****#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-73*********



**********episode starts ***********


Sanskar room

Swara is still on bribe dress she is so nervous

Swara pov

Oh no swara u idiot its ur sanskar y ur thinking this much
Ur waiting for this day from long time finally ur married dont spoil ur ngt

Ur great ND you can do anything for ur love then y not this suhgrat ah

Sanskar herad swara words but he acted as he did not heard

Sanskar: My love ur waiting for me na

Swara: Ha yes my love

Sanskar: Oh really even I am go ND fresh up fast we had lot of work

Swara’ wt work

Sanskar: Woh actually I gave leave to all servants in our home so we need to do there work

Swara: Wttt but I don’t know anything na household work

Sanskar:( laughed out) are kiddo I am just kidding anyways ur my princess how I will make you work ah

Swara: Hoo ok I will be back

Swara left to fresh up ND sanskar got a gift bbox

Swara came out sanskar innocently left to washroom by taking towel

Swara seen the box its a beautiful red saree with gold border

There is a note : Tomorrow mrg get ready in this I had a surprise for you my love today you take rest πŸ˜‰

Swara got a smile after reading it she felt happy but sad too as she spoiled her hubby mood

Sanskar came out swara runned bd hugged him tight in tears ” I am sorry but I love youu sanskar no need to postpone this I am happy with this ND ur love too ”

Sanskar: Oh really on one condition we will

Swara: Wt
Sanskar:ur not feeling hungry ah

Swara: Ha feeling now y

Sanskar: Ha even I am feeling first we will go to kitchen ND we will have something

Swasan screately left to kitchen

Swasan left to kichen Sanskar got into kichen

Sanskar ” I think there is no one in mm

Swara: I know only cooking sweets ND juices

Sanskar: Wttt

Swara: Woh sanskar you know na I always be in office so I had no time to lead or cook

Sanskar: Ho then y sweets

Swara: Woh its mandatory na for a girl she need to cook on 1st day after marriage na so sweets

Sanskar: Wt a brain it means you will feed me sweets test of the life if so I will get diabetes πŸ˜‰

Swara laughed out ND hitted his shoulder playfully ” no I will lead fast

Sanskar: Its ok I am there na to cook for you when I am in us I used to cook myself only as I am alone for those two yrs

Swara: Its all bcoz of mee naa

Sanskar: Yes this happiness also bcoz of you only na
If we love anyone truely we need to like bad nd gud un them then its called true love

I love you swara so much

Swara: Ha I love you more sanskar

Sanskar : Ok now we will prepare Maggi its better now ( he took a pan ND placed it on stove

Swara is watching this by sitting beside stove on kitchen cabinet

Sanskar: To do Maggi first we have tooo ( in the gap swara shouted in excitement)

” we need to on the stove ”

Sanskar:( teasingly) oh really I thought to cook on air

Swara: I just said casually

Sanskar : Oh ok see now lets do only 2mins

He prepared it ND feed swara with a fork

Swara:( wrapped her hands around his neck) woww its lovely hubby

Sanskar placed the plate aside ND placed his hands around her waist while swara sat on kitchen cabinet

” hoo its not species”

Swara: Noo anything us ok I you feed it tastes sweet

Sanskar nuzzled his nose on her romantic
” I love you swara today is best day of my life

Swara: No in our life sanskar

Sanskar kissed her cheeks

Swara : Sanskar I know ur so excited to romance so better we will go to our room anyone may come

Sanskar: Ok come sanskar lifted her in his arms ND carried her to room

On the way they are about to cross raglak room

Sanskar: Swara shall we check raglak

Swara: Arey idiot its not manners ND its there suhgrat too yar let them enjoy

Sanskar: We will see are they enjoying or wasting as they did daily

Swara:ok first let me down from ur arms ( sanskar placed her down)

Both moved close to raglak room door unknowingly swara sipped into sanskar ND both fallen inside room as door is not yet locked

Raglak are playing carroms inside the room they are shocked to see swasan in there room fallen

Rags: ( angry) wt you both are doing. Here

Sanskar: Bhabhi woh water

Rags: For Water you need to go to kitchen

Swara: Ha for kitchen only we are coming from

Sanskar: We came to ask you that you need some

Rags: No you can goo

Sanskar: Wt ur doing

Lucky: Y should I say ha you both go ND celebrate your love

Swasan ” wt y ur showing angry on as ah ”

