*****#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-74*********


recap;swasan fun romance

(guys thanks alot for ur response nd today back to shocks so better seat nd read ๐Ÿ˜‰ have a bundle of tissues too ๐Ÿ˜‰
one part 3 shocks ๐Ÿ˜‰

**********episode starts ***********

(sanskar phone is continuously ringing but they are no mood to answer it sanskar is busy in exploring her he slowly moved towards her lips kissed them nd bitted her lower lip swara moaned in pain ” sanskarrr slow ”

sanskar is not in sense to listen he kissed her hard again nd again swara dug her nails on his bare shoulders )
sanskar moved his hands on her waist nd kissed her waist
he about to remove her shirt but again his ph ringed sanskar got angry

swara; plz answer the call it may be urgent

sanskar; ok he took the ph nd “who the hell it is “(he spoke kissing at the spot behind her ear.)

manager; sir i need to say some thing important

sanskar; is kissing her neck sensuously “ha bolo “(swara is blushing she is enjoying her hubby love ”

sanskar suddenly got up in shock “wtttt howw

sanskar ; (in ph) i am coming (he left to cupboard nd got a shirt nd runned out of room while wearing the shirt in hurry ‘swara u sleep bye

swara is shocked to see sanskar in such hurry she is confused

Swara got up ND changed her wet clothes ND she sat on bed in confused state suddenly she heard a door knock sound its dp

Dp: Swara where is sanskar he is with you only na

Swara: No he left out with a call y

Dp:( tensed) noo

Swara: Wt happened uncle

Dp: On the tv first


Reporter: The underbuilding flyover had collapsed and there is huge loss of assets ND lot of ppl got injured as per report it came to know that its been built by m ND m group ND the director sanskar Maheshwari is held responsible for this loss

Ppl are blaming that he had used cheap raw materials which led to such huge loss

In the video sanskar is been blamed by ppl

In breaking news sanskar Maheshwari got arrested he is taken into police custody

Swara ND dp ,shekhar are shocked

Swara ;my sanskar we need to go now fast (she grabbed her keys and rushed out )

Police station mrg 6am

Swara rushed inside she seen sanskar who is behind the bars in the lockup

Swara: Y u had arrested him its a accident how can you blame sanskar for this

Inspector: Madam plz low ur voice miss

Swara: Miss not Mrs.sanskar Maheshwari

I am him wife swara sanskar Maheshwari

Inspector: Oh he is director of that company so

Swara: Company is cooperate body its independent how can you take director as responsible

Inspector: Oh really how can you say this all

Swara: I am auditor of m ND m group

Inspector: Oh great than you will know this also na if a person is doing wrong deed by placing mask of company its a crime ND ur husband cum director had committed crime ND some ppl had complained too so we filed an FIR against him
If you wanna argue do it in court not hear

Swara is shocked how this all happened in one night

Swara rushed towards sanskar cell
sanskar is completely broken down he lost his confidence he accepted his failure

Swara seen sanskar who is sitting in the corner of cell by hugging his knees :'( :'(

Swara:( in tears ) sanskarr

Sanskar heard her but he don’t wanna speak to anyone

Swara:( in painful voice) sanskar plz once talk to me

Sanskar: I don’t wanna talk to anyone plz go to him swara

Swara: Don’t you wanna talk to ur love also

Sanskar He is in tears but he is hope less

Swara: Sanskar I love you nd I know this is an accident trust me I will get you out from all

sanskar did not react

Swara about to leave but sanskar seen her leaving but he wanna see her once so he walked toward the bars ND swara could feel his gaze on her she turned back in hope

She seen sanskar stood behind the bars with teary eyes swara rushed to him

SWARA;by holding his hand ) sanskar its a accident plz dont fall plz don’t blame urself

sanskar ; (fallen on kness by holding the bars ) i am not irresponsible swara (cried nd shouted in tears )

swara sat on her kness by cupping his face “look at me sanskar i know wt ur nd its an accident i will prove it ”

sanskar ; really

swara; ha sanskar i will its my promise i will get you out from all

swasan cried out by for sometimes by staring each other


scene3, construction site

She reached the construction site ntg left all the things are clearedso she cant get any proof or evidence

Suddenly she turned out by hearings voice ” hi swara mitra oh noo swara sanskar maheswari na

Swara: Amar you

Amar: Yes sweetheart

Swara: Chi ur reason behind this

Amar:( evil smile) noo i did half the other half is done by my partener

Swara: Partner who is ur partner?

