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Hello Guyz..Thnks for the Wonderful Responses i got for My Previous Part its really awesome ,nd sorry so late i know i was not a good writer as i always be un punctual there but thankalot u still remembered my ff nd msged me by remaining it ,here we go on part -13 of tu meri mannat

recap; swasan romance in pool nd ragini teasing swara

**********episode starts********

SANSKAR: oka only one day u have to be in office 2mmrow sharp 9.45am
everyone present there laughed aloud as its sanskar warning swara

swara; (left to her room she is sitting on bed on think wt sanskar said in ngt )

are swara due to that sanskar u are fearing this much ur brave u can face him yar ,ur dad should also know the pain by trusting sanskar let him also see wt this so called director capable for

swara is speaking to there childhood photo


_1) u know when i was 2 yrs this sanskar is 4yrs he kept on crying to join in school made his mansion as a theater out of his shouts from that day still now, he left his serious ness out later when i was 3yrs old i had been joined in same school i had completed my secondary but he is still having same lazy ness he dp uncle is always used to be worried so he asked a tutor for sanskar but this sanskar irritated that tutor too ,see raned away nd raglak started helping him he is so crazy always used to be out of class after few yrs i was in 10th nd raglak nd he are +2 ,its our school anniual day me nd sanskar did a couple dance that too salsa its an accidental performance mee myself shocked to see our dance we never practiced still the day but i matched his steps perfect ,from my childhood we always used to have silly fights on every small thing ,he used to call mee half ticket as i always used to see tom nd jerry nd all cartoon bcoz i always follow ever rule i had seen but i was afraid to watch movies as it has fights nd sanskar himself told mee while i was watching a romantic movie ur 15 u should not watch now after +18 u can its a rule i was innocent at that time so i left it nd fixed in my mind

finally the day came i was +18 now nd he is 21 we had born on same day with a gap of 2yrs 3mins .we always used to celebrate our bday jointly with both families by 12
but mee nd sanskar used to celebrate individually at time of 1.15am after all ppl slept its a secrate noone knows even raglak also

on our bday night 1.15am sanskar called me to terrace from his window as its so dark he throwed a touch from his window
i was shocked to see the whole decoration arranged lot of lights nd candles for mee placed a bedsheet in the middle of terrace where is kept lots of my fav choclates nd a blackforest cake in middle of it its written “congrats swara ur +18 ur major ” he came from the back nd holded by shoulder nd whispered “how is my surprise swara” i hugged him tight out of my excitement thats the best hug of my life i had hugged him lots of times from my childhood but its felt different for mee i dont know y but its different
on the ngt sanskar gifted mee a bracelet were its written swasan nd for his surprised unfortunately i had also gifted same type of bracelet written as swara &sanskar
we both felt happy that our both chooses are same

we had cutted the cake nd he feeded me first after sometime sanskar took his laptop i asked him y ur brought it here with a smile in his face he answered 3yrs back i had told u a rule now i wanna break it with u swara we will watch a movie now

i was surprised” what movie now really”

sanskar”yes i want to be the 1st person to watch a romantic movie with you so here we go”

aashiqui 2 movie “we both sat on the bedsheet nd placed the lappy on the cakebox we started watching movie i dont know the “movie is gud or not but time i was spending with sanskar is so special to mee i dont know y” its a romantic scence in movie as its my 1st time watching a scn of such i felt nervous nd closed my eyes nd holded sanskars hand nd sanskar understood that i was uncomfortable so he got up said” u watch it i will be in a while ” (he about to leave i had dragged him “no sanskar u be here”

he told i will come in a mintue u watch it but meanwhile it started raining ,we removed all the stuff nd placed it under the water tank but the day i was on cloud nine nd that to its raining so started playing in nd this sanskar staring at mee in surprise so i dragged him out,we both played alot suddenly a thunder storm which made so afraid nd i hugged sanskar tight out of fear nd he hugged me back nd he whispered ” ur afraid of a small thunder nd how can u be a ca nd face the whole world ahh” then i got angry nd looked walked forward nd said in fushh voice”may be i was afraid of small thing one day i may overcome them with a thunder-speed ”

i splashed water on his face “y u closed ur eyes for just small drops of water ahh ur afraid ahh”

i started running nd he ran behind mee at a certain point he held mee nd pulled towards him . i had seen a spark in his eyes which is indicating me that something gonna happen so i tried to mee away but he followed mee my back meet the end of terrace wall , he had held me aganist the wall nd not even letted a chance to escape .

