TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part16


here we go on part-16 of tu meri mannat

recap; 1st day of office to swara under sanskar , swara shocked to hear sanskar rules nd punishments

***********episode starts********

in dp cabin ,
swara; gud mrg uncle ,
dp; gud mrg beta woh actually we both are going to Calcutta for 3to 4days
swara;(shocked ) no way how can u leave that to 3days
shekhar ; swara bcoz of u only we need to go
swara; wt i did now

shekhar;u had resigned na so we have to search a new auditor so
swara; (surprised) wt dont got any auditor in Mumbai ahh
shekhar; no we want a better person then u if u stop resigning we can stop searching still then we go on
swara; noway i cant stop resigning
sanskar; okay uncle u both can leave we will take care of office wt u say swara(winked at her)
swara: (tensed) dp uncle at least u can be na here how can we handle such huge firm
dp ; sorry beta but we both need to go
swara; ok nd sathvik brothers wedding is in next week we have to attend it na
shekhar ; ha in 4to 5days we will be back nd u both attend it in Kerala
swara; no way i will go alone i dont need him
shekhar; no i won’t wanna sent u alone that to its so long do one thing u both take raglak also with u nd sathvik will come with u dont worry u all 5 plan it
sanskar; y this sathvik uncle let him go 1st na
dp ; y ur feeling that much nd he had work so he will be in mumbai only
shekar; sanskar nd swara takecare (signs something to sanskar nd sanskar winked at him)

sanskars cabin,10.30am,

swara came in nd threw the file on sofa nd started walking here nd there out of angry as everyone are supporting sanskar
swara; (to herself) what the ! dad is irritating mee nd suddenly wt happened to dp uncle he is so damn this ppl are planning something high against u swara u have to win ha .this sanskar in this week dont know what he will make mee to do that too 24/7 oo no how can i ha bolna swara anyway stay confident u have to win nd teach a lesson to this sanskar also he want mee as his assistant swara mitra ko PA banavongi na i will show u wt it will bee
meanwhile sanskar comes in in sees swara speaking to herself

sanskar; ho hello wt ur going to do ah ur planning against mee haa dont try u will fail again in return u will get punishment
swara; (turned aside ) mr… stops no sanskarrr i was not thinking anything u know i was just thinking about project
sanskar; ok go get a coffee i had not even had breakfast from mrg
swara ;(whispers) ur eating me from mrg na y breakfast for u
sanskar; i can hear ur silence also go get mee coffee fast
swara; acha sir (she left )
sanskar; (to himself) acha sanskar now u have to plan how can u make her take back resignation (swara came back)
swara; here is ur coffee can i do my work now

sanskar ; go a head i will call u if i need anything
swara sat in sofa nd started her work nd sanskar is sitting his sit nd starting swara continuously
swara; ( felt it looked towards him) y ur staring at mee
sanskar; its my wish i will do wt ever i want problem ha kya apko
swara; (shouts) its embarrassing i was unable to concentrate on my work
sanskar; acha ur shouting on mee how dare u are
swara; i was just saying not shouting mr.sanskar ( bitten her lips as she called mr.sanskar) oo noo
sanskar; (teasingly) mr.sanskar ahh 1st u shouted its ur 1mistake nd later called mr.sanskar 2nd mistake say me how can i forgive u always ha u have to pay, wt u say (he got up from his chair and started moving towards her)
swara;(nervous) no sanskarrr i did not did any mistake suno na plz
(she started moving back)

sanskar; (with a naughty smile) acha now u are defending me by saying no wah swara wah (he pinned her to wall)