Lucky: Ho really you did alot na

Swara: Ho jiju stop blaming my husband ok

Rags: Stop fighting now wts ur problem y ur disturbing as ah

Sanskar: Abo disturbance for caroms also

Swara laughed out

Raglak ha its our wish we play

Sanskar : Ok no fight lets play a game

All the four played caroms for a hr its utmost 1am

Lucky: Arey I am feeling sleepy οΏ½ so gud ngt

Rags: Ha even I am feeling not you both feeling ah

Swasan ” noo we are not feeling but you carry on we had some other work

Rags: Wts that

Sanskar: ( blushing) Bhabhi I can’t say this ok gud ngt

Swara was confused on sanskar but both left too but swasan came back

Sanskar: Bhai nd Bhabhi once seee the pen drive ND sleep

Raglak nodded yes swasan left

Rags connected pen drive to laptop ND sat beside lucky by placing laptop on her lap

Its a vm sanskar

Sanskar: Hii bhai ND Bhabhi sry ha your always victims of my pranks here after I will be careful for you ND this is cute wedding gift watch it then

Its the video of sanskar prank when lucky kissed rags ND rags slapped lucky

Raglak are shocked lucky remembered the slap he just placed his hand on his cheeks in fear

Rags looked at his act ND laughed out aloud

Lucky: Y ur laughing

Rags: Arey baddu now ur my hubby I wont slap you again for this remove ur hand

Lucky: Oh really then can kiss you

Rags: U idiot how boring ur are really if you want anything take it every thing is urs

Lucky: Wow I am so happy I love you

Rags: See still ur on words only

Go eat Prasad ND sleep

Lucky holded rags hand ND pulled her towards him

Rags: Wt now

Lucky: I wont let you sleep tonight

( by saying this he hugged her ND kissed her )

They got intimate

Back to swasan they are walking on corridor of Maheshwari masion

Sanskar: Swara are you feeling sleepy

Swara: No yar lets do something new ND thrilling

Sanskar: Ho then shall we shall we do romance

Swara: Oh so easily romance noo

Sanskar:( thought for a sec) swara come with me I had a game

Sanskar took swara too terrace ND left her hand swara is just enjoying weather its like raining with lighting in sky

Swara heard a whistle sound she turned back its sanskar who stood with a basket ball in his hand which is been rotated on his middle finger

Swara: Wow basket ball its amazing but where is basket sanskar

Sanskar : Ha my love look there is the basket nd here is ball

Swara: Are you serious we will play now ah its 1.30 ngt

Sanskar: Ha I want it darling here is a game
” we will play 3games I.e 3 chances
2 goals if you did 2 ur won our suhgrat will be tomorrow in my place

If I won it will be tonight ( he winked at her )

Swara: I am champion in basket ball u wanna win on nee

Sanskar: Ha ur hubby na so I can win love are you ready to be mine

Swara: Ho really win ND say ( swara grabbed ball from him )

She hitted I on the floor ” now game starts come my hubby

Sanskar joined her he tried to get hold on ball but swara is not letting him she is just moving the ball in seconds from one hand to other finally she reached the basket ND dropped ball in basket

Swara: Its my 1st goal hubby

Sanskar: 2 more left baby

Swara: Ha come on now she trowed ball to him

Sanskar started hitting it on floor he started his way towards the basket but swara came in middle ND grabbed ball in nick of time

Sanskar:( in mind ) she is so talented sanskar use ur brain now fast ( he got a naughty idea)

Swara is about to lift the ball ND place it in basket sanskar placed his Hand around her waist which diverted her concentration she lost grip on ball due to his touch

Sanskar holder the ball ND dropped it in basket

It started raining suddenly

Sanskar : Even I won now its raining come in fast (he about to go away )

Swara: Noo complete the game lets see who will win now(she throwed the ball nd it hitted him on his chest )

sanskar; are you suree baby

swara; yes hubby (she signed him to start nd winked at him )

sanskar ; wah my lovee now its thrilling

back ground song ; dilse

Ek Sooraj Nikla Tha
Kuchh Paara Pighla Tha
Ek Aandhi Aayi Thi
Jab Dil Se Aah Nikli Thi
Dil Se Re

(he started hitting the ball on floor its raining heavily water is flowing from them they got weetted completely but they are busy in playing )

