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Hello Guyz..Thnks for the Wonderful Responses i got for My Previous Part its really awesome ,here we go on part -14 of tu meri mannat
recap;swaras pov -on bday ngt

********episode starts********

sanskars cabin sanskar is seeing swaras photos in his laptop remebering something

sanskars pov,
my mom always used to say me i always used to pinch her make her irritate from the day she had born ,but she made my life beautiful, with her existence, i dont know y i always keep on fighting with her but we used to share each nd every thing i really dont know y i tried to kiss her on our bday ngt i myself was shocked i never felt it before after the day swara asked me to do masters in us but how can go so far i cant leave her not even for a day i can i go so i said no i cant she got angry nd stopped speaking with me we used to see daily but not words are passed atmost 23days went on like that i felt bad so i decided to do masters so i had applied for admission i wanna share it 1st with swara as she is my life i never took anything serious in my life only i took one thing thats MY LOVE MY SWARA

on the day i was waiting outside of swaras college to meet her were i meet kavitha sister kavya she came towards me draged me from my bike nd slapped my hard infront of whole clz .i was dam shocked by her act i had raged with anger but i reduced it by seeing tears in her eyes i understood something is wrong from myside also so i kept quite to listen she holded my collar nd shouted in angry i had tryied to calm her down nd asked the reason

“wt ur doing here my sister is deeply loving but i know u don’t love her then y ur flirting with her ,y ur creating hopes to her ,i know u like ppl very much u rich kids use girls nd throw them on roads nd u move on with other girls.i know how cheap ur but my kavitha is innocent she dont know about ur kind of ppl so she is blindly trusting u ,she is spoiling her career by loving u ,u know how much hardwork my parents do they work for 20hrs a day to meet our daily necessities .my sister forgot them in dream of loving u . there are lots of girls in this world y ur spoiling my sisters life ha at least now u stop flirting with her nd y i am saying all this do u have any value of any relation u ppl born to play with lifes of poor ppl like as na ” by shouting she pushed me back i fallen on floor in tears i wanna share it with swara but she left busy

i felt restless after hearing kavya words bcoz whatever she told is true really i was playing with kavitha’s feelings.i was really flirting with her to irritate swara but i never got idea that kavitha will take it so serious .wt i did with kavitha is entirely wrong .i had used her feelings for my selfish motive .so i decided to correct it for my self later i had decided this plan as noone in my both mansions so i called kavitha nd asked her to come to mm .to implement my plan i had collected some selfies with my clz frnds in mrg nd started it in ngt nd acted as a womenizer infront of kavitha

what i did with kavitha is just to create hatred towards me but due to my bad luck swara saw everything nd swara to started hating mee i felt as were 100swords are drigged into mee on that second i had been unable to face swara as she dont have trust on mee so left the mansion nd shifted to us ,but us its like a hell to mee i missed swara each and every second then i realised wt the importance of swara in my life i used to fight with her always becoz i love her more them anyone in my life
after 2yrs i came back just to meet swara i had felt bad that she is still hating mee nd not trusting mee swara i wanna say u “IN VAIN I HAVE STRUGGLED.IT WILL NOT DO.MY FEELINGS WILL NOT BE REPRESSED.YOU MUST ALLOW ME TO TELL YOU HOW ARDENTLY I ADMIRE AND LOVE YOU”

but i fear of losing her i proposed her but, she rejected i felt bad .but i felt happy when i saw her crying in car. its my life’s best moment the tears of her are only for mee i was on cloud nine i can see her love when she slaped mee .her love towards me is covered by pain i had given that pain so i have to melt it at anycost i have to make her accept me whole heartedly .i wanna make her trust me back in accept her love in this seven-days i know she loves mee more then mee

otherside swara in kichen she is preparing kheer just to divert her mind

swara got a call its sathvik
swara; hello sathvik how are u
sathvik; hi swara i wanna meet u
swara; no yar i was in home right now 2mmrow we will talk in office
sathvik; oka once u come out of ur mansion plz
swara; ha but y (she hears a door bell sound nd sumi opened door)
sathvik; namesta aunty ,how are u
swara; (surprised) u here nd y this fruits i am not a patient did u got it
sathvik; no this are not for u ,accually i had came to invite ur family for my bros wedding my mom told to take some fruits so i had did it

sumi; swara stop questing nd let him come nd sit 1st
swara; ohh sorry come in sathvik (he had sited on sofa adjoined to swara)
sathvik:( by giving card) aunty next week my brother is going to marry in kerala nd reception in Mumbai only u all have to come for both
sumi:ho thats great congrats i was very happy for ur brother(meanwhile ap arrived)
sumi; u both keep talking i will get coffee(both left)
sathvik; y u are absent to office
swara; not nterested so 2mmrow i will

