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Hello Guyz..Thnks for the Wonderful Responses i got for My Previous Part its really awesome , nd one more thing is the scence of swasan in hall is said my my sweet little cosin sister tweety(teju) who is 10yrs old she is very genius then mee so she felt sad that i had not gave credit for her so guys last part belong to her, my sweet heart i think now ur happy leave this ff nd go and read now nd frnds here we go on part -10 of tu meri mannat

recap; swara failed in contract due to sanskars naughty plan nd shekhar shouts swara resigns

**************** episode starts ******

sanskar ;(shouts )swara one sec plz listen to mee

swara ; what u wanna ask i know don’t worry mr .sanskar i will work under u for 1 week i cant let my word down so i will ,u can irritate me in this whole week now happy

dp; swara i need to talk to you just a min

swara; no if as a director u wanna talk i dont have any words its final nd uncle we will talk in mansion (she left)
all three are shocked nd dp completely understood that something sanskar did to win

dp; sanskar wts this

sanskar; (shocked) wt i did ,she resigned i had not told her to do soo

shekhar; y ur asking sanskar u know na they both keep on fighting from childhood now also doing same let them

dp; due his childishness now swara decided to leave the company how can we stop her now

shekhar ; i was also thinking same i had not expected that she will get hurten by my words only

sanskar; uncle dont worry i will convince her at any cost

dp; what u will ha

sanskar ; she told that she will work under mee for 1 week na its enought if u both help mee

shekhar; wt help u needed

sanskar; don’t support her always wt she told now ur directors nd she is auditor so plz dont support her in this week LET HER BE MY ASSITANT

dp; are u serious if we did she will be more hurted

sanskar; no she will be normal u see in 1 week as old trust mee

dp; ha okay but be in limits swara is more important for mee then u

sanskar; acha i was ur son dad

dp; ha but she is more than a daughter to mee did u get it

shekhar ;sanskar dont worry i was at ur side do whatever u want but i need her to take back this resignation letter at any cost

sanskar; ok i will do it (he went towards swaras cabin )

swaras cabin ,she is sitting in sofa nd closed her eyes at that

time sathvik entered nd walked towards swara swara heard foot steps nd thought its sanskar nd thrown a file on sathviks face

sathvik; ouch swara

swara; (shocked to see sathvik)woh i am sorry i had thought that sanskar i am sorry it hurted ahh

sathvik: (smile)no i am 5n nd how are u now

swara; (both sits in sofa)5n i had resigned my job

sathvik;(excited) wowww thats nice

swara;(shocked to see his happiness) i had told u i had resgined not promoted did u get it

sathvik; i am sorry woh actually then y cant u join in varma group it makes me happy to work with u

swara; no i dont need any offer now i want to have some free time so i will do only raglak hospital nd now i was surving my 2months notice period

sathvik; (disappointed)but anyway my offer is open for u ,u can join when ever u want

swara; thanks nd it 4 y ur still in my office

sathvik; actually i had came to meet u my brother is going to get married next week in kerala so i came to invite u plz dont say noo

swara; wow congrats but ur from Mumbai nd wedding in Kerala y

sathvik; my childhood is related to that place my bro having a love marriage so he decided to celebrate there u plz come na just 3days i promise u , u will love it there are lot of places to watch house boats i had read in ur profile that u love it am i right

swara; (surprised to see his interest towards her)not now yar i dont have any interest now

meanwhile sanskar arrived saw sathvik nd got angry

sanskar; swara i need to talk to u something very important

sathvik; okay u carry on i was leaving swara just think wt i said

swara; (looked angry towards sanskar)sath y ur leaving wait sit na

sanskar;(shouts_) cant u hear wt i told

swara; woh kya na sath i will come to Kerala with u we will have great time there without any disturbance

sanskar;(fused to hear ) swaraaaa u both can speak later

sathvik; wow thats great i will make arrangement bye swara we will speak 2mmrow

swara; byeeeeeee ☻

sanskar;(locked the door nd came towards swara) speak to mee swara once say anything

swara; (left quite nd turned a side)

sanskar ; (holds her by shoulder) swara plz look at mee

swara; (pushed him nd hited him with a file ) dont u dare to touch me ,i dont know wt i will do if u repeat it just stay away i had failed in my project in lifes 1st time just becoz of ur stupidity , i never heard that much angry on my dads words he shouted me without my mistake just bcoz of u ,i wont spare u mr. sanskar

sanskar; i am sorry i dont know it will turn this much serious

swara; sorry bolna se kuch be nahi hota ,did u get it nd u is it a place to do such things haa how embarrassing it is u know, i used to die 2day

sanskar; i want to win so i dont have any opion sorry plz take ur resignation back swara plz

