******#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-70*********


recap; swasan engagement nd swara prank

***********episode starts ***********

Days are passing sanskar is struggling to meet swara but dp ND Shekhar are strict In this

They are speaking in pH hours ND hrs but watching each other fron there respectively room balcony


in jail

sathvik ; in tears ) bhai plz i had changed plz trust me get me out of this jail plz

sonthosh; (feeling sad ) sathvik plz dont cry i will think

sathvik; no bhai plz get me out atleast for few days i cant leave here plz get me bail

sonthosh; even we want you sathvik but swara should sign on ur bail papers orelse u cant come out

sathvik; u convice her bhai plzzz plzz i wont harm harm i wont even be in mumbai i will be in kerala only plzz

sonthosh; ok sathvik you relax i will talk to dad about this

sathvik; ha fast plz i am missing our home

sonthosh; ha i know even mom is crying for youuu you take care ok i will bring you out soon

sathvik nodded in tears nd sonthosh left

sathvik; (evilly laughing ) poor bhaiyya he trusted me he just look alike me but dont he know how dangerous i amm

i won’t leave you swara you will pay for all the deeds you did
(shouted like mad ) i won’t leave you


Finally he got chance to meet in same mansion 😉

As its there sangeet ceremony

He is hyper-excited �

Its a bright full evg bcoz there happiness is more then anything

All the arrangement are made for sangeet ND maheswari mansion is decrocrad fully with beautiful lights ND flowers �

Sanskar got ready in blue sherwani ND swara in pink half saree

Raglak in brown sherwani ND rags pink

Sanskar starring swara ND messaged her ” ur amazing my love ”

Swara 🙁 blushing ND rly) oh really even ur are

Sanskar : Oh can I have a kiss then

Swara:( widened her mouth after seeing msg she replied) ahh ur dad ND my dad will give you

Sanskar: ( angry) ha anyway today I cant miss this

Swara: Ho really ok done u get permission from ur dad then I will give

Sanskar: Wt you think they will ha

Swara: No na so seat straight an enjoy our sangeet sweetheart

Sanskar: No way I cant accept this wait nd watch how I will

Swara: Ha try karo all the best

While there are chatting in pH nd blushing dp seen sanskar

Dp: Sanskar wt ur doing in pH its ur sangeet so be live not online ok

Swara laughed by hearing dp words sanskar face is pale

Swara gave a funny expression

Sanskar here we are its boring to see this all we will start with songs ND end with dance wt say

sanskar;’ lets boys nd girls get divided from our boys team we sing a song nd from girls team one should continue the song ”
vise versa from girls team will see who will win
boys vs girls (everyone shouts lets start)

both girls nd boys got seprated nd arranged themselves in opposite direction face to face

Every one are excited

shekhar,dp lucky,sanskar,rahul all are male lead

swara ,rags,kavitha, priya all are female leads

Sanskar: We will start with our Shekhar uncle meri pyarri mama ji

Shekhar: Wt me ah noo no dp u start first

Dp: Laughed ah no we both today I am more happy so we will both

Shekhar ya they sang a song

“Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar tera saath na chhodenge… ”

Sumi ND ap ; hoo then wt about ur wife’s is there any love left for ur wife’s

Shekhar ND dp ;(smiled) ha ha ur other half our frnd ship Is from our childhood but our marriage is 26 yrs back naa

Sumi ND ap gave angry expression

Sanskar: Dad ur died tonight ur trying to play with fire it will burn you

Every one laughed aloud

Swara: Ho even u boys na always say this then y you always want to marry fire ah

Sanskar: Oh its we love to play with fire only without fire there is no exitence na you girls are life naa

all the ladies had fallen for sanskar

lucky;’ arey bhai ur in our team y ur praising them

sanskar; haa i am like sri krishna i always support ladies first

lucky; haa it means you filrit with all

lucky ;(shouted ) arey swara listen wt ur sanskar saying he is like krishna ji

swara; wt say clear

lucky ; it means he will marry other 7 more girls after ur marriage

swara; (angry ) wtttttt

sanskar; (covered his face ) oh no this idoit fixed me on fire

lucky; yes swara he said me now only

swara gave angry look to sanskar nd signed him ” later i will say ”

sanskar; (in mind) oh no she took serious ah ?
no my swara won’t take anyway better keep a fire engine for safety

lucky; (teasingly ) bhaiiiiiiiiiiii abb support karo na ladies koo

sanskar; hitted him on shoulder ) you idoit already i am dying to meet my love nd you made angry i will show you wt it mean

