TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part18


part-18 of tu meri mannat

recap; swara got her mu clear nd swaras plan backfire

*************episode starts*******

sanskar: (he hugged her tight) i will give u rest now come(throwed her on bed)

swara: (shocked to see his reaction) wt u gone doo ha

sanskar: (removed his blazer nd picked his tie out nd throwed on floor) i was just giving u rest yar stay cool

swara phone rings sanskar drags it from her hand nd lifts its priya

priya ; mam where are u i was waiting in office

sanskar ; ur boss nd her boss are in important conference today we are busy u do ur work will see cu 2mmrow if ur boss had any energy left (cutted the call)

swara: (nervous nd shouts) stop right there i will shout if do anything now

sanskar: (teasingly) acha shout i will see who will come apke mom nd meri mom went to shopping they will be back by ngt 9 still then no one can save u

swara: (nervous) sanskar no i am sry its my mistake i had lied for u plz forgive mee now .i will never repeat it again wt ever u say i will do (pleasingly holded her ears)

sanskar : no way i may forgive for ur stupid prank but i can leave u for cheating me by speaking to sathvik ah (opened his shirt hand buttons nd folded it up)

swara ; sanskar its 2much its just a one mistake leave me na

sanskar : acha take back ur resignation letter i will forgive you (swara throwed pillow on him)

swara ; (shouted)its not fair sanskar i wont do it even u die

sanskar; acha ok ur wish come then where ur running (took a packet from his wallet )

swara; (excitingly) sanskar wts this chocolate ha give it naa

sanskar: idiot ur a auditor nd dont u know wts this

swara; its not in my syllabus say na wts that

sanskar; its not a choclate its mint nd dont u know difference between a chocolate nd a mint

swara ; but u dont like mint na y this now

sanskar:(blushes) ha i dont like but u like na 1st time i was crossing limits na soo

swara;(shocked nd started crying loud like as kid) sanskar its cheating na if u had not cheated mee on that tender day i never used to resign u know ,u know how much i felt bad with dad words

sanskar: i had done cheating ahh (moved towards her)

swara ; ha u had did u cheater (threwed another pillow)

sanskar ; ok i cheated u once u cheated me once our account is balanced i will give u a chance we will play chess now if u win i will leave u today i dont say any single work to u ,if u fail i will do what ever i want ,deal ah

swara; (pout face)u should not cheat again

sanskar ; ha sure
swara ; oka deal

(both took the chess board sanskar sat on bean bag nd swara on bed nd placed the board on bed in b/w them started playing

1st game ; swara lost it

swara ; sanskar we will play 2 more games the majority win is win oka

2nd game; swara won

swara ; i won na let go u do ur work i will do mine

sanskar ; rules are rules play the 3rd later will see who will win

3rd game ; swara knows sanskar is going to win so she pushed the chess board in last move

sanskar; u cheater i know u will do it swara now u lost i won u will pay for it

swara ; oh hello game is not over sanskar babu accidentally it fallen wt can i do come we will play one more if u want

sanskar; (moved towards her ) ha we will play a love game now come

swara; (shocked) no way i had not lost leave na

sanskar; how can i leave u yar ,i had wanted to give a chance but u wasted it by doing one more mistake(moved to wards the bed )

swara; sanskarrr i will kill u if u come near mee(moved back on bed she got up nd started running nd sanskar chasing her )

sanskar; stop right there swara (swara was throwing things on him)

swara; noway mr.sanskar i know wt will be if i stop

sanskar;(holded her nd both fell on bed ) now say wt u gone do swaraaa

swara; (nervous in low voice) wohh if u leave i will go to office

sanskar; acha really (he caused tickles on her feets which made swara laugh both are started fighting with pillows they finally got tried after 2 hrs its 9.10pm sanskar holded her both hands firmly nd pushed her on bed he is on her side leaned towards her ear in whispered ” i had missed all this silly fights from 2yrs ”

swara ; mee too sanskar

sanskar ; ha swara i love you swara

swara; acha get up now, ur so heavy

sanskar; how can i leave with out punishing u ha

swara; sanskar plz leave na

sanskar; come we will take a selfie
swara; no i wont
sanskar; plz come na one selfie
swara; oh k (gave a pose)
sanskar; thankyou now come
swara; y u took a selfie now

