*****#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-76 last maha episode *********


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recap; sathvik reentry nd swasan suhgraat in jail

**********episode starts ***********

jail, VIP cell

Swara waken up in mrg 5.30 am

She tried to get up but she could not bcoz sanskar is sleeping by hugging her hard

Swara removed his hands from her waist ND grabbed his shirt ND wored it ND collected her clothes which are fallen on floor she weared her jeans ND tshirt ND came out

She about to grab her shirt which is under sanskar head but in meanwhile he waken up ND pulled swara she just landed on his chest

Sanskar while tucking her hair ” gud mrg love ”

Swara: Gud mrg sanskar give my shirt

Sanskar : Y so hurry ha you know wt its like dream for me

Swara: Ohh its true only not a dream ok

Sanskar rolled her on bed nd he came on top of her

In husy tone” shall I try once again

Swara was shocked but she dont wanna say noo

Swara: Arey sanskar someone may come

Sanskar: Oh wt happened this fear yesterday ngt ah

Swara is speechless ” woh woh

Sanskar claimed her lips with his its a slow only but later its passionate even swara is reciprocating that with dual passion

But there are mixed thoughts in her mind

Sanskar pulled her close by holding her his hands are caressing her back inside the shirt

Swara dont wanna stop him

Sanskar kissed her collar bone nd wrapped him self around her neck sensually

Sanskar looked at swara who is closing her eyes

Sanskar: I love you swara we will do continuation in our dreamland now wear your shirt by saying this he gave her shirt ND left

Swara dressed up nd she gave sanskar shirt

Sanskar wore it

7.30am inspector came back

He opened the cell to get swara out

Swara: Got up I need to leave sanskar you Pl take care ah

Sanskar: Ok swara you too only one day I can get bail by tomorrow

Swara : Ha you will be out tomorrow

Sanskar waved a bye ND swara about to goo but she know it may be her last chance to meet her love

Swara runned towards sanskar ND hugged him tears ” I love you sanskar I love you more

Sanskar is shocked to see her so emotional she is crying like a kid by hugging him

Sanskar by carressing her hair ” swara clam down I am happy my love
swara you can go just one day na from tommrow we will be together forever

swara; forever ahh

sanskar; ha forever nd ever

Swara left his hand in teary eyes

Swara left to maheswari mansion

All are waiting for her its a Sunday unlike all happy Sundays its very sad οΏ½

Rags: Swara u came where are you from ngt

Swara: Woh

Rags: Its ok get ready we will go to meet sanskar

Swara: Noo u all go

Everyone are shocked

Rags: Wt you dont wanna come

Swara: Haa I dont want to come I had some important work

Shekhar: Wt work its more then ur husband ah

Swara: I had lot of things to do plz you go I am feeling sleepy

She left to her room in tears

All are confused by swara behaviour

They went to meet sanskar ND came back after lunch

Swara is in room only

Sumi knocked the door swara came opened the door

Sumi : Swara dont you wanna have lunch

Swara: No I am not angry

Sumi : Noo u don’t know how much cone I will feed

Swara: Ha

Sumi feed swara with her hand

Swara is having tears in her eyes

Sunday: Swara y ur crying

Swara: Maa woh ntg I love you maa ( she hugged sumi in tears)

Sumi: Placed the plate a side I love you too beta

Swara sleep on her lap ” maa you will do anything for dad

Sumi: Ha swara its a duty if wife to take care of husband

Swara really will you do anything for dad

Sumi: Ha anything

Swara: Even its wrong you will ah

Sumi: Swara y ur asking such questions

Swara: Plz answerr na maa

Sumi: Haa if the wrong won’t harm anyone rather then mee I will doo

Swara felt she is right now

Sanskar could feel

Swara seen the shirt of sanskar which is lying besid her on couch the same shirt wt sanskaer weared on day first ngt

Swara hugged the shirt in tears by feeling it as sanskar

She opened his laptop ND did an selfie video ( will show it later in epilouge i will add it )

Swara cried hard nd its 5.30 she left to meet sathvik

She left as the way she is she did not even took shower after coming from jail

Swara left down

Raglak: Where ur going now

Swara: ( avoided) eye contact woh I had work

Rags: Look at nee and answer swara where ur goinggg ( she asked in straight

Swara: Hugged rags ) I dont wanna answer you di but I wanna goo now bye ND take care of our family ND my sanskar too

Rags: Confused wt

Swara left out by saying ” bye tc ”

