TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part1

THANKS for ur valuable response here we go on with part-1 of tu meri mannat

Mumbai airport 4pm ,

dp nd shekhar are waiting to receive sanskar as he is returning from us after a gap of 2yrs ,as soon as he arrived they had started to mm

sanskar is super excited to meet swara he is waiting for that moment from 2yrs as soon as he reached mansion he had ran to swara’s mansion by seeing his behaviour both dp nd shekhar smiled
sanskar entred to mitra mansion nd started searching for swara

sharmistha;sanskar how are u beta nd how is ur journey

sanskar; 5n anty (he is speaking but his eyes are searching for swara nd sumi notices)

sharmistha;(teaseingly)for whom ur searching may i know beta swara or ragini
sanskar;(tensed)swara who are missing her i was searching for ragini

ragini:hi sanskar i was here ,how are u, u know how much we missed u in this 2yrs
sanskar;fine(still he is searching ragini know that he is searching swara)

ragini;maa u carryon with ur work(sumi leaves),sanskar come have ur sit .u know sanskar swara to not in mm from 1week she went to Delhi for convocation

sanskar;(his face turns sad but acts he dont care)wow that’s nice i dont have any disturbance here

ragini; (teasingly) achaa but ur not that much lucky she will be back in hour nd u have to face her in ur office too as she is auditor of our company nd my hospital too

sanskar;(feels happy)oh god! oka rags i need to freshup nd after completing ur work come to my room all we 4 will have a meeting lots of are there to speak
ragini;sure,i was waiting for swara later i will come

sanskar left to his mm

ap;(holds his ear)beta from 30mins i was waiting to see u but ur excited to meet ur frnds not ur maa

sanskar;i am sry maa i missed u lot in this 2yrs u know i had missed ur tasty food, i was very hungry u know from yesterday i had not eat anything

ap;i am sry beta go get freshup i will arrange food for u

Sanskar had went to his room nd looked at the balcon of swara’s room later he get freshen up nd left to dinning hall but waiting for swara

. swara had arrived in mitra mansion both the family are in maheswari mansion its so common thing so she went directly to her room nd got freshen up nd it atmost 9pm nd she is tried about to go to sleep her phone ring its laksya

Lakshya;swara where u ,u know sanskar is in home we are waiting for u from last 4hrs come fast swara are u there?

. as soon as she here name of sanskar her tiredness had gone with lots of happiness she ruined to maheswari’s villa

Swara;she goes to hall nd seen both the 2families so happy stood there by smiling
Ap;come in swara we are all waiting for u, how is ur convocation

Swara;5n anty (takes blessings from elder’s nd looks at sanskar)

Sanskar;(in thoughts)she is so beautiful yar I should speak to her or notif i speak will she respond or not ( lot of silence they both have an eye lock they get disturbed by voice)

Ragini:u know swara someone are waiting for u from 4hrs by starting at pool door
Sanskar;(tensed)I am not waiting for anyone

Ragini ;(teasingly)y ur reacting I told someone na ,am I mentioned any name?
Swara;stop it anyway sanskar how are u nd congrats that u finally took a decision for ur life by joining business

Sanskar;(feel very happy after 2yrs he heard his name in such sweet tone)5n swara nd congrats for ur achievements in this 2yrs the thats a great job

. Everyone are shocked to listen such polite talk as they never heard from this swasan

Sanskar;u know swara I had a gift for u wait I will get it leaves to his room
. swara is in dilemma nd waiting for him
.sanskar;gives a gift box completely pack to swara (winks at Ragini)

Swara;she tries to open it but its so tight anyway she opens it as fast as it opened lots of colour papers fall on swara with a blast sound (hell shocked as she is afraid of that sound too)

swara;what the hell i will kill u mr.sanskar
sanskar;actually i wanted to wish u happy diwali as its delay i had give a gift (winks at her)

swara:(angry look throws the box on him) i thought u have changed nd became professional in this 2yrs but i am wrong u can never be so,u gone pay for it mr.sanskaar

sanskar ;i will see wt u will (nd runs swara too runs on back to catch him all the family members are watching them nd laughing)

swara catches sanskar nd hits him with a pillow sanskar catches her hands tightly nd pins her to the wall she drops the pillow nd they have a eye lock )

sanskar: (saw the bracelet on her hand which they had gifted to each other on there bday born on same date s&s is wrote on the bracelet)u still had a bracelet it means u still caree me

swara:(tensed)woh……….no its looks nice so i had not removed it its fixed to my hand from last 2yrs nd by the way u to have it (looks at his hand)wt does it mean

(both have an eye lock)

background song
Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum sath ho
agar tum sath ho
Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho
Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

(their eyelock had been breaked by a sound)

raglak:ahem ahem may we know wts happening here (teasingly)

sanskar:(tensed)nothing is happening (he moves back both are embarrassed nd about to go )

raglak:acha sanskarr suno our dads are call u both come fast they are waiting
swasan go to hal

dp: from 2mmrow ur coming to office are u sure can v handle such high responsibility ,nd remember if u do another mistake which u have done 2yrs back we will never forgive again u be serious in ur life

sanskar: (looks towards swara angrily) i am sry for that , and i promise, u will never here any complete against mee
dp:i was expecting the same nd listen take the help of swara she is the auditor of our company she know each nd every details of our business

sanskar:i dont want any help i can handle it my own

dp: what i told its final u may be elder to her but she is experienced nd highly qualified then u ,u need to follow her she will guide u , swara beta can u help him?
swara: (angrily looks towards sanskar) ha sure uncle i will take care

dp: sharp 10 u should be in office sanskar now all of u go to ur rooms

everyone leaves sanskar is sleepless by thinking all the things from 2yrs (tears roll from his eyes nd he holds his bracelet nd falls a sleep

precap; swasan fall in pool both are completely wet swara holds his shirt nd sanskar leans to kiss her

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