******#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-71*********


(guys i am happy with ur responce on my ff nd i know u felt bad for ending this even i feel same but i need to leave for abroad by oct it takes utmost one month for comeback so i dont wanna make you wait so i am ending i already posponed my travel once if i do again i will be fired out 😉 dont worry i will try my best to make you happy in this 5 parts only enjoy )

recap; swasan sangeet nd mehandi sanlak dog run 😉

***********episode starts ***********

sanskar took his ph nd started clicking selfisie while running

lucky; wt ur doing in such a stupid situatio too ur horriable

sanskar; bhai we cant get such stuitations all the time na so enjoy thrill

lucky; (still running ) thrill god knows if it bites we will die

both are running faster nd faster

sanskar seen the wall of pool side he jumped on wall all of sudden “bhai jump this fast :

lucky;u monkey u can jump as its ur hobbie then how can i
sanskar gave his hand nd pulled him up

Both got down from wall ND there stood in pool side

Lucky: Wah bhai got saved

Sanskar: Ya but my swara

Lucky: I cant risk again plz u nd ur love ur planning to kill me ah no
Come to room we will sleep its better

Sanskar: Bhai plz
Its thrilling na anyway

Lucky: Thrill ah its killing yar from now I hate temple run game too its like angry birds

While they are busy dp ND Shekhar seen this too I Krishna ND bal ram costumes they couldn’t identity them as sanlak

Sanskar:( whispered ) bhaii dad dad see

Lucky:( he got scared papaaa noo I am dead

Sanskar idiot he cant recognize as lets enjoy this prank on them too

Lucky: If we got caught

Sanskar: You may but I cant so follow me u will get lot of thrill

Lucky : Nodded yes ND meanwhile Shekhar ND dp came towards Krishna ND balram I.e sanlak

Dp: ( confused) app

Sanskar: Baktha dp

Dp ND Shekhar are shocked ” how you know my name ”

Sanskar: Ha ha bagwan Ho sab janthi hai na Shekhar

Both are shocked ND lucky is unable to control laugh

Dp: Krishna ji app saach

Sanskar too controlling his laughing �

Sanskar: Ahh its mee

Both are discussing in meanwhile lucky pH ringed ” dink chika ding Chika Dink Chikaah ah ah — ringtone

Dp ND Shekhar sanlak are shocked

sanskar; hoo noo cant you keep ur ph silent

meanwhile sanskar ph to ringed out
ringtone – Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin

Tere bin, tere bin..

pa pa pa….

everyone are shocked

Dp realised its a prank but he could not know its sanlak

dp; kyun ho tum who are you

sanskar; merii pyar ke binaa

Dp: (shouted ) Guardsssss

Sanskar : (shouted ) Runnnn betaaa runnn both runned dp ND Shekhar are unable to caught both hiddenly runned into there room nd sanskar when to wash room sanskar ones his shower ND cleaned his colour on body ND come out after cleaning every mark ND lucky to did same ND got dressed in normal jump suit ND tshirt

Someone knocked door its dp

Sanskar opened door innocently ” kya Hua papa

Dp: Do anyone came this side

Sanskar:( innocently) noo y

Dp: Ntg

Sanskar: Ok gud ntg

Dp: Wtt its only 7.30 wt gud ngt now

Sanskar ‘ woh na ngt party so we cant get time so sleeping today

Dp: Ok lock ur door properly

Sanskar : Ok dad tc ( he locked the door ND took deep breath )

Lucky: Wah today we lived great you nd ur pranks

Now gud ngt

Sanskar: Oh wt gud ngt its only 7.30 ND I can’t sleep until I met my love

Lucky: No yar its risky y ur so stubborn

Sanskar: If we love anyone we need to risk ok

lucky; you risk ,my run is over i have no energy plz you better wait for some time swara will meet you on terrace plz no more risk for today

sanskar; ok tomorrow we will risk now sleep

swasan ngt the spoken to eachother from there balcony he said his funny act nd dog run they kept on talking for hrs nd hrs still mrg they slept in balcony only respectively

next mrg


Everyone is enjoying n busy in teasing Sanskaar n Laksh…
ap dips her hand in haldi n applies it on Sanskaar’s cheeks