swara; (tensed nd nervous) san…. sanskarrr chodona i had lot of work in pending (tried to go but sanskar blocked the way by his hands)
sanskar slowly leaned towards swara ear cleared the hair nd whispered ” my work is also pending so let mee complete 1st” he slowly placed his hand on swaras hand nd places it on his heart nd her other hand on his heart nd whispered” see swara when i was close to u, ur heartbeat rises as mine are u hearing na it says me that u also love mee ” swara closed her eyes tight sanskar removed her hand on her heart nd kissed her palm which made swara open her eyes he placed her hand on his shoulder nd whispered “ur the only most beautiful girl in this world whom i wanna kiss always ”
swara; (blushes but hides it nd looks into his brown magical eyes )
there eyes kept on speaking for a while but its disturbed by phone call its sathvik
swara;(takes the call) hello sathvik bolo
sathvik; where are u yar
swara; office only
sathvik; but i had not found u in ur cabin
swara; i was in sanskars cabin nd y ur searching for mee
sathvik ; oo i will come u be there (cutted the call)
sanskar; u violated my rule7 also (he went to close to her)
swara; (pushes him) arey are u mad he is our business partner its office not ur home behave urself
sathvik knocks the door
sanskar; come in kiy aya tum

sathvik; (shocked) wt i had came to meet swara
swara; ha sathvik bolna kya kaam hai
sathvik ; woh i need to talk something personally can u join mee for lunch
sanskar;(shouts ) no she is mine i want her
swara; (looks angry towards sanskar)
sathvik; only 1hr swara later u can do his work
sanskar ; no swara cant come she had a imp meeting what u say swara
sathvik; which meeting ha that to lunch time
sanskar; i wont say u its personal u go nd do ur work

swara; stop it sanskar let him speak
sanskar; (holds her by waist whispered) dont u dare u oppose mee still now u saw my love dont turn it wild just keep quite
swara; sathvik plz u go na we will speak later na
sathvik; (surprised with sanskars behaviour) ok bye take care (he left)
swara ; what happened to u ,wt sathvik did to you ,do u know how much bad he felt with ur behavour
sanskar;(got angry nd held her towards him by her waist) y ur feeling that much for that stupid sathvik ah i told u i dont like him still ur worried for him
swara;(trying to move away) he is my frnd sanskar so i will speak wt problem u have always. u will decide ah with whom i should speak also
sanskar :(raged with angry )pinned her to cupboard he removed her hand which is in middle nd hugged her tight nd he bited on her nape where as swara trying to get free tears rolled from her eyes out of pain “sanskar stop it ‘

sanskar; (tightened his grip)no way let me do what ever i want u deserve it
swara; (tried to push him) sanskarrrrr plz chodona its paining
sanskar: sanskar bitted her on old marks only which caused more pain to swara (swara feed out of pain but she felt that its the jealous he is showing on mee as he got hurten more)

background song
Aaj dikha de mujhe love karke
O baby bahon mein bharke
O jo bhi socha sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke..(2x)

(sanskar felt the tear drop on his shirt nd he relised he is hurting her but swara held his shirt tight out of pain nd shuted her eyes tight )

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga

(sanskar place his hand on her waist nd pulled her to close not even air passes nd kissed her nape nd sensuously started teasing her neck to make swara clam ,swara holded him tight nd waited to let him stop)

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga

both forgot the world in there romance after 15mins they got disturbed by a phone call its ragini
(sanskar took the ph nd kept in speaker)

swara; (moved a side ) ha rags bolo
ragini; (teasingly) kya kya kar rahi hu app dono office ma hai
swara; (nervous) ntg we are just doing office work
ragini ; jute math bolo we are seeing her
swara; (shocked) wt u kept a camera her also ha where u kept ha
ragini; (naughty smile) it means ur really romancing don’t worry there is no camera i just kidding to know truth
swara; stop it i was in office i had work
ragini ; acha with sanskar ahh so u had skipped my office too
swara; no i have my own work sanskar the hell
sanskar; (holds her from neck which made swara struck)

***************to be contiuned***
precap;swasan lunch swara gets clear her mu nd swara plan to skip office backfires as
sanskar caught red handed

sorry for late next part too will be late as its academic year ending office work in high
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Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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