had not heard wt ur saying repeat for once
swara;(angrily)i am sorry now u heard na happy
sanskar:(happily)i was very happy in my lifes 1st time i heard sorry from u meri janmaa safal ho gaya
swara;(sees his hand bleeding )sanskar its bleeding but u left it in such a way (she runs to take firstaid box nd did first aid)
sanskar;(saw tears on her eyes by seeing his pain)swara its a small one y ur crying
swara;just shut up (she completes it nd about to go)gud ngt sanskar
sanskar:swara sunoooo(he goes to his cupboard nd bring a box nd gives it to her
swara;(fearfully)not again sanskar this time i will really kill u
sanskar:its real gift i had brought you from us that to with my earning specally for u
swara;(takes nd opens its a beautiful diamond necklaces)sanskar its beautiful but its expensive wt need to do that much for mee
sanskar;(happily)i can do that much to my childhood frnd na
swara;(feels happy that sanskar had feeling for her )thankyou sanskar for saving mee in mrg (she left)
Swara:in her room thinking is sanskar is as my old frnd or not

precap;raglak confession nd sanskar proposes swara will she accept or not…………..?

keep liking nd commenting ur views

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  5. Hey your ff is really very much interesting and
    Pleasa someone give me some idea of this pic i mean from which epi she had her pic.

    1. thankyou nd pic is from dec14,2015 episode

      1. Plz post nxt epi here r in fb…

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