Raglak stood confused οΏ½

swara left to hotel key

hotel key , room num 201

sathvik is waiting for swara nd swara entered in fear

sathvik; (excited) wow you came wth a punctuality

swara; (tears she did not utter a word she stood like statue

sathvik; y ur so dull don’t worry ur husband is safe (swara stood numb )

sathvik; did you said this to ur sanskar

swara; (in tears ) no he cant bear this

sathvik; (evil smile ) i love it i like his downfall let me enjoy
(he grabbed his ph nd dailed inspector nd inspector gave ph to sanskar its an video call

sanskar is surprised that who will call him in such a position that to inspector is hearing

sathvik; (dangerous tone ) hi sanskar how is ur jail

sanskar; (shocked to see sathvik ) ur out

sathvik; yes i am out nd ur inn

sanskar; (shocked )how its possible who gave you bail

sathvik; everything is possible for mee
you know wt ur wife is in my arms today

sanskar; (double shocked) wtttt hold ur words or else

sathvik; orelse wt ahh (he dragged sw2ara nd hugged her from back by placing his hand around her waist nd other he held ph )

sanskar is shocked he raged in angry ” how dare you to touch my swara

sathvik; arey y ur angry for this only ha
“she herself came to mee nd i gonna spend a night with ur love with ur wife

sanskar blood boiled in seconds he wanna hit sathvik he twisted his fist in angry

sathvik ; true sanskar if you wanna know ask ur wife

swara ; is speechless tears of helplessness are flooing down from her cheecks

sathvik; (moved his hand on her waist sensouly ) answer na baby ur husband want ur answer

swara ; nodded nooo

sathvik; (gritted his teeth in angry)say ur doing this naa orelse you know wts next

swara; ha yess(she shouted in tears )

sanskar;(all shocked tears are rolled out its like the earth had collapsed ) noo how can you do this swara
noo my swara can’t do this i know you cant

sathvik; (evil smile ) she will do anything i say
sanskar now ur wife is mine so finally i won everything

sanskar is fully blank “say na swara its not true plz swara y ur hurting urself swara plz come back
i am reAdy to leave in jail for rest of my life but plz dont agree to that stupid plz swara plz
inspector is starting sanskar helplessly he wanna help him but he is also trapped

swara; i am sry sanskar plz forgive mee

sathvik; now its my time sanskar i destroyed ur life completely ntg left to you (he ended the call by kissing swara on cheecks )

sanskar ; (fallen on kness in tears his only life his everything is in dangerous nd he is blocked in jail

sathvik to swara; wow i happy today
you know wt i am waiting for this day from long time

swara ; (pushed him with a force) i hate you you bl**dy vamp i hate youu

sathvik; are cool darling you can hate mee tomorrow

swara; y ur hurting as plz leave as

sathvik; ha i will leave you but after completing my revenge
even my bhai is trapped

swara; wt

sathvik; ha o that day you seen me in jail na yesterday its my bhai Santhosh

on the day swasan marriage
when shekhar said no to rp Santhosh left to meet sathvik in jail

sathvik; in tears bhai plz get me out i cant leave i will die plz

sonthosh; no plz wait for a weak you can be out

sathvik; oh i wanna get out for two days at least bhai plz

sonthosh (innocent) how

satyhvik; we are both alike na soo we will get exchange plz

sonthosh due to love towards his bhai he did as sathvik says amar helped them so sathvik is out

swara is shocked to see his cruelty he trapped his own brother

sathvik; kya hua baby ur shocked ah
swara; ten how the flyover collapsed

sathvik; ohh its not my plan its all amar plan he placed a bomb nd blasted the flyover on right time he only provoked ppl to blame sanskar nd public are fools they believed wtever he said

swara; shocked ) you internally hurted that many innocent ppl

sathvik; i am sry for that i thought noone should get hurt but that stupid amar changed plan so only he got arrested

swara; (gave a tight slap to sathvik) how can you both step so loww how can you hurt inncent ppl

sathvik; stood blank)

swara; you know wt sathvik u never loved anyone nd i never hated you i always treated you as gud frnd but you never been truthful

i came to you when sanskar hurted mee i thought you will understand my pain on that time i just wannted a person to listen nd understand my pain but i never realized that ur the reason for all that pain

my sanskar is always right about you but i am a fool who trusted you blindly

even now i am doing same by trusting you noww just to save my love

nd now you won bcoz i am ready to lose myself so you wont

you never won anything you can grabbed other happiness nd thinking that you won’t
u such a cheap person if your mom knows this even she feel shamed to say that ur her son

sathvik slapped her with a force she had fallen on bed blood ozed out from her corner of lips

sathvik; i dont wanna listen your stupid conversation don’t you try to give lecture to mee

swara is speechless she is waiting for the reaction of posion

sathvik; come on top of her to seek his revenge but his mind is thinking swara
swara tried to push him back but he is storng he brushed his thoughts nd pinned her hands on the top nd kissed her neck

he culd clearly see marks of sanskar on her neck
he took a step back he turned to other side of her neck but he stooded when he seen swara manglsutra

swara lost the grip on sathvik she stopped resisting him which made sathvik shock he seen swara