Ek Sooraj Nikla Tha
Kuchh Paara Pighla Tha
Ek Aandhi Aayi Thi
Jab Dil Se Aah Nikli Thi
Dil Se Re

swara she placed her hand on sanskar waist moved her hand which caused tickes to him nd sanskar lost grip swara grabbed it nd winked at sanskar )

sanskar; ur smart

Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re
Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re

sanskar trying take the ball but swara is about t drop it in basket but sansar holded it nd accidently he hitted the ball nd it got dropped in basket

both are shocked

swara; its a tie

sanskar ; (lost in her ) haa its tie but i had fixed for this also

swara; wat u fixed

sanskar; pulled her towards him nd whispered ) if its tie we will do tonight ,tommrow nd daily my love

swara; ur crazyy my hubby (she nuzzled her nose with him)

sanskar; yes u made me my love ( he kissed her forhead )

its raining heavily with thunders swara hugged him in fear )

sanskar; i love you swaraaa ur mine ur mine

swara; ha i am all urs sanskar ”’swara is for sanskar ”( She looks into his eyes and could see his love!!.. She just places her lips on his and kisses him softly.it a small kiss )

Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re
Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re

(sanskar captured her lips again he kissed her soft swara to reciprocated his kiss her hands are droven into his wet hair where as sanskar is pulling swara close towards him )

Do Patte Patjhad Ke Pedon Se Utrey Thay
Pedon Ki Shaakhon Se Utrey Thay
Phir Utne Mausam Guzre Vo Patte Do Bechaare
Phir Ugne Ki Chaahat Mein Vo Sehraon Se Guzre
Vo Patte Dil Dil Dil Thay
Vo Dil Thay Dil Dil Dil Thay
Dil Hai To Phir Dard Hoga
Dard Hai To Dil Bhi Hoga
Mausam Guzarte Rehte Hain
Dil Hai To Phir Dard Hoga
Dard Hai To Dil Bhi Hoga
Mausam Guzarte Rehte Hain
Dil Se Dil Se Dil Se Dil Se
Dil Se Re

after a long Passionate kiss sanskar lifted swar in his arms nd started towards his room where as swara is playing with his shirt )

Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re

(he placed her on the bed romanticly nd kissed her forehead sanskar removed his t-shirt swara just turned her face in shy )

sanskar; (whispered) swara look at me once

swara is not responding him she is blushing hard

sanskar; ho may be ur not ready (he got up from her )

but swara holded his hand ” sanskarrrrr i love you more dont leave me plz ”

sanskar; (teasingly ) even i am not ready to leave you my love

sanskar came on top of her he started kissing her neck sensuously swara is blushing hard his hands her travelling on her waist by moving her shirt )

sanskar bitt

Bandhan Hai Rishton Mein
Kaaton Ki Taarein Hain
Patthar Ke Darwaaze Deewaarein
Belein Phir Bhi Ugti Hain
Aur Guchchhe Bhi Khilte Hain
Aur Chalte Hain Afsaane
Kirdaar Bhi Milte Hain
Vo Rishtey Dil Dil Dil Thay
Vo Dil Thay Dil Dil Dil Thay
Gam Dil Ke Pak Chulbule Hain
Paani Ke Ye Bulbule Hain
Bujhte Hain Bate Rehte Hain
Gam Dil Ke Pak Chulbule Hain
Paani Ke Ye Bulbule Hain
Bujhte Hain Bate Rehte Hain
Dil Se Dil Se Dil Se Dil Se
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re

(sanskar phone is continuously ringing but they are no mood to answer it sanskar is busy in exploring her he slowly moved towards her lips kissed them nd bitted her lower lip swara moaned in pain ” sanskarrr slow ”

Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Piya Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya

sanskar is not in sense to listen he kissed her hard again nd again swara dug her nails on his bare shoulders )
sanskar moved his hands on her waist nd kissed her waist

Dil Se Re
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re Dil Se Re.

he about to remove her shirt but again his ph ringed sanskar got angry

swara; plz answer the call it may be urgent

sanskar; ok he took the ph nd “who the hell it is “(he spoke kissing at the spot behind her ear.)

manager; sir i need to say some thing important

sanskar; is kissing her neck sensuously “ha bolo “(swara is blushing she is enjoying her hubby love ”

sanskar suddenly got up in shock “wtttt howw

sanskar ; (in ph) i am coming (he left to cupboard nd got a shirt nd runned out of room while wearing the shirt in hurry ‘swara u sleep bye

swara is shocked to see sanskar in such hurry she is confused

*************to be continued *******

Precap:vamp is back swasan struggle for eachother

no proof reading is done due to busy so forgive for mistakes

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