Amar: If you wanna know meet him in hotel key room no 201 alone ahh

Swara: No i won’t

Amar: It ur wish if you wanna kill your sanskar then don’t go ok bye

Swara is tensed she know its dangerous to go alone but she had no option left so she went to hotel key

scene4,Mrg 8.30 hotel key swara entered room num 201

Swara seen a person sitting in a chair ๏ฟฝ

Swara: Who are you

Person: Wow u came fast gud

Swara:( scary voice) Sa sathvik you ( shocked)
Its sathvik varma

Swara: How you came out ur in jail na

Sathvik: Came towards her its a magic I am out nd sanskar is in

Swara: You still not changed y ur trying to defame sanskar I am married

Sathvik: Ho really yesterday only na ur marriage its ok I know

Swara: Then wt just get out from our life

Sathvik: Without any profit I wont deal

Swara: I will name my whole property on you Pl leave as

Sathvik: Oh but I need one more thing belong to sanskar

Swara: Wt left say I will give everything u want

Sathvik:( evilly ) oh really I want you swara

Swara:( shocked) wt I am married cant you understand ND I love sanskar he is my life

Sathvik:( he came close to swara ) really ok give a chance to spend with you just a night

Swara:( gave a tight slap to sathvik by which sathvik holded his cheek in pain

” dont you dare to think so if my sanskar know this he will kill you

Sathvik:( angry) how dare you slap me ah I will show wt I can

Swara: Oh really I will show you wt I will doo

Sathvik: Wt can you ah ntg you can prove if you want I will show you sample

Swara shocked she understood its all his trap

Swara:( tears ) how can you defame him

Sathvik: U had no option left do wt I say I will help you

Swara: Never i come to you

Sathvik :if i want i will kill him in jail only don’t worry i will give you 2days time do it before this time orelse on 2day ngt i will kill your sanskar

Swara got scared off ( slapped him again ) dont you dare to touch me i am all sanskar s

Sathvik : You will pay swara u will

Swara runned out in tears



She left to office took her lap top ND prepared some documents ND took a printout off them ND called a lawyer

Swara prepared a file with all nd left to mansion

In mansion Shekhar ND dp are sitting sad in msheswari mansion

Swara: Uncle plz sign this papers fast

Dp: Wt papers

Swara : Its all property papers I need your sign fast plz all the property should be on my name

Shekhar ND dp are shocked

Shekhar: Got up wt I had already named it on sanskar na

Swara:( shouted in tears) noo I need it on my name Plz I prepared as per past date plz sign them ( she broken down in tears )

Shekhar ND dp are shocked ND they could she her pain for sanskar

Shekhar made her sit on couch ” swara listen one its not right wt ur going to doo it kills ur career too trust nee we will get ur sanskar out soon

Swara: Nooo you can’t only I can Plz sign dad

Dp: Noo I wont sign this its not gud

Swara got up in a force took the knife on dinning table

Every one are shocked

Swara ๐Ÿ™ in tears ) sign the papers orelse I will kill myself

Dp: Swara beta plz listen drop the knife

Swara: Noo first you sign after that only I will

Dp: Knows she is so stubborn he took the file ND signed them

Now plz drop it swara

Swara: Dad u too sign on them

Shekhar is speechless stood like a statue in just one night everything changed he thought her daughter got settled happily but its all collapsed he had broken down

