TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part2

wowww thanks for ur awesome response thankyou so much i dont wanna waste an mintue here is part-2
********episode starts ************
early morning 7am ,
swara had woken up nd got ready for office in blue jeans nd red shirt as she got a call she came to her balcony nd attended the call
mean while sanskar got out of bed nd got mesmerised to sees
swara from his window keeps on starting her
swara got signs nd she looked towards sanskars room but sanskar hides in curtain later sanskar goes to freshup ,swara observes it nd get a idea (with naughty smile)
swara:(in thoughts) u will pay for irritating me yesterday mr.sanskar u will
swara comes to Maheshwari’s mansion nd peeps to sanskars room nd changed the perfume with red paint spray nd hidden herself behind the door
sanskar came out shirt less ,by seeing him she closes her eyes nd thinks shameless ha this sanskar from childhood

sanskar wheres a white shirt nd blue jeans its already 9am in hurry he had not seen perfume bottle properly nd sprays the paint spray ,his white shirt turned red
sanskar:(he sees his shirt in angry he shouts) swara ke bachi i will not leave u
(swara comes out from the door nd laughs loudly by seeing his expressions)
swara: woh actually na sanskar i had missed my hoil to celebrate with u so i had decided to celebrate now. ha wt u say happy hoil (she rans laughing from there nd sanskar runs to catch her they had ran whole mansion everyone are starting at them but they both are busy in fighting )
ap; it has been 2yrs to see such a happiness on there faces
dp: ha annapurna i was very happy that there are as old
(by seeing dp & ap starring at them both sanskar nd swara had stopped chasing and both stood silent)
dp:sanskar its 9.20ur still playing go fast nd get ready to office go(in angry tone)
sanskar: jii papa 5mins( looks at swara nd sighs i will see u )
swara:(winks at him nd leaves from side door of poolside)
sanskar hides nd goes out on back of swara nd drags her to the poolside as there is lot of water on edge of pool both feel in pool
the pool is deep nd swara dont know how to swim she is about to sink nd sanskar hold her by her waist nd pulls towards him

swara:(shocked)dont take advantage bcoz of u i had fallen (she hits him)
sanskar: acha i was helping u but ur blaming that i was taking advantage ok(he leaves her nd she loses her balance nd again start sinking)
swara:(holds him tightly by his shirt)plz take me out of it fast
sanskar:acha then say sorry then only i will help u (he knows that still now she never told sry to him)
swara:(she thinks) ok first take me out then i will see
sanskar ;( he holds her tight nd placed her on the edge of pool)now u say sorry
swara:what sorry nd why sorry (she about to run but her bracelet had been stricken in sanskars chain)
sanskar :(pulls her in pool again nd pins her to the corner of pool) until u say sorry u cant go from here
swara: (tried to free from him but failed)sanskar plz leave me na u know na we have to go to office its 9.40 uncle will scold u
sanskar :(he is mesmerised to see her in such a cute pleasing expression lost his sense nd slowly pulled her towards him by her waist)
backgroung song
Moh moh..
Moh moh ke dhaage

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

swara:(speechless by his touch nd her heartbeated faster which made her to hold his shirt tighter )
sanskar kisses on her forhead nd leans towards her rosy lipsto kiss meanwhile swara remembers some past words of sanskar nd pushed him, sanskar about to say something meanwhile they heard a door sliding sound its swara’s assistant
priya:(embarrassed) sry mam woh dp sir asked me take file of varma constructions from u
swasan move away nd swara run from there nd stoped near the door
swara; priya its in my cabin u can go to office i will join later (she leaves)
sanskar is very much embarrassed nd felt bad
sanskar:(in thoughts) wt the hell ur doing sanskar actually she had a opinion that ur a flirt nd now wt she will think i need to say sorry to her nd he leaves nd got ready nd went to office
swara;in room she is remembering the mrg incident nd been restless she dont even had dare to face him lot of awkwardness
its 12.pm swara in mm her phone rang its dp
dp:swara beta where are u sanskar i had told u na we had meeting then y ur late
swara:(tensely)woh uncle acually my health is upset so i was sleeping
dp: what happened beta are u 5n did u called the doctor wait we are coming
swara; no uncle not needed just head ache i was 5n u continue ur meeting
sanskar is upset nd wanted to talk to swara but swara had not willing to face him so she had avoided the office nd maheswari mansion for 2 more days she told silly reasons to dp nd shekhar for her absence to office

its mrg 9.40am mitra mansion
swara is working in her laptop shekhar comes
Shekhar: swara are u coming to office
swara:(tensely) no dad i was going to our hospital i have a meeting there
shekhar:swara beta is everything ok y ur avoiding sanskar
swara:(shocked) no dad i had work so i was not coming to office thats it
shekhar:do as ur wish i dont want to know wt happended b/w u both past 2yrs but dont involve personal thing to profession any way i trust sanskar nd today ngt we have a business party u have to come get ready sharp 7pm
swara:(hesitatingly)no dad i cant
shekhar:its our business party specially organised to introduce sanskar as new director u are coming nd that’s final u have to attend it nd from 2mmrow u should come nd attend all the meeting along with sanskar .

swara:(in thoughts) wow mr.sanskar bcoz of u i was losing my profession .i dont know y ur irritating me in thoughts too ,nd anyway ur a flirt then y i am taking u seriously ha!

precap:swara in red long frok nd lose hair in party nd sanskar is mesmerised
………………….. swasan burns out of jealous,swasan nhokjhok

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