swara is semi-conscious blood is flowing out from her corner of lips

sathvik got up in shock”swara swara ”

but in meanwhile someone rushed into room in full on fire with a force

a girl in blue jeans nd red t-shirt entered nd she dragged sathvik out from swara nd gave a tight slap

sathvik; (blank ) kavithaa

kavitha; yes (she removed her sandle nd gave a slap to him by which he had fallen on floor
“how cheap ur are sathvik how can you do this to swara

sathvik; (shocked a tear drop falls out ) kavitha woh

kavitha; stop uttering my name from ur bl**dy mouth

sathvik; i am sry kavitha i did wrong only

kavitha; stop ur acting again i am not ready to trust you i know wt you used to do if i am late for a sec

sathvik; noo i..(it stopped by a hard punch from a strong hand

its our hero sanskar “how dare you too think about my swara “he punched his face in angry

sathvik; he fallen on floor again he ids trying to prevent but
sanskar is hell angry “today ur died i will kill you nd i will get back to jail

sathvik; plz stop sanskar plz

police came nd holded sathvik nd sanskar

commissioner ; we will take care of him mr. sanskar

poilce caught amar nd saved inspector family too

*******flashh back **********

At the time while sanskar is crying helplessly inspector felt bad he took the keys ND dropped inside the cell secretly

Sanskar seen the keys nd gave a look at inspector

Inspector signed him to run away from side window beside the cell path

Sanskar came out from window ND rushed to mansion ND jumped the pool side wall ND rushed to room ND grabbed his laptop

As swara watch has GPS so he can trace her fast
sanskar rushed to hall nd said “sathvik is out he traped my swara we need to save her

all famly is shocked

shekhar; wt

sanskar; (crying ) i dont have time to explain all i wanna save my swara

i am going you follow mee fast


On the day sanskar got arrested swara left to office

Kavitha: Wt ur doing swara

Swara: Ntg I saving my love

kavitha; how swara

swara; sathvik is out of jail

kavitha; no i meet him yesterday only

swara; you won’t believe let it be i dont have timre to prove soo stay away its better i can’t hurt anyone

kavitha; seen pain in swara she may be true soo tried to know tryth but swara ignored Kavita in fear

kavitha kept eye on swara but she lost way while following towards hotel

at the time while sathvik is saying truth swara dialed kavitha nd all the truth is recorded

kavitha called commissioner nd sanskar came as in search of swara by tracing GPS

sanskar shocked to see swara

Sanskar moved swara with a jerk she gained consciousness

Swara spitted out blood which made sanskar shock

Sanskar made her get up she is on his laps ) swara swara wt happened to you wts this blood

Swara is happy to see sanskar by cupping his face sanskar ur came ur fine ur fine. She hugged him in tears

Sanskar: Ha I am fine but wts this swara

Swara:( blood is oozed out from he mouth) woh I took poison

Sanskar shocked panic “poison y swara y

Swara: I love you sanskar I can’t let anyone to be on ur place soo I took this decision i wanna die as ur wife

Sanskar crying badly “noo swara

Inspector take her to hospital first

Raglak rushed die ND got the car sanskar lifted swara in his arms ND placed her in car

Swara is on his laps

Lucky is driving ND rags sat beside him

Rags: Sanskar don’t let her faint make her wakeup

If she fainth it will be hard to save her

Sanskar:( shocked) swara is semi-conscious her eyes are closing

Swara plz don’t leave me

Swara grabbed his collar in pain she is breathing heavily) sanskar pz don’t cry
I love you more even I die I am happy

Tu meri mannat Ho sanskar meri eki mannat tum ho woh Puri hogaya

In now I gonna die in ur arms
I am the luckiest wife in this world

U full filed my every dream sanskar

Sanskar: Noo how can you leave nee swara you promised tht you wont leave me naaa
i need you swara i cant leave without you my love

swara; no yu have too nd plz dont waste your life in revenge nd all its all my mistake to trust that sathvik soo i am paying back

sanskar;(tears) i dont need anything i only want you swara

swara; (tears about to faint ) i am all urs sanskar
u made may every second so beautiful with ur love

Swara: ( breathing heavily) i wanna see ur smile
sanskarrr. Plz give a smile maa

Sanskar is broken down

Swara: Plz one smile sanskar plz pa….. pa patidevvv

Sanskar gave a smile fadely

Swara smiled in tears I love you sanskarrr I love you she lost the grip on his shirt

Swara dropped her hand her pulse fallen ND she dropped to coma

Screen freezes on unconscious swara n crying sanskar

Precap: Epilogue

Its the last part of my ff meri mannat Puri hogaya

So don’t bother about end ND say me how is episode its really close to my heart

I want everyone of you to speak out with long long comment plz

Keep smiling οΏ½


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