sanskar msgged swara: i am sry darling its just joke

swara; seen but not rly threw ph a side just to irritate him

lucky turn to sign after lot of thinking “sab tera -song ”

finally sanskar got a idea to cool her he got up nd left to ramu out which made swara shock

all are enjoying but not swara she is missing sanskar but sanskar is absent she is about to get up nd leave

suddenly lights got off only one spot light is on on middle of royal hall

a voice ; i am using her idea only but my feelings are true sweet heart this song is for you

swara ;(shocked) sanskarrrrr(yes its sanskar )

song from movie mr.india ; I Love You

Sanskar in lovely tone

Kaate Nahi Katate Ye Din Ye Raat, Kehni Thi Tumse Jo Dil Ki Baat Kaate Nahi Katate Ye Din Ye Raat, Kehni Thi Tumse Jo Dil Ki Baat
(These days and nights are not passing even when I wish so,
I wanted to tell You the talk of my heart)

Lo Aaj Main Kehta Hoon……………………….
(And now, I am saying this)

sanskar gave a space just he want swara too join him

swara is on cloud nine she wanna join but she wanna tease him too

Sanskar winked at swara

Swara:( in mind) he is so sharp ah I love it how far he will stop loving mee

Swara:( sang continuation)

Koyi Nahi Bas Tum Ho Saath, Kehni Thi Tumse Jo Dil Ki Baat (x2)
There’s no one else, just You are with me, I wanted to tell You the talk of my heart
Lo Aaj Main Kehti Hoon… ………..
(And now, I am saying this)

Sanskar 🙁 this girl is not ready to express its ok sometimes I should get a step forward let her win

I Love You
I Love You, I Love You
I Love You, I Love You
I Love You, I Love You
I Love You, I Love You

(he moved towards her ) I love youuuu

Swara:( replied in song while blushing ) I love youuuuuu

sanskar ; (by holding her hands )
Jab Aa Hi Gayi Main Paas Tere, Keh Doon Jo Dil Mein Hai Mere

(When I have come near You, let me tell You what’s inside my heart)
Lo Aaj Mai Kahati Hoon…
(And now, I am saying this)
I Love You I Love You, I Love You
I Love You, I Love You

swara ; (happiness is out of world she hugged him infront o0f everyone )

I Love You i Love You I Love You, I Love You
I Love You, I Love Youuu

Both lost in each other eyes

Everyone claps ND makes them alert

Lucky: Even I love youuuu rags

Shekhar: Ahem she so we are marring you

Everyone laughs

after lot of time

Everyone on the dance floor everyone joined swasan

While everyone are busy in dancing ND enjoying

Sanskar got right chance he dragged swara to a side

Swara: Arey sanskar anyone will see

Sanskar: They are busy nd you stop wasting my time every second is valuable for nee ( he hugged her tight )

Swara: Enjoyed ( she hugged her back )

Sanskar: I missed you cute lovely hug from week

Swara: Ohh even I missed

Sanskar: He raised his head ND kissed her forehead) I know my love

He stated at her face lovely by caressing her cheeks

Sanskar captured her lips in sec swara too reciprocated him its short ND sweet

Swara: Arey sanskar its enough now leave dad may come plz

Sanskar is not ready to leave he is kissing her neck continuously

Swara blushing ” arey sanskar just 2more days after our marriage every thing is urs ”

Sanskar ( stopped teasing ND whispered) oh really darling

Swara: Yes I belong to you always

Sanskar” oh but for our suhgrat also you where half saree only ”

Swara: Wttt but kavitha said that boys only like girls in short dresses

Sanskar:( shocked) wttt you girls discuss such things also

Swara:( bended her head in shyness) woh actually sometimes accidently she said

Sanskar: Ha ha � I love you in this dresses too anyways ur not comfortable in short dresses na

suddenly they heard a sound of falling a vase swaan got alret

swara; sanskar you go fast i will folow on back

sanskar left nd swara is feeling someone presence there but unable to find anyone

swara settled her dress nd left down


Mehandi cermony next evg

Mitra mansion sanlak had given strict warning by sumi ND ap no entry for sanlak for this as its only for ladies

Swara ND rags came down from room nd mehandi cermony had started all the ladies nd swaragini frnds are enjoying it with lovely songs ND funny teasings ND swaragini where blusing

Sanskar room

Sanskar is very much excited to know wts happening in mitra mansion
Even lucky is curious but he sat quite ND watching movie in his lappy

