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recap; swasan nhok jhoks nd sanskar got irritated by sathvik presence swasan romance

*********episode starts*********


ragini; (naughty smile) it means ur really romancing dont worry there is no camera i just kidding to know truth

swara; stop it i was in office i had work

ragini ; acha with sanskar ahh so u had skipped my office too

swara; no i have my own work sanskar the hell

sanskar; (holds her from neck which made swara struck)

ragini; ek bhar sanskar ko phone do

sanskar; ha rags (he took a pic of cotton nd started doing first aid to swara as her side of neck is bleeding nd swollen by his bite

ragini; dad told mee about kerala tour wt u say u guys are interested or not mee nd lucky are on cloud 9 at we had dream to visit kearla swara to love it na what u say

sanskar; ha ok i will come u ask swara what she will say (he placed the cotton on bitten area swara shouts out of pain”ouch sanskar wt ur doing its paining u stupid”

ragini : (teasingly) u both are busy in romancing how can u answer me ha u continue i will speak later

swara; (panic with ragini words) no rags ntg like it he just irritating mee

sanskar: stop it both i was doing first aid thats it (he hugged swara from back nd placed his hand on her waist to make swara clam to do his first aid )

ragini ; (teasingly) oh i see u had only biting nd ur only doing first aid too wow

swara; (embarrassed) ragini plz stop it yar i cant say u anything plz stop na

ragini; ok swara answer me swara will come to Kerala or not

swara;(speechless as sanskar hand is on her waist ) woh wohh

ragini; woh woh kya bolna yes or not

sanskar; she told yes , u both get ready we had a work so bye

ragini; (teasigly) i know ur so busy naaaaa

sanskar : u better keep quite or else

ragini: or elsee ah wt u will doo

sanskar: i will call to lucky nd i will say him that “ragini is very free now she told that she wanna seduce u ”

swara : (pushed him out by listening his words with rags )

ragini:(shocked nd tensed) stop it sanky how can u say such things ah

sanskar: ha i will now ,u to had work na or else shall iiiii

ragini ; no i have a urgent case to attend bye(she cutted the call)

swara; sanskarrrr plz leave mee i have to go

sanskar; acha where u wanna go see u asked mee a leave to go kerala now i myself coming with u the 4days also u will be working under mee (winked at her)

swara; i need go to veterinary hospital as ur bites are more horrible then dogs so i need vaccination

sanskar; acha u say me a animal it means u deserve more punshiment naa

swara; (about to shout but controlled ) sanskarrr e kya punishments hai its irritating mee alot i cant do it

sanskar; i will reduce ur punishments in return i want u to take back resignation letter do it then

swara; (pushed him) wt the hell i wont if i stop resigning u will irritate my whole life its better to end in week (she about to leave)

sanskar: (holded her hand nd pulled towards him) then where ur going let mee continue my punishment then

swara; (shocked) stop it i was feeling hungry its lunch time too plz let mee go

sanskar: oka i was also hungry ,come we will go out for lunch

swara;(shout) wtttt out no way i dont have interest

sanskar; (shouts) wt do u have any option ? u have to do whatever i say thats it just come with me or else u remembered wt happened from last 1hr nd u had done ur 3mistakes if u do 4th i will do something new which i never did before u know wt it means(winked at her)

swara;( thought for a while in mind) its better to go out or else i will die out of his punishments (nodded yes)
both left to a 7star hotel


in hotel sanskar is excited as its his 1st lunch date with swara post expressing his feelings

sanskar dragged the chair for swara nd made her sit nd he sitted infront of her

waiter: sir how can i help u

sanskar: u first ask her

waiter: maam what are liking to have

swara:(irritated already shouts ) peace of mind

waiter: sorry mam we dont have that item in our menu card

sanskar:(laughs aloud) get 2 MEALS nd get a choclate ice cream with rosted kaju only kaju

waiter: thankyou sir i will get it in mintue nd left

swara is surprised to know that sanskar still remembered all her likes nd dislikes

sanskar: swara be normal na y ur so irritated let be like frnds before ahh

swara: (shouts) acha frnd u will do romance with ur frnds also ahh

sanskar: frndship can be turn into love na ur my only love swara

swara: (surprised nd she looked into his eyes both had a cute eye lock)can i ask u something sanskar u should say truth

sanskar; anything for u

swara; y u did that with kavitha on that ngt

sanskar: (looked into her eyes) if i say the truth will u trust mee

swara is silent about to say yes but sanskar stopped her

sanskar ; i will ask u few thing u will know ur answere without my explaination

point 1 ; u know me from child the day u born na u had ever seen mee close to any other girl except u nd rags .i dont even know any girl name in my class also as i always used to be out of my class

point 2: its my 1st call to kavitha on that more i never called her before i used to speak to her only in ur presence i had not even gave a shakehand to her still that date
what i did with kavitha is just a prank bcoz i know that she is increasing feeling for me so to destroy it i did so i wanna say it to u on that mrg only but ur busy

point3: wt i did on our bday ngt nd from last few days are my true feelings for u swara i never did this before in my life bcoz ur my love ,ur my life tu meri mannat hai swara now u think well u will get ur answere