with a winking smile he said” ur really brave nd intelligent swaraaaa i have to know it before it has been so late ”

by saying this he is on my top our eyes had meet eachother he kissed me on my forehead which made me freeze out of his act .we are fully drenched out i rain still rain drops are falling on as where as my heart beat started racing sec by sec nd sanskar holded my hand nd placed it on his shoulders and he slowly leaned towards my lips i was unable to face him so i turned my face to aside .where as sanskar kissed my left ear nd he slowly lened towards my neck nd started sucking each drop of water on my nape nd kissed senously which made my leg weak sec by sec .he pulled me towards him nd my feets are on his feets his hands are roming on my back on shirt he passed his one hand in my hair nd other he holded my waist nd turned my face towards him nd leaned to kiss my lips out off nervousness i slaped him hard before he do .which made our both shocked nd there is awkward silence as its the 1st time we got such feelings

we both left quite by thinking what happened a mintue before sanskar looked a side nd told’ sorry swara woh’ acually “ur afraid of watching a romantic scence na so now ourself made a romantic scence that to on our bday ur really a good artist u know”

I know he is lying to mee we both know wt happened a minute before to is not under our control we both are on off sense
its late 3.30am go nd sleep we will meet 2mmrow i dont know wt to speak so i left to my room

I know we both have same feeling to eachother i really dont know wt the feelings are bcoz i never thought of such things before but i know he is the one for mee
i was very surprised to see sanskar love for mee in his eyes in my life i never thought that “the person who irritates me will love me more then everyone ” i had felt that wt feelings sanskar have are only for mee

but i thought to accept the relation its not the correct time as we are still 19 nd 21 yrs its time to achieve our goals i wanted to make sanskar serious in his life 1st nd he should be turn responsible person i dont want him getting bad name that he is irresponsible person by anyone not even by his dad .i know he will do anything for me so i decided to make him serious in life but if he is in relation he will entirely spoil his career so i need to avoid him so i asked him to complete engineering nd do masters but he told no

“i cant go far from everyone that to for studies ” so i stopped speaking with him to make him accept nd we have our exams mee nd kavitha are busy in preparation its utmost 23days i had spoken with him the days are hard to go but i did bcoz i want sanskar to suceed its 25day i have heard that sanskar called kavitha
on that ngt i had seen him with kavitha with made think that wt i believed in this 19yrs is completely wrong

sanskar can do anything with anygirl i had completely broken down the person whom i trusted morethen myself is flirting with my best frnd how disgusting it is i had never cried before that day in my life bcoz” when ever i got a tough situation sanskar used to get mee out of it but now sanskar himself made me cry”
i had thought wt feeling he have are only forme whatever the things he do it should be only mee he can hug me,kisses me he can do whatever it should be only mee i cant even bear him a sec with other girl .

when i saw him with kavitha my heart broken out i told him i hate him but wt i actually did is i started hating my self bcoz i love him more then myself so it hurted me more than i deserve

kavitha too heart broken so she even left mee also nd when to delhi this sanskar if he is true he need to come to mee nd he have to request mee may be i dont trust him for somedays still he have to do soo but wt he did he left me alone which made mee more week so i left my emotions but letted my mind toward work nd book which made my mind busy to forget the pain

but i felt happy when i known he did his masters when my dad told mee that sanskar is taking part in business i was on cloud nine that he turned serious in life but its not when dp uncle told about tender i thought he may work hard for it but he not even seen it completed he cheated nd won it that day itself i got idea wt he is doing is to win mee back so i decided to get him on correct path ,so i resigned my job atleast my resignation changes him but no he again planned something now

wtever he did are doing is just to get mee back in his life but untill he been responsible in life whatever may happen i wont say truth that i too love him
and now sanskar saying he loves mee i dont know clearly i love him or not but i felt happy when he told it ,yesterday he kissed me i got the same feeling which i got 2yrs back whats this am i really falling for him again ?????

oh god how can i win in it .i have to control my feelings in this week nd should be fully focused

precap; sanskars pov nd swara nd sathivk fun sanskar jealous

frnd i know its my 1st pov it won’t be good also as i done in hurry i had not even checked it before posting, i was not a gud skillful writer nd don’t be afraid only one more part i will give sanskars pov later i will go on my normal track i wanna make u understand wt in there mind so i added this pov’s

NOTE; some of u are interested in adding mee in fb i was free for it but u plz kept a reason for sending me request as i was thrill loving person i will see everything upside down u will be mad out of mee 🙂

plz give ur valuable feed back by seeing ur feedback only i will start next part

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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  4. U have clearly depicted TRUE love.u really have great writing skills eagerly waiting for sanskars pov.continue asap

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