sathvik; i was missing u
swara;(shocked) what u said
sathvik; i mean work is pending so we are missing u
swara; i will do it 2mmrow dont worry
sathvik ; swara can i ask u something if u dont mine
swara: ha sure
sathvik; do u have a boy frnd
swara: (shocked) wt boy frnd
sathvik: if u dont wanna ans leave it
swara; no i dont have but i was not interested too
sathvik;(excited) wow thats really nice
swara; acha then do u have a girlfrnd
sathvik ; still now no but i will have in few more days
swara; how can u be so sure

sathvik; bcoz i found my princess
swara; acha one side love ha who is she
sathvik;(blushes) i will say after proposing her
swara;(teasingly) i dont know still now boys will also blush ahh kya baath ah sathvik
sathvik; u know some thing swara
swara: ha say mee
sathvik: i dont know my name is that much sweet untill u call mee
swara kept quite nd sumi with a cup of coffee gave to sathvik meanwhile ap had arrived so all 4 kept on speaking

on otherside sanskar is restless in office as swara is absent so he left to mm for lunch as its 1 pm

mitra mansion,
swara ; sathvik its 1pm y cant u join for a lunch wt u say
sathvik;( happy) ha y not

all are having there lunch swara is serving to sathvik meanwhile sanskar arrived to mitra mansion as he wanna speak to swara he is shocked to see sathvik
sanskar; (shouted) sathvik u here in swaras house
everyone turned out by his shout
ap; ha sanskar come u to have ur lunch
sathvik ; shekhar uncle told me the address so i had came to give card
sanskar ; ho k nd have ur lunch (looked angry towards swara)
sumi; come sanskar have ur lunch na
swara; may be he is not interested i think maa
sanskar; no i was hungry (he sat beside swara)

swara:(not a word she is busy in eating)
sanskar:(whispered) y this stupid sathvik is here ah dont he have any work ?
swara: its none of ur business its my house
sanskar: (angry) dont u dare to irritate me again i wont spare u
swara; achaaaa will se (nd started serving the food to sath) how is kheer sath u know i had only cooked it
sathvik; its really taste swara u made me remember my mom
swara; (excited) wow thankyou shall serve some more
sanskar heard it nd took the complete bowl of kheer nd ate it completely which made everyone shock as sanskar never ate kheer at all
swara; (shocked) sanskarrrrrrr wt u did

sanskar; ha wt i did i just ate kheer
swara; ha but u dont like it na but y u ate it completely no one in house not even tasted it u know
sanskar; i had done on all them behalf (winked at her)
swara; (angry) i will kill u sanskar u know i took 2hrs to learn it but u ate it in just 2mins
sanskar; thank god i saved whole family from it u have to be thankful to me u know swara
swara;(holded his neck) acha if it is that much bad y u ate it answere me
sanskar; (picked her cheeks) to reduce wastage swara

swara took the serving spoon nd started hitting him sanskar got up nd started runing nd swara started chasing him by hitting him they ran whole mansion ap nd sumi are laughing by seeing there funny fight
both are kept arguing nd fighting more then 10mins sathvik is shocked nd surprised to see there fight nd bonding

ap;(shouted) stop it y u always keep on fighting sansakar nd swara both of u sit first
swara; (looked towards sanskar ) sath come na i will show u my room
sathvik; ha sure come lets go (they both left )
sanskar is more irritated told to himself” do whatever u want today from tommrow u will see star in the sunlight ” he left as he got a call
in swaras room,
sathvik; wow swara ur room is awesome nd u read all this books ahhh
swara ; ah i read all of them nd if u want i had a collection in my study room too ,
sathvik; wow thats really great

swara; thankyou
swara : can i ask you something
swara : ha sure
sathvik ; do u love sanskar ?
swara;(shocked with his question) y ur asking that
sathvik: no casually answer me na
swara; no we are just frnds from childhood
sathvik; thank god i thought u both are in love
swara; from the mrg i was seeing y u always interested in my love
sathvik; (shocked) woh just ntg cu 2mmrow i had meeting by 4pm
swara; ha bye

swara thinking about sanskar nd mrg incident nd smiling to herself nd blushes
swara got a msg from sanskarrr”i think ur busy in hoilday from 2mmrow untill 7days u should be under mee do whatever u want in this 16hrs 2mmrow mrg sharp 10 in my cabin”
swara:(to herself) ho no its already 5 pm hey bagwan,” iss pagal ko mai kisa control kargoi ”

************to be contined*******

precap; 1st day of office to swara under sanskar , swara shocked to hear sanskar rules nd punishments

are u guys excited to know them ?

frnd i dont know the reason but i got very least responce for my previews part i felt bad for it so i had not interested in posting this part , u plz say me is my ff is boring for u all
plz leave ur valuable likes nd comments below plz silent readers comment naa

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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