swara; no way i had decided ur crossing ur limits day by day i can face it ,if i stay in ur office definitely i will die due to heart attack ur always trying to take advantage ha ,ur a flirt i know its the true

sanskar; (angrily) i had told u i was not a flirt if i wanna corss my limits i use to done on yesterday ngt only,trust mee i really love you nd i am sure u also love mee

sanskar ( fallen on his kness pleadingly) swara plz listen i seriously love you i was missing the ngts which we used to talk hours nd hours,i was missing the days were we used to watch cartoons together,i was missing our silly fights,funny conversations,our cute hugs everything swara nd i am sure ur missing the same so u left everything naa

swara; (shocked to hear his words nd turned aside ) no i dont miss anything ,i was happy with my proffession now i dont need anyone in my lifend i had some work gud bye(she about to leave but he drags her nd pins her to the door)

sanskar; (held her towards him)u really dont love mee look at mee

swara;(trying to free)no mr.sanskar just stay away from mee (she pushes him

sanskar; (teasingly) acha u don’t love mee but ur getting feeling when i am close to u how its possible

swara; i dont have any feeling towards u nd dont u try to flirt with mee

sanskar; okay i will see i challenge u ms,swara i will make u realise my love in this month itself nd in this week u will be under mee mind it nd 3days enough to make u take back ur resignation

swara; i will see how u will ( she left)

precap; swasan romance nd raglak are shocked to see

frnds if u had any ideas or suggestions towards my ff u can free to express nd i promise i will surely add that for u

keep reading ………nd please leave ur valuable comments nd likes below

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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  1. I really luv us ff mindblowing update soon can’t wait after reading the precap and abt suggestion I suggest u to try forest scenes u know na in every serials forest was born fr romance try it would be awesome

    1. thankyou aditi i will post next part asap nd ur suggestion is gud i will think about it forest is nice place but u told its in every serial so i will add some thing new with a forest location

  2. so nyc.. awesome yaar… swasan scenes… sanskar jealous… ??

  3. OMG pls update the next part soon!!! PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE!!!

    1. what a excitment yar i will post asap

  4. nice episode i really like it ,when u post next episode

    1. asap started writing may be 2mmrow

  5. Nice.again a cute fight between swasan,curious to know what happens in that 1 week & teju u have got good ideology.keep going.hey, bhanu update soon

  6. Nce sanskar’s accident it will be very nce…..how come romance so fast….wht so ever eagerly waiting for it

    1. sanskars accident every one are asking to unite them nd ur saying accident yar

  7. Aww its super..eagrly waiting fr nxt part update soon pls

  8. Well i wiil like to see swathik moments in that moments plzz don’t include sanskar always

    1. wow ur the 1st person tia to ask swathik moments its surprising, for u i will add it yar

  9. U nailed it awwsome!! My idea is make a girl entry in sanskars life who tries to flirt him and sanskaar showing less interest on her. Then swara realising her love towards him. Make swara realise her love soon

  10. Do u have any cousin of my name Tweety? I am not getting it. My name is Tweety pankaj

    1. my cousin pet name is also tweety yar nd anyway tweety ji ur also as like my sister only what u say nd ur idea is intersting

  11. Awsm yr…….

  12. Nice epi bhanu…

    1. thankyou nd navi ji i was missing ur comments from last 2 parts u know☺

  13. your writing skills are out of the world ..just wonderful

    1. Thank you alot ur the 1st person to say this but I was not that much good writer yar I need to learn much more

  14. Wowww please please next part soon …
    And ya my idea is : Let swara go to kerela and sathivk will try to missbehave and then let sanskaar reach there accidently due to some offive work and then she will realise her love towards him after his care towards her.

    1. ha i had a twist in that kerala ok i will try to add but not sure

  15. Plz post next part soon yaar…i cannot wait ur ff is fabulous.

  16. Its amazing one… I always nailed it in ur tight schedules… Must say u manage all well …

    1. Sry i meant u nailed it it wrongly typed

    2. thankyou but u guys helping mee to do sooo

  17. Bhanu ur ff is awesome and as aditi syam told why don’t you chose forest as she said like seriously forest is the best place and u can shift it in one of the beautiful still scary forest in Kerala and snt sanskar with swara under pressure of shekar…its just a suggestion …u know

    1. nice idea zella

  18. Oh oh… im sorry for not commenting bhanu… becoz my internals are gonnna.. so i ws not able to com here….

    1. wow internals it means u have to work hard as work 1st others next all the best navi

  19. When will you post the next part and by the way plz don’t call me ji I am just 19. Yes u are like my sister and pankaj is just my bf name

    1. Wow tweety I was 20 I will post my next part by 2mmrow mrg I had posted a teaser

  20. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon cant wait

  21. Sry yar out off mood so I did half only 2mmrow by 8am I will sorry for inconvenience

  22. Ok dear I am waiting!!!

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