sanskar; (blushes hard) woh acually its 1st time for u nd me to cross limits na so i was making every moment special nd memerable bcoz 1st will be only once na we have to show this slfie to our kids na

swara;(pushed him) pagal hogai kya wt u think of ur self ah i dont want to cross ok nd i dont want any kids to go get lost

sanskar; but i want na

swara; (angrily) sanskar stop it or else

sanskar;(tightened his grip on her waist) ha or else .wt u have can do ha u cant oppose me swara .now just keep quite or else you will pay double

swara;(pushed him nd got down from bed) stop it i wont torrent all this

sanskar; (teasingly) dont make mee wait swara . the much u hesitate the much u will feel ,stop running

swara; (throwed her watch ) no i wont stop 1st u catch me later will see who will pay

sanskar ; ur challenging me ah (he started chasing her nd finally held her hand nd pulled towards him) i won again

swara; (dull face) u won ok leave me then

sanskar; u really want me to leave i will leave at one option only

swara ;(excitedly) ha wt say fast

sanskar ; u kiss me then i will leave

swara; (shocked) wtt noway i wont do

sanskar; ok then i will kiss u then ,remember swara if u kiss only one kiss or else u know if i start it ,there will be no end this time i will complete everything

swara ; (shocked nd moved back) sanskar no plz leave na i cant do soo

sanskar; (holded her by waist nd pulled towards him both are on there knee’s on bed he held her so tight no even left a space b/w them) u wont come i will show u

swara ; ( (she tryied to push him nervous )no sanskar stop there plz

sansakar; he moved his nose on swaras nape with made swara blushed nd laugh out of tickles

swara; sanskat stop it i will kiss u

sanskar; wow really thats like my girl

swara; close ur eyes 1st

sanskar; y closing eyes u kiss na

swara; u want kiss na then close i cant kiss u like this so plz

sanskar ; (sanskar slowly leaned to words her lips as usall swara turned her face out of blushing swara slowly kissed his cheeks nd pushed him )swara its cheating i wont leave u

swara; no cheating u asked a kiss i gave it nd get out now

sanskar; acha i will show u wait (he pulled her on bed )

swara; (nervous) its 9 mom will come plz stop it

sanskar; let them come (he kissed her forhead nd slowly kissed her ear nd he kissed her cheeks nd slowly moved towards her eyes as swara closed so tight he kissed her eye swara holded his shirt tight out of blushing sanskar leaned towards her lips about to kiss but he stopped by a shout

ap:(shouts) sanskarrr

sumi ; swara

ap nd sumi are shocked to see all the mess in room nd there position as swasan on eachother

swara;(still sanskar is on her top) sanskar mom i told u na now wt u will do ha (hitted him on his chest)

sanskar; (whispered ) see wt i will

both moved away sanskar took the remote beside him nd winked at swara

sanskar; i want the remote

swara ;no its mine i wont (both started fighting again by plucking it)
ap; stop it wt u both are doing

sanskar; woh woh we are fighting

swara; (innocently) ha aunty we are just fighting
sumi; for wt ur fighting

sanskar ; (thought for while ) remoteee ah tv remote

swara; (pout face)ha we are really fighting for remote

ap; in this 2 mm u have 7tv’s y ur fighting for this tv only ahh nd sanskar u had tv in ur room also na

sanskar;no i want this tv only

sumi; acha ok but its AC remote na

swasan shocked nd relised there lie had caught both dont know wt to answere swara looked towards sanskar in angry nd she took the ph

swara; (started acting ) hello mr sharma

sanskar ; sharma not varma is our partner

swara ; (gave a angry look) sharma ,varma all this is my karma (she runned to terrace out of embarresment)

sanskar; (embarresed) maa we are really fighting maa just fight

ap nd sumi ; did we asked u anything

sanskar ; (noded a noooooooo nd left to terrace to cool swara)

ap; sumi are we are thinking to pair raglak but this 2 are also ready to its better keep a eye on them

sumi ;(smiles) ha annapurna we have to know wts there b/w them

precap; swasan silly romantic fight nd swara 2nd day of office

guys i am sry for short update i was busy so i could not write much nd sry i wrote this part in hurry i had not even read once

plz leave ur comments below all the silent readers u too

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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