Dp: Shekhar plz sign fast we need swara na sign them

Shekhar silently sat on sofa like a statue ND signed them in tears

Swara dropped the knife ND took the file she fallen on floor crying badly

” I love my sanskar I cant live without him I cant I cant ”

Plz forgive me dad he is more important than anything in my life

Dp: ( holded her ND tried to concel her ) swara ntg will happen to sanskar he will be out just 2days plz have patience ur strong na plz don’t involve into new problem

Swara; no you cant do anything they had blocked him completely

Dp ND Shekhar are shocked ” who had blocked swara

Swara: Relised her words noone I need to leave ND she left to police station with them


Swara gave papers to inspector

Inspector: Wt is this

Swara: Oh its all a proof all the company belongs to nee so you need to file case on me so realise sanskar

Inspector : We cant do anything its Saturday its a holiday for court so wait still Monday you can do anything in court now just leave

Swara: How can you do soo he is innocent

Inspector: I cant do anything

Swara: Sathvik varma is out of jail do you atlesst know this na how he came out

Inspector: No he is in jail I can show him but I cant let you talk

Swara: Ok show nee than

Inspector took swara too sathvik

He just stood in his cell by playing with stones

Swara is shocked she couldn’t believe her own eyes

Inspector: Now happy just get out from here

Swara: I wanna talk to him once

Inspector: No your not permitted to cross this gate now you may leave

Swara left out of jail she got a call its sathvik from a private number

Swara: Hello

Sathvik: ( evil smirk) your trying to caught nee ah try so I will kill ur sanskar

Swara ๐Ÿ™ rushed inside the police station ND gave pH too inspector

Inspector: ( scared) everything I did as you said sir

Swara was shocked as inspector is nodding head as sathvik says but how
Inspector gave pH to swara

Sathvik: He is also my man only baby before you reach other officer he will shoot sanskar

Swara: Am I fool to believe this if he do so he will be hanged for crime

Sathvik: Really you know wt ppl bend for two things
One is money ND other is family

Swara was confused

Sathvik: Inspector too had a family they had life they may die too if any vamp like me kills

Swara understood the he is blackmailed inspector too

Sathvik: Swara baby you had only one way so come to nee better

Swara helpless hope less its out of her hands now tears are continuing flowing from her eyes

Inspector too feeling bad for swara but he is helpless as all his family is in danger

Swara: Sathvik how can you step so lowww

Sathvik: ( evilly) u made me swara u made nee so pay back

Swara: I am sry plz leave as

Sathvik: I will leave only I get you so stop pleading me ND do wt I want

” its a small favour just once after that u be with ur sanskar”

Swara: Wt the thing you get by hurting as

Sathvik: My satisfaction” I will be first person to touch you as sanskar not yet came close na ”

Swara:( shocked crying badly) how can you say

Sathvik: My eyes are always on you baby so satisfy me or kill ur love choice is urs

Swara: Yes I will come

Sathvik:( shocked) really say again

Swara: ( controlling her tears) I sm ready for your condition

Sathvik:( excited) Ho really amazing come fast

Swara: No tomorrow I will but Plz don’t do anything to sanskar promise me

Sathvik: I promise until you listen me ntg will happen to sanskar

ND y not tonight

Swara:( gulped her tears) I need some time for this

Sathvik: Really gud I will be waiting once one the speaker

swara oned speaker on ph

sathvik; (to inspector) shif him to VIP cell nd don’t worry everything is fine for you nd for me too

INSPECTOR ; ok sir but my wife nd children’s

sathvik; don’t worry as my wish get fulfilled i will sent them to you they are happy here i am treating them like my guests

screen freezes on hopeless swasan nd help helpless officer nd evil sathvik

*************to be continued *******

Precap: Dont throw sandals on me for this crazy precap but believe its not swasan dream it is 200 % true ๐Ÿ˜‰

”””””””””””””’Swasan suhgraat in jail ๐Ÿ˜‰

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