After haldi ceremony… they left to rooms

dp; have ashower nd come down

sanskar; no we need to sleep

dp; how much time you will ahh

sanskar; ha i need to look handsome na soo need to rest much

dp nd ap gave a strange look sanlak left

swaragini haldi

Everyone is enjoying nd kavitha is happy for swara alot

After haldi ceremony… they left to rooms

in sanskar room

san-get ready bhai we need to go to mm

lucky; again now ah

san- ha haldi na dont you wanna apply to ur love

lucky; ha but risk

You love rags or not its ur opinion but I love my swara so I wanna capture this

Lucky: Oh great Say wts plan of today

Sanskar : Have this gurka

Lucky: Wt Gurkhaaa

Sanskar yes bhai its ur coustom today noone will harm as I had called taxi too

Lucky: Taxi for mitra mansion ah

Sanskar : Ha yesterday dogs gave thrill na soo full plan today

Sanlak got ready in gurkaa (covered completely top to bottom even face with veil only eyes are visible

ND left to mitra mansion secretly

Mitra mansion

Sanlak entered in Gurkha all the laddies are shocked to see them as its extra ordinary thing

Sanskar:(female tone) Nameskarr sumi ji

Sumi: Namestee kyun Ho app

Lucky: La…. mahes…. (sanskar interputed )

Sanskar: Lakshmi muskan , meri naam sanskriti muskan

Sumi : (surprised )Wt ur Muslims na wt that names

Sanskar: Woh actually my mom is Hindu ND dad Muslim its love marriage so with love they named him
I mean her name lakshmi muskan

Meri naam sanskriti muskan

Sumi ND ap ” ohhhh

Sumi: How you know swara

Laksk: Rags too(sanskaer stepped on his feet )

Ap: Oh how you know them

Sanskar: Woh we are school mates

Sumi: Oh school mates ah gud come I will take you to swaragini

They left to meant them
In rags room after haldi cermony they are about to go for bath but its stopped by ap ND sumi ND sanlak

Sumi: Swara u had ur frnds

Swara ND rags are confused to see too girls in gurka fully in veli top to bottom cover ? Who are they

Sumi: Lakshmiiii muskan ND sanskriti muskan

Swaragini are shocked to her this confused names

Sanskar: ( in female tone) may you forgot swara I am ur best frnd in class 5th

Swara : Wt 5th ah

Ap: Yes but how you remember her home as so after long time

Sanskar : Maa

All are shocked as he called her maa in male voice only rags got some doute

Sanskar: ( woh swara ke maa meri be maa na

Rags : ( teasingly) Ho then swara ke papa

Lucky: Meri papa

Rags: Swara ke masi

Lucky: Ha meri masu

Rags: Oh swara ke pati

Lucky : Without thinking meri bhi pati

Sanskar stepped on lucky foot lucky shout ND realised his words” ohhh nooo

Sanskar: Hindu Muslim bhai bhai swara pati teri bhaiii

Lucky: Ha ha swara pati meri bhaii.

Swara could feel his touch she under stood meaning oh msg he wanna say

She hugged hard ” ohhh my frnddddd I love you so much

Every one are surprised to see her excitement sanskar hugged back

Rags: Swaraaa

Swara broken hug nd

Rags:( whispered) do remembered them ahh

Swara: Arey idoit this is my sanskar ND that is ur laksh

Rags: Wttt

Sumi: Y ur shouting ragini

Swara: Woh I said a funny screat of our school day soo

Sanskar: Maa can you get some water

Sumi: Oh sry beti I forgot this I will get

Sanskar; no sent with some other

Sumi: Whyy

Sanskar: Woh ngt marriage na you may have some works na soo

Swara: I will take care oh them maa you leave

Sumi left

Swara dragged sanskar to balcony side

She removed the veil on sanskar ” oh my cute sanskar ur pranks are amazing ”

