*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-69*****


Really sry to make you wait but i am triedd soo kindly accept this

recap; Swasan prank on raglak silly fights

********episode starts ********

Its a beautiful day as its dream day for swasan even for raglak too

Both the mansions are fully decorated with lighting ND flowers

Mitra mansion
Engagement gonna held there so all the guests arrived ND Shekhar, sumi, dp ND ap are busy in receiving guests

Everyone are eagerly waiting for couples ND finally swasan ND raglak came out
They started to come down on steps
Sanskar is red sherwani ND swara in red saree gifted by sanskar but its secret

sanskar;(whispered) your looking beatiful my love

swara; (blushing ) ha even ur

sanskar; oh really great i am excited

swara; i am more excited then anything

while they are blabbering shekhar interpreted “u can talk later first come down fast
swasn got alert nd came down

shekhar; ok ladies nd gentleman today i am more happy then my daughters bcoz our 40yrs of frndship gonna change into relation thats all bcoz of my sweet daughter they chosen right persons in there life

so today before this event i gonna announce something gud it is

everyone are excited to listen

shekhar; my share i.e 50% of m nd m group is gonna hand overed to sanskar here after sanskar is whole nd sole owner of m nd m group

everyone are happy but sanskar is shocked
swara just remembered sathvik words on property nd all

shekhar; nd rest of all property belong to raglak

sanskar; noo i don’t want this

everyone gave a shocking expression towards sanskar

shekhar; no sanskar ur capable to manage this

sansakr; ha i am capable but i only want swara ntg more then that

shekhar; but sanskar its ur right any father will do this while marriage of daughters

sanskar; may be uncle but i dont wanna accept this at any cost if you really respect me so take back this

swara is happy with sanskar words

shekhar ; its ok sanskar i will have them with me only but anyday it belong to you both its not only a company its our frndship its our hardwork so we are wishing to gift this but your not ready

nd it should be inheritance for ur next generation

swasan nd raglak noddes in postive
everyone are happy

sooo finally its time for engagement

It was the most awaited moment which everyone were been waiting for after a sweet ring exchange of Ragini Laksh now it was the time for the ring ceremony of our dear Swara Sanskaar and the rings were been brought to them and Sanskaar slowly taking Swara’s hand slid out the ring into her finger connecting them by heart placed a gentle kiss on her hand and Swara took the ring and slid it into Sanskaar’s finger making them officially Swasan now

everyone claps

Sanskar kissed swara ring finger but holding her hand everyone are surprised to see this

Everyone are starring swasan in teasing way

Rags whispered” see ur bhai how romantic he is ”

Lucky: Oh really I am more romantic then him ( he suddenly kissed her cheek) swara seen this

Rags’ idiot wt ur doing if anyone sees

Lucky : Noone seen

Swara: ( shouted) I seen everything

Raglak shocked Shekhar: Wt you seen swara

Swara : Woh jijuuuu

Lucky:( tensed) noo ntg uncle she is just blabbering

Swara: Ho I am blabbering ahh dad woh lucky k….( words are cutted by rags)

Rags; dad woh she asked chocolate I said no so she is complaining you

Swara: Noo dad

Rags:( whispered) arey swara allready you both embarrassed as so much not again plz forget wt you saw

Swara: Oh wt for mee.

Rags: Anythingi will do

Swara: Ok done sanskar you use this life line

Sanskar winked at swara your turning naughtyday by day

Swara: Ur company affect I love it

————unknown place

person entered in jail “sathvik how is ur jail life ‘

sath; amar i am waiting for you only (amar is person who helped sath once in office he is swara clz frnd but enemy too)

amar; today is swasan engagement

sathvik; (shocked) wt

amar; yes nd shekhar had named entire m nd m group on his name

sathvik; wt but swara is his daughter na

amar; yes but swara is not interested in this so everything is for sanskar in 10 days they gonna marry

sathvik; (raged in angry) noo its cant happennnnn

amar; stay cool sathvik we tried to kill him but he missed

sathvik; i hate it
here i am struggling behind bars nd they are enjoying i can’t see there happiness
i wanna destroy them

Amar; oh but its hard

sath; (angry ) dont you dare to say no to mee orelse i will kill you

amar; ho don’t you dare to warn me nd just remember onething there is no one to support you even ur family is aganist you so better lower ur voice

sath; ok i will give as much money as you want but i wanna be out of jail

amar; ha i will help you even i have profit in this

sath; confused) wt profit

amar; (evil smile) in my clz days i loved swara but see seen me as frnd one day i confessed her but she rejected me nd insulted me by that from that day i am waiting to seek revenge from her today i got the chance

i want her to lose ,i want her to cry ,i want her life her dreams everything to destroy
sath; oh even i want it ok from now we are partners

amar; ok done i had a plan to get you out of jail

sathvik; i had plan to destroy sanskar fame

both exchanged there plans

mitra mansion

everyone are busy in guests whole day he did not got chance to meet swara nd its the next day
sanskar is starved to meet swara nd finally he got chance

