*****#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-72*********


recap;swasan haldi nd bachelor party fun

**********episode starts ***********


swasan left inside lucky seen this nd rushed at there back to stop then

they got in accidently an vase had fallen on floor by that sound dp nd ap came out from there room

where as swasan they are off sense they found a water small pool its for flower decoration only in middle of mansion

sanskar got into water its upto ther ankles ; wt is this rain is inside hom,e

swara; arey sanskar its pool

sanskar; (shouted ) who is the fool built this pool in middle of home

swara; (by placing her finger ) shuuu ur papa my here

sanskar; fool, nd pool wt a rhyming na

they both laughed aloud dp heard every thing there are shocked to see them in drunken state nd dp is angry tooo

dp; (shouted) sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

swasan seen dp nd ap who stood infront of them

Dp: Wts this sanskar

Sanskar : Hugged dpby shouting ” papa

Soon dp broken hug ” wt is this sanskar

ND swara you too go ur mansion first

Swara nodded a ‘nooo

dp; swara come on sense i said go to home

swara; noddedd biggg nooooo

dp; (angry look at sansakar ) u spoiled her also she os not listening my words alsoo

sanskar; haa woh meri hai soo she can change like mee

dp; sanskar first you stand properly then you change swara

Sanskar: ( in unstable tone) papa your bad y u always sent swara away from me I hate you i hate youuu (he fallen on floor )

Meanwhile raglak came in the are shocked to see swasan in this way

Infront of dp nd ap

Lucky: Oh noo stop them first rags ( they runned towards swasan )

Dp: ( shocked ND angry) wt the hell

Sanskar: (got up unstabile) Haa its like hell only for me ,
In swara absence
I cant live a minute without seeing her

Dp:( folded his hands) I made you na from 2days

Sanskar:( laughed) ha ha poor papa how its possible ahh
I seen her ND even romanced with her mrg you all got trapped in my prank

Dp ND ap are shocked raglak are scared as sanskar is saying the truth

Lucky: Bhai shut up lets go ….. ur not gud now

Sanskar: No I am gud

Dp: lucky wait , How you meet her sanskar

Sanskar: Ho you wanna know listen then
” yesterday you ND Shekhar uncle seen Krishna nd Baldev na its we sanlak only

Dp hell shocked by knowing his naughty prank he fool them

Ap: Then how today mrg

Sanskar: Ha maa today mrg u seen sanskriti muskan ND Lakshmi muskan its too we only

Lucky closed his face in fear ” ohh no today I am died”

Dp:(angry) Is it true laksh

Lucky:( nervous ) ha papa I am sry its all his plan only ( in tears utmost)

Sanskar: Chi lucky ur 26
u grown like neem tree in our garden still ur crying in front of dad

Swara 🙁 laughed aloud ) neem tree ahh then my di palm tree ahh

Sanskar: How sad Bhabhi ur marrying him How boring he is

Rags gave a angry look at lucky ” swara come we will go it late

Swara: No I won’t come ( she holded sanskar)

Sanskar: I want swara

Rags: Swara plz come I will give lot of choclates

Swara: No I want sanskar only

Rags: Be a gud girl swara he will come later now you come

Swara:( innocently) oh really

Rags: Ha come ( both left

Dp: Take sanskar to his room

Sanskar: Noo I won’t come

Lucky: Plz come sanskar

Sanskar: No u take me ( he raised his hand in order to lift him )

Lucky: Oh no I need to carry you ha

Sanskar wrapped his legs around lucky ND lucky carried him to his room nd trowed him on bed

sanskar fallen a sleep due to hangover

swaragini room

swaragini entire room

swara; where is my sanskar

rags; ahhh sanskar sanskarrr always shut up nd sleep now

swara; (started crying ) ahhh its cheating ur too bad i hate youu mummyyy dadyyy look at diii

rags; (panic ) oh no this girl will wakeup dad nd mom also noo stop first

swara is crying loud like kid “mummy dadyyy ”

rags; swara chuppp dont cryy now ur gud girl plz stop crying

swara; my sanskar then

rags; (seen entire room nd showed huge pink teddy ) ha there is ur sanskar goo

swara ; she took teddy nd sleep by hugging it ) sanskarrrr di y is he so soft

rags; woh he is in diet for ur marriage after marriage he will be hard only now sleep

swara; i love you sanskar (she fallen asleep )

rags msg lucky ” u stupid idoit cant you dare for anything in love i hate you nd you dont be over happy that i am marrying you
untill you impress me i wont let our relation forwards ”

after seeing msg lucky fallen on bed ” this sanskar again blocked me oh noo after shaddi also i need to impress my wife ”

sanskar room

sanskar is still sleeping dp waken him up

Dp: Sanskar take this ND get ready

Sanskar: Wt is this

Dp: You had important work so you need to leave for London

Sanskar:( shocked) shaadi

Dp: Oh I had postponed you can have later

Sanskar: Noooo papa plz plz I want marriage plz Plz ( he fallen on dp feet

Dp: Arey y sanskar

Sanskar: No papa plz I want marriage

after marriage I am ready to leave for amazon forest also but not now plz

Dp: Oh but y ur only 24 y hurry ah

Sanskar: Papa woh look at my bed its laughing at mee that I am still sleeping alone