Sanskar: Bhai dont you wanna know wts happening in mitra mansion

Lucky: Ha I am also excited but wt can we do

Sanskar thought for a while he got a naughty idea

I will come is some time you wait here we will go to mm

Lucky: Really but you should not trap me ok

Sanskar: Ha I will try who knows wt situation comes

Lucky: No then I won’t

Sanskar: Ok ur wish I am going that’s finnal I lo e my swara so I can risk

Lucky: Ha even I love my rags I can risk more then you

Sanskar: That’s like my bhai now wait I will come in 20 mins

After sometime sanskar comes with suitcase nd makeup box

Lucky: Wts this
Sanskar setting bhai no one should caught as so I am planning something new

Lucky: It means you will make me where saree ahh

Sanskar: Chiii u got spoiled by movies ND I always do innovation na so now we will go as we are with light touch up with traditional customs

Lucky: ( confused look) wt you mean

Sanskar gave a dress to lucky its shining in gold colour ” go change fast ”

Lucky left inside to change in meanwhile sanskar too changed he dressed him self as god Krishna he coloured him self in blue colour ND he is wearing a green dhoti ND fully decorated in jewellery he got its costumesof godi i mean drama costumes 😉

Lucky: ( shocked ) he just fallen on feet of sanskar ” oh Krishna ji I never prayed but you came for me ”

Sanskar:( laughing mady ) ahh wts ur wish bhakta

Lucky: My only wish is rags I just want my life with her

Sanskar: Hoo its granted bhakta

Lucky: Hoo but Krishna ji ur language is Sanskrit na how ur skeaping in English

Sanskar: On the way I mean a American devotee like you
Anyway gods know all languages

Lucky: Oh ur great god god is great

Sanskar (laughed out aloud ) bhai its me see properly sanskar

Lucky:( got up from down) u idoit ha

Sanskar: Sry just kidding

Now we are done ok bal ram bhaiyya we will go

They both left maheswari mansion in get up of Krishna ND bal Rama

Sanskar is holding a flute they secretly left mansion ND started walking to mitra mansion as they need to go round to reach main gate of mansion

They are about to reach mansion but in mean while a huge dog blocked there way

Sanlak as shocked to see the dog

Dog barked bavvv bavvv

Dog felt strange by the dressing of sanlak it felt them as thief

Lucky:( nervous) bhai lets go away

Sanskar: No lucky its just feeling as like gods its all respect

Lucky:no its like angry too

Sanskar:( to dog) shu shu get lost

Dog: Its angry raised it barked more louder” bav bav

Lucky ‘afraid bhai ur spoiling its mood

Sanskar: Its may be communication problem let me try in its language

Lucky: Its dangerous
Sanskar wait ( he bended infront of dog )

This lines are spoken to dog 😉

Bow bow bow ( Pl leave as)

Bow bow boww ( we had important work )
Dog is still not ready

Sanskar -(tears )
Bow bow bowww ah baww ( tomorrow is my marriage)
Bow bow ( I wanna meet my love)
Bow bow bow ( give as way )

Dog left the place sanskar got up with happy ness ND they again started walking but holding his flute

Suddenly sanskar seen something ND stemmed” ba ba

Lucky: Wt ba dog left na

Sanskar: See that ( he started running back by holding hid dhoti nd flute )

Lucky seen a group of dogs running towards them like angry lions

Sanskar:( lucky run run

Lucky:( shocked he started running fast ) bhai yeh tune kya kiya

Sanskar while running communication back fired

Accidently they crossed Maheshwari mansion gate also in fear of dog

Sanskar: Oh no we crossed our gate now we need to rotate again

Lucky: No u idoit I trusted you I cant run any more

Sanskar: If not you will be dinner for those dogs

Lucky: Bhai plz think

Sanskar: Chup karo imagine it as temple run u playing in room na this dogs are dragon. ND ur warrior now run9he runned more fast as dogs are about to caught him

sanskar took his ph nd started clicking selfisie while running

lucky; wt ur doing in such a stupid situatio too ur horriable

sanskar; bhai we cant get such stuitations all the time na so enjoy thrill

lucky; (still running ) thrill god knows if it bites we will die

both are running faster nd faster

screen freezed on running sanlak nd chasing dogs

precap; swasan haldi ceremony nd bachelor party fun on funn much more thrill 😉

guys i had a sad news to my lovely commenters nd one gud news for all silent readers nd it is i am sorry to say but finally i gonna end my ff by part 75 or 76 so i am giving long long parts as treat so enjoy this nd plz share ur views tata bye

keep smiling


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