sanskar singed swara to come to his room nd he left to maheswari mansion

swara diverted everyone nd left to sanskar

in sanskar room asap swara came towards door sanskar pulled her inside

swara; (shocked) arey sanskar i am here only y ur so hurry

sanskar; are you happy swara

swara; ha more happy

sanskar; even I am happy i am the happiest person in the world

swara; ha i am luckiest girl in who universe

sanskar; (teasingly ) oh then let me have some luck (he lened towards her but swara pushed him nd runned out while blushing nd sanskar chased her

suddenly sanskar holded swara nd dragged her inside a room (its dp room )

sanskar; today its special day so i need treat
anyways i am ur half husband

swara; (wrapped her hands around his neck ) oh aadha pati if you wont leave anyone my come

sanskar;no everyone are busy in ur mm

swara; ho really even i need you badly so lets do it

sanskar; (widened his mouth ) really

swara; (teasingly) ha don’t you trust me its ok let me do just wait nd watch
(she removed her hoodies zip )

sanskar;(shocked) wt ur doing

swara; u only asked na now come we will cross limits

sanskar; wttt cro cross limits ahh are you alright shall i call rags

swara; ha i am perfect y rags now i just need you

sanskar; wt are you serious you know wt you mean

swara; ha i know come y ur wasting time now we had only 1hr

sanskar; (shock nd confused utmost crying ) swaraaaaaaaaaaa i cant belive

swara; (she gave peck on his lips which made him, shock) now got answer na (she pushed him on bed nd thrown hoodies on sanskar face)

sanskar; swara u got spoiled

swara; ha u only spoiled mee

sanskar; wt i spoiled you

swara; ha you did not stop stupid discuss i hate wasting time

sanskar; swara nooo noo ur crazyy

swara;yes i am (she pulled him towards her nd whispered by opening his top buttons of shirt ) sanskarrrr shall i

sanskar is speechless he is completed wetted in sweat he never seen this shade of swara in life nd he never expected too πŸ˜‰

swara; (sat on bed ) see you got sweated it means even you can cross limits easily as i cant but you always play stupid pranks on me to give heart attatck how is my prank so better dont try pranks on me nd its tit for tact as you gave me injection na romanticly so i gave heart attact more romantically

sanskar; (got up with jerk ) ho no its a prankk my heart just skipped from my place

swara; ha ha i love it

sanskar; oh really (he moved towards her nd trowed pillow on her nd both fallen on bed nd sanskar is causing tickles to her nd swara is laughing uncontrollably “sanskar no plz stop i cant laugh

Sanskar just lost in her he is staring at her

After a while swara realized it he moved close to her ND pinned her hands on bed ND he leaned towards her

Swara: Sanskar noo its not right place stop there

Sanskar: I had never fixed any place so don’t disturb

Sanskar kissed her cheek

Swara seen the wall beside them ND relised it as dp room

” Sa Sa sanskar its uncle room ”

Sanskar: Did not heard clear) wtever a room only na ( he continued his teasing swara left quite)

Suddenly a voice in angry tone shouted ” sanskarrr

sanskar; (still kissing nd nuzzuled her on nape ) y ur voice is hard

swara ; seen dp standing near door (she tried to push but sanskar is no mood )

dp; (raised voice ) sanskarrrrrrr

sanskar heard this ND got up from bed in shock

Sanskar: D.. Daddd app yahhh

Yes its dp

Dp: Ha its my room you not even know where you are

Sanskar:( seen the room ) woh nooo

Dp: Wt u both are doing here

Sanskar:( embrassed ) dad woh actually

Swara: ( innocently) look at ur son uncle I said its not gud to do all this before wedding but he don’t listening mee

Sanskar widened his mouth in shock ( in mind) this girl is planning to kill me )

Dp: Is it true sanskar

Sanskar is blank she seen swara I question mark expression 😐

Swara winked at him;-)

Dp: Sanskar its really wrong nd from today ur not gonna meet each other until ur marriage

ND sanskar you you should not go to mitra mansion nd swara you too

Not in office also so keep this in mind ND now leave

Sanskar: Dad its not fare I cant leave without talking to her

Dp: Who said not to talk
U had pH she had pH bill will be paid by company only na use as much as you want

Sanskar shocked he gave pleasing expression

Dp: Wt ever ur feeling I am not gonna change its finall now swara you come with mee

swara; (innocently) then raglak uncle

dp; ha this rule for all four

Dp took swara with him ND swara turned back ND winked at sanskar ND left

Sanskar hell irritated with this he sat on bed

He got a msg its swara” how is my prank got caught na so bear the punishment πŸ˜‰

Screen freezed

precap; swasan sangeet nd mehandi

nd plz leave your valuable feedback

keep smiling πŸ™‚

tata bye πŸ˜‰


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