Dp: Ohh I will change bed

Sanskar: Change ur decision papa plzzzz

Dp:( laughed at his reason) oh ok I will do ur shaddi on one condition

Sanskar: Ha wt I am readyy to do anything

Dp: Oh promise me that you wont play anymore pranks on as

Sanskar:( surprising look) oh dad

Dp: Ha I will give swara na so deal ha

Sanskar got up ND hugged dp in happiness ” I love you dad ur so sweet ”

Dp: Ho ngt you said you hate mee

Sanskar: Oh sry dad but you k ow ur great prankster then mee

dp; ok take this tickets

sanskar; (shocked ) marriage na

dp; ha ha this tickets are for honeymoon

sanskar; (hugged him in excitement ) i love you more dad

Dp: Ha ha be happy always now get ready evg is ur marriage ND don’t sleep again ok

Sanskar laughed out

Rp 🙁 sathvik dad called to Shekhar) Shekhar ji I need a help from you

Shekhar: Ha wt

Rp: Can you plz make swara to sign on bail papers

Shekhar: Wt I am sry rp but no I cant risk my daughter life

Rp: My son had changed completely he wont harm ur daughter plz

Shekhar: Maybe but my swara she had faced alot of pain due to those incidents right now she is moved in so plz I cant help you

Rp: Y cant you forgive my son he did a mistake but he too had a life you said ur daughter moved on she is happy then y not my son should be happy plz understand father pain for my son

I am also a father like you

Shekhar:( thought for a while) ok rp I will talk to swara ND in 2days I will inform you

Rp: Thank you so much
They ended the call


Evg mitra mansion

grand venue fullly decorated like a heaven

Marriage rituals started and after the pooja by the grooms

now its time for the varmala (garlanding) ceremony

Sanlak are standing on the stage, waiting anxiously for their brides

Sanskaar is wearing a grey and golden sherwani

Laksh is dressed in a royal blue sherwani while

Both are looking e handsome…

Just then Swaragini enter the mandap along with their friends

Ragini dressed in blue n golden lehenga… n Swara in red lehenga with golden thread work throughout… their dresses completely

Now both the couples are standing face to face with each other
First, SanLak put the garlands on Swaragini respectively…

Now it’s the Swaragin’s turn Ragini puts the garland on Laksh

nd next swara she is short nd she could not reach him nd her dress is heavy too sanskar bended down upto her height swara placed the garland on sanskar with loads of happiness

Swara adorns Sanskaar’s neck with the garland…

Everyone laughed ” arey sanskar if you bend now u need to bend life long ”

Sanskar: I am ready to place my heart under her feet for rest of my life

Swara felt very happy she is speechless after seeing his love

Everyone present there claps and cheers for them…

Swasan and Raglak are sitting next to each other in the mandap with their hands onto the other’s Sharmishtha does the gathbandhan for Raglak and Swasan

Panditji: Now, all of u please stand up for the pheras

And both of them complete the seven rounds around the fire with Swara by holding each other Sanskaar’s

Then Sanlak fill Swaragini’s hairline with the sindoor and adorn their necks with the Mangalsutra (its gifterd by sanskar only )

Swara is having happy tears in her eyes

and the panditji declares them husband n wife

Its time for sendoff ( I know its funny for then there mansions are side by side its not a distance but routines naa need to perform

Sumi ND Shekhar with happiness gave a sendoff traditionally she is about to get in car

Swara stop ND looked at sumi ” maa y ur nit crying”

Everyone are shocked with swara question

Sumi: Y should I cry

Swara: Maa woh I seen in a serial where girl is going to her Sasural her mom cried ND even girl too then y ur not doing ahh

Every one laughed out aloud ” arey they cry bcoz they are parted away but here in our case its normal place for you both you romed in that house too from childhood soo

We are happy that ur got gud Sasural

Swasan ND raglak left to maheswari mansion ND they performed all rituals of gruhapraves nd all they took blessing from god

After sometime they had dinner sanskar seen swara beside him she is not eating anything

Sanskar: Swara eat y ur not having

Swara:( nervous ) woh I am so happy so I am not hungry

Sanskar: Ho but eat you need energy as tonight is our suhgraat na soo

Swara got fully nervous she is happy for marriage but she had some nervousness too

All had dinner ND about to leave to there respectively rooms

Dp ND ap left to mitra mansion as they wanna give privacy to both couples

Sanskar: Bhai one minute I had gift for you both

Raglak ” wttt gift

Sanskar took a pen drive see this tonight its a gift

Raglak: Wt is there in this pen drive

Sanskar: Ur past now turn it into further babhi

Ok gud ngt happy ngt bhai

Sanskar left to his room

Precap: Swasan half suhgraat ND a huge shockk for all

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