She kissed his cheeks

Sanskar : Ya its thrilling tooo my love I just wanna make every moment memorable

Swara: Oh its really enjoyed I love you only one day for shaddi

Sanskar: Yes I am counting hrs ND seconds too

Swara: Ohhh y mintues also

Sanskar: For suhagrat

Saying this he traces his fingers on her face starting from her forehead down to her lips Swara closes her eyes n smiles… Sanskaar rubs his nose with hers She opens her eyes n blushes…
He leans down towards her by nuzzing his nose on her neck senously is about to kiss her when he is stopped by shout

its kavitha she seen swasan from back as sanskar in gurka she thought its girl nd swara is doing this with girl

kavitha shockeddd “nooooooo she fainted again 😉

swasan turned side to see nd seen kavitha fallen on floor

swara ; oh this girl always falls (she took water nd sprikined on her face

kavitha; swara are you ok

swara; wt i should ask you this question

kavitha; oh wt ur doing here ahh i had fallen by ur act only

swara; wt i did now

kavitha; you are with (meanwhile sanskar disturbed)

sanskar ; lifted his vei;l ) behana its mee ur bhaiii dont you have manner ur disturbing ur bhai romance

kavitha; chiii idoit is it way to come nd romance i just utmost died

sanskar; ohh but wt to do my htler dad is not letting me so

kavitha got up swasan kavtha ,raglak they are teasig eachother sumi nd ap came with plate of sweets

sumi ; have this sweets nd take some rest

sanskar; (female tone) no maa we need to leave now

sumi; wt then marriage

sanskar; woh we are going to my place so we attended haldi cermony

sumi; ho wt is ur place

sanskar ; shaadikistan (raglak swara nd kavitha brust in laugh but controlled )

sumi; (confused ) where that place is it in world map

sanskar; haa its in b/w india nd pak lovely place

sumi ;hoo gud i never heard

sanskar ; ok anuty you will come soon to that place

swara; (whispered to sanskar; wts that place

sanskar; shaadikistan (shaadi +satan) place of marriage darling

swara; wowww

sumi; atleast have some sweets (sanlak took sweets but they not ate )

sumi; u can remove your veil only ladies are present here

swaragini ;; (shouted ) nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

sumi ; shocked ‘ wt y noo

sanskar; hoo woh anuty we should not show or face to others only our husband should see asss

sumi; hoo

sanlak said bye to sumi nd swaragini nd left mm in taxi in taxi they removed gurka nd place it in bag nd from back door of masion they left to there room

Bachelor party; farm house

All there frnds arrived including kavitha ND Rahul

They enjoyed alot

Rahul: Sanskar y cant you have a drink

Sanskar: No I had stopped drinking

Rahul: Wt before marriage only restrictions

Sanskar: No its care my swara do ND its my love to obey her

All the frnd shouted ” ohhhhh

Rahul got seen sanskar opening a coke tin

Rahul took a tablet ND screately mixed it I coke

Sanskar unknown had 3silps of it ND he placed it in mibble b/ w swara

Swara she took the coke tin ND had 2silps

By such exchange both swasan had it completely

they enjoyed alot after its utmost 12 durg started reacting

They lost there sense ND speaker out out they felt

Raglak seen swasan in drunken state

Rags: Swaraaaa wt

Lucky: Bhaiii (both had fallen )

Rags: Lets go to mm for anti dode

They left to mm

Mansion gate

Rags: You see then I will come with tablt

swasan got up nd started walking towards mansion which is not noticed by lucky

they are walking unstabily by falling on eachother

sanskar while walking there is fountain which sprinked water on san

sanskar; (unstable ) swara its raining

swara; oh no its raining i dont have umberalla (she cried childishly )

sanskar; dont worry i will stop rain

swara; wt how

sanskar; say my dad name it will stop in fear

both laughed out aloud

sanskar; come we will go home

they left inside lucky seen this nd rushed at there back to stop then

they got in accidently an vase had fallen on floor by that sound dp nd ap came out from there room

where as swasan they are off sense they found a water small pool its for flower decoration only in middle of mansion

sanskar got into water its upto ther ankles ; wt is this rain is inside hom,e

swara; arey sanskar its pool

sanskar; (shouted ) who is the fool built this pool in middle of home

swara; (by placing her finger ) shuuu ur papa my here

sanskar; fool, nd pool wt a rhyming na

they both laughed aloud dp heard every thing there are shocked to see them in drunken state nd dp is angry tooo

dp; (shouted)msanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

screen freezed

precap; sanskar explains his prank to dp in off sense much fun nd swasan grand wedding


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