TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part3

i happy for ur response thankyou so much here is part-3 of tu meri mannat

********episode starts*********
mitra mansion 6.30pm
swara had getting ready to attend the business party ,she is not interested in the party but she is very much nervous to face sanskar
she got ready nd taken her car keys nd left to venue
sanskar ,dp,Shekhar had already reached the venue nd sanskar is seriously waiting for swara
finally swara had arrived in red long fork with lose hair nd a cute smile on her face sanskar is totally lost in her beauty
dp: swara beta we are all waiting for u come nd join as (he introduces her to some business persons )
swara:(in thoughts)y this sanskar is starting at mee in such a way i should go nd talk to him or not ?anyway y should I (nd turns towards away )
sanskar:(in thought)why is she not talking is she still angry on mee oh noo wt i should doo now (he gets an idea nd goes towards priya swaras pa )
sanskar;hi priya how are u ,nd whats up (swara is observing all this)
priya:hi sir ,nice to meet u
sanskar:not sir u can call mee sanskar or sanky as ur wish but not sir oka i cant listen such word from beautiful girl like u(he started flirting with her which made swara irritate )
priya;thankyou sir (they both went on speaking swara got angry nd came to sanskar)
swara:sanskar i need to talk to u
sanskar:say mee her i was busy so i cant come out
swara :(signs priya to go)wt the hell u think mr.sanskar wt ur doing her
sanskar;(innocently)ntg swara ntg i was just talking thats it
swara; (looks angrily) achaa ,y u always flirt with girls dont u have any work anyway i dont mine its a public place so behave yourself
sanskar:y are u feeling jealous(winks at her)
swara:noway y i will u nd mee are just frnd that to 2yrs back now ur ntg for mee (says in angry tone nd moves away)
sanskar:(her words hurted him alot in thoughts)how can u say that swara wt feeling i have are only for u not for any girl in this world i only want u in my life but i dont know how to prove myself
swara:(cries nd in mind) i know sanskar u may got hurten but i had got lot of pain by seeing u flirting with other girls i dont know y its hurting but it hurts alot

a person is coming toward swara in black blazer ng blue jeans
person:hi swara mitra this is sathvik varma nice to meet u(sathvik varma is an important person in upcoming track)
swara;(hides her tears nd turns with a smile)nice to meet u mr.sathvik
sathvik:i have heard a lot about u thats very great
swara:thanks alot but i was not that much great i was as normal
sathvik;(he is very much interested in swara so he kept on speaking )
sanskar:(saw both sathvik nd swara who are talking happily nd got angry went towards swara )
sanskar:(place his hand from back around swara’s waist )swara darling u know from how much time i was searching for u nd who is this
swara:(shocked by his touch tried to remove his hand but his grip is tight)sanskar wt ur doing ,he is sathivik new ceo of varma groups nd sathvik he is sanskar maheswari
sathvik:(shocked by sanskars closeness towards swara)nice to meet u sanskar i have some work nd he leaves
swara:wt the hell is this! its so embrassing, wt he may thinked about as (tensedly)
sanskar:i dont mine what he thing nd remember u cant flirt with anyone that to infornt of mee
swara:correction mr. sanskar maheswari i wont flirt with anyone i was always committed i will love only one nd i marry the one whom i loved nd flirt with him only i was not cheap as u (in angry tone)
sanskar: (hurted nd understood wt the opinion she has on him) swara just listen to mee plz trust me ntg happended in b/w mee nd kavitha on that night i really dont mean it swara
swara; (angrily)acha i had heard all ur words with my ears nd now ur saying u dont mean it nd whatever leave it ,its my time waste to speak with u (she walked away)
sanskar;(follows her in pleasing) swara plz listen just for once plz
(he holds her nd drags her with a force towards him ,by the force swara’s had fallen on sanskars shoulder which lead a peck on his shoulder where a lipstick mark had left but both are unaware of it)

swara;(shocked )wt are u doing its a party dont spoil it leave me (she pushed him nd moved away nd sanskar is speechless nd left in tears as swara is not willing to trust him)
sanskar;(in thoughts)swara plz listen to mee i was not a flirt nd i dont have any interest on Kavitha
both swasan are in there own world everyone in perty are about to leave nd dp had seen the lipstick mark on his collar nd moved towards sanskar in angry
dp;(angry tone)sanskarr i had warned u not to repeat ur stupid activities but u still flirting with girls its disgusting
sanskar:(shocked nd confused)no dad wt are u saying nd wt i had did
dp; wts the mark on ur shirt who the girl u got newly to date .i had warned u but u still being so shameless
sanskar;(remembers the incident of swara but left quite)dad woh woh
swara listening everything nd she is thinking y he is not saying my name
dp; say me who is she ans mee who is she (angrily)
sanskar;dad i cant say u the name just leave it if u wanna punish u can, but trust me i was not a shameless as u think i was also a royal person
swara;uncle woh the mark on his shirt is becoz of mee ,actually accidentally i had fallen down he helped mee, in the process it happened (embarrassed)
dp;i am sorry beta for misunderstanding u y cant u say it first
sanskar: woh i cant let a girl name in such things na
swara;( felt happy by his rly nd in thoughts)is sanskar really royal or not but wt about kavitha incident
all left to mansion after the party
next mrg 9am both swasan got ready to office ,swara in red saree nd lose hair. swara had work in raglak hospital so she went to m&m hospital
in office sanskar is waiting for swara got irritated by her absences
he took his phone nd called swara number
in m&m hospitals swara saw the call but before answering ragini took the phone nd kept on speaker
sanskar;(angrily)ms.swara u have not visiting to our company from last 4days there are lots of files in pending,is it a manners ,someone told me to be professional but they forgot for themselfs due to absences we are wasting our valuable time too
swara;(angrily)oh mr.sanskar i second i had done all my work in home only in this 3days all ur company files are checked by mee i know wt my duties nd u not needed to remaind mee about them ,i was about to come in hour but i dont know y ur reacting this much

sanskar:acha come fas i have lot of doubts dad told to get clarification from u
swara:i will be in an hour
sanskar:no way right now ,i can waste one more hour,its my order (nd cuts the call)
swara:wt he think of himself,he is ordering mee swara mitra ko order karege i should teach him a lesson
ragini:(smile)acha swara u can see my files later u go first to him he will die if ur late
swara:wt y should i go! are u serious dii
ragini:ha go there may be some thing important
swara:ok i will cu later (she leaves to sanskars office)

its 11am sanskars office
swara had reached office all staff are mesmerised nd feel happy by her visit as they missed her from last 4 days every one started prasing her
sanskar:(seen everything nd mesmerised by seeing her as its his 1st time to see swara in saree )swara u had came late nd now ur chitchatting again
swara:(angrily)mr.sanskar i was on time i was not a ordinary staff to be by 10,i was a auditor i can come nd go when ever i want
sanskar:(angrily) everyone do ur work its office not a shopping mall nd u ms.swara come to my cabin i need to spek to u
swara:(follwed him to cabin)say we wt doute u have
sanskar :i need a review of our perview year annual reports
swara took the file nd sat beside sanskar nd started explaining him but sanskar is busy in staring at her continuously lost in her beauty
episode ends

precap;swasan cut hug nd swara slaps sanskar

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