swara: (in mind) wt ever sanskar said is true he never did anything in my absence only on that ngt he did it means its really a prank wowwwww sanskar is mine he loves only meeee yahoooooooooooooo swara dont say yes to him now let him wait ahhh (she is in cloud nine )

sanskar ; wt ur thinking eat na

swara ; ha sanskar come y cant u share this ice cream with mee

sanskar;(surprised) are u serious swara

swara; ha sanskar have it na (she feed him with a spoon )

swara phone rings its sathvik by seeing the name takes call fast before sanskar noticing it

swara: (started acting) hello sath i mean satyaa how are u after a long timeee

sathvik: swara its mee sathvik yar

swara; HA i know bolo nd u know i had been out for lunch with sanskarrrrr u know sanskarrrrr

sathvik; k understood y this sanskar is behaving so odd ha

swara:(smiles) we will discuss it later na 1st u say y u called mee

sathvik: ur dad told that u all are coming to Kerala our flight is at 8.40pm ngt i will on (swara got up nd came a side )

swara:(shouts) ok direct fight only na

sathvik: cool yar it will be awesome u will love it nd i had planned 2surprises for u

swara: (whispers) awesome ness baad ma do ! yar sanskar is with mee how can i love anything else

sathvik: wttt wt he will do i will be with you only na it would be great nd y this sanskar is always irritating u ,i know very well he had cheated nd won the tender how shameless he is

swara;(shouts in angry) how dare u to speak about my sanskar just mine ur words

sathvik: (shocked to hear her angry words as its 1st time he saw her angry) i am sry swara actually i thought so out of frustration i said it i am sorry

swara;(felt bad for shouting ) woh mee to sry acually i dont want anyone blaming him for anything that too for mee nd its my mistake i had not prepared well for that tender so i lost it but he did it well so he won as per our deal i have to be his PA so i was doing .he is a good person but he always take everything funny so u may felt so

sathvik: oh i see i had not spoken too him much so i may dont know him much

swara: we are coming to kerala na u will know him much better ok we will speak in later bye (cuts the call)

sanskar: (looks towards swara in doute ) swara eat na

swara: (smiles) ha she is my best frnd from clz days now she called me after a longggggggggg timeeeee

sanskar: swaraa did i ask u anything then y u answered mee

swara: (realised wt she did) woh woh u will ask na so i said it thats it (both completed there lunch)

sanskar: ok shall we leave (felt fishy)

swara: ha (they both went out towards the car)

swara (in mind) i need to go office again he will definitely do something and again punish mee i have to do something to stop it (naughty idea nd started acting)

swara holded her head ” ouch sanskar sunooo my head is paining my eyes are revolving i was feeling like i may fall in sec”

sanskar: (holded her) oo no swara come sit in the car 1st we will go home

swara : (dull face innocently) ha sanskar but we have work in office naa how

sanskar: (caringly) its ok swara u can do 2mmrow u need rest 1st


they both left to mm

sanskar:( got down nd opened door for swara) careful swara (he brought her to room nd left

swara:(smiles inner ) thankyou so much sanskarrrr

as soon as sanskar left the room swara throwed her jaket on floor nd started jumping on bed with happiness she trowed the pillows messed her room with her victory nd shoutsss in excitement

otherside sanskar found her phone in his car nd again went towards swaras room in meanwhile he get a idea to call priya in swaras ph he checks her call list nd finds satya is sathvik

in swaras room,
swara is still in party mood sanskar entired from back

sanskar:(shocked to see) swara wts this u told u have headache then how ur so happy now ahh

swara: (shocked to find sanskar ) woh woh sab chodo y u came back

sanskar: ur ph u left in car see nd u made me fool out of ur acting u will pay for it swara (moved towards her)

swara: ooo no i had head ache really also i read in book if we jump our head ache will be reduced u know it is called jumpology

sanskar: wt the hell it is nd u spoked with that stupid sathvik in hotel that too by hiding from me u lied to mee

swara:woh u saw my call list dont u know its personal

sanskar: i told u ,ur mine then wt is personal in b/w

swara: i don’t think so

sanskar: (holded her hand) acha come lets go to office

swara: no office i was not feeling well i need rest

sanskar: (he hugged her tight) i will give u rest now come(throwed her on bed)

swara: (shocked to see his reaction) wt u gone doo ha

sanskar: (removed his blazer nd plucked his tie out nd throwed on floor) i was just giving u rest yar stay cool

swara phone rings sanskar drags it from her hand nd lifts its priya

priya ; mam where are u i was waiting in office

sanskar ; ur boss nd her boss are in important conference 2day we are busy u do ur work will see cu 2mmrow if ur boss had any energy left (cutted the call)

sanskar moved towards swara where as swara moving back on bed

swara: (nervous nd shouts) stop right there i will shout if do anything now

sanskar: (teasingly) acha shout i will see who will come apke mom nd meri mom went to shopping they will be back by ngt 9 still then no one can save u i can do whatever i want u know

**********to be continued******

precap; swasan ka unbreakable romance which seen nd got shocked by sharmistha nd Annapurna

what u guys guess wt will happen next ?

nd next part on april 1st if i give a teaser or spoiler for next part some of u may fall out of excitement till u want i will post 2mmrow ?

plz leave ur valuable likes nd comments wink emoticon

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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