*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-68*****


recap; SANSKAR SURPRISE CONFESSION nd swasan romance

********episode starts ********

Sanlak room

Sanskar: Bhai I am sorry for mrg but plz understand na

Lucky:(angry) Don’t u have any limit in stupidity wts that watergun setting ah bcoz of that only we fought nd mom caught as

Sanskar; sry bhai Plz plz

Lucky: Its ok I know u will never change nd by way way wt you did in ngt ha

Sanskar blushing” stop it bhai ”

Lucky:( teasingly) say na kuch Hua ? Bolo na

Sanskar: Ha not more Toda Toda

Lucky: Ur really lucky ah not bad

Sanskar: Even ur lucky bhai nd today we will spend our Sunday in our farmhouse

Lucky: Farm house again ah no I wont don’t u remember rags slapped mr

Sanskar: Ntg happens now even we both are na

Lucky: Ok ur sure na

Sanskar: Ya sure afternoon we will leave

Sanskar left to farm house for his plan
He purchased some horror movie DVD s nd a projector nd some stuff nd two devil masks

Afternoon all four left to farm house

They enjoyed a lot still evg its 7 they all are watching movie

Sanskar signed swara to take rags mobile
Swara secretly took her mobile

sanskar changed the remote he kept orginal remote with him nd dummy on table infront of rags

Sanskar already took laksh pH nd took its battery

Sanskar: Bhai woh I wanna go out for a drive with swara u both enjoy

Raglak: We will also come na

Sanskar: Noo u should not

Rags: Y

Sanskar: Woh its drive we need privacy

Rags: Oh swara u wanna go

Swara: Ha I want to go u enjoy with ur lucky

Swasan left nd raglak are watching movie suddenly power gone tv to got off

Rags: Wt happened lucky how power gone we had generator na

Lucky: How I know yar am I working in electricity department

Rags: Stop joking on the torch

Lucky took his phone to on torch but pH is not working ” its not working rags”

Suddenly they hear sound of payal window started moving not swasan are moving them

Lucky:( afraid) Ra.ra….rags did u heard that sound

Rags:( nervous) yes payal sound na

Sanskar sprayed perfume jasmine fav for ghost effect
he created smoke effect also

Lucky: Rag I seen in movies that when this sounds come before entire of ghosts

Rags: Shut up yar they are movies in real they won’t exist

Lucky : Oh Sacchi

Suddenly tv got on

Sanskar connected tv specially to an inventor so it working even power is of ND nextly sanskar created this vm specifically to scare raglak

On TV the vm is playing its created by sanskar nd swara
in vm

A huge hunting house on an isolated place its completely dark place there are lot of skulls are present hanging on tree in front of house

Suddenly a voice with scare tone with strong voice” who ever entire this home they will get back to hell bcoz I will kill them
I love there yummy tastey blood

ND today you guys are my fest
I can enjoy ur young blood today

Lucky: I am not tasty at all plz leave me

Rags: Mee to

Voice: I am hungry from so many days today I got great dish

Game started
Doctors vs devils

tv got offed

Raglak holded each other in fear

Rag: Lucky wat shall we do now

Lucky: its better run

They got up from sofa they turned back they seen a shadow on the wall its a huge image

( visualization effect by sanskar)

Raglak moved two steps aside in fear they are fully sweated they runned from steps towards main door they got stopped by seeing blood on floor

Rags: Blood lucky

Lucky: Ahh ghost ghost

They started running fast towards exit door but it got closed all of sudden ND at back of door its written”GAME OVER UR OUT ”

Raglak seen this ND shocked ND fainted in fear they fallen on floor

Swasan seen this from window they only closed the door from outside πŸ˜‰

Swara: Yahoo doctors out

Sanskar : Ha ha come lets go now

They left inside and seen raglak on floor

Sanskar: They are fainted or died in heart attack

Swara: Oh no leys check first

Sanskar seen there pluse ” they are just fainted ok now help me we will place them in sofa ”

Swasan placed raglak on sofa properly

Swara got a bucket nd sponge she cleaned the every note they wrote nd sanskar took out pen drive from tv he changed remote nd placed raglak pH properly

After setting everything they splashed some water on raglak faces innocently

Rags: Where am I ghost ghost

Lucky: Ghost mummy he hugged rags in fear

Sanskar : Ghost ah Ho hello its me ur chota bhai

Raglak seen them in fear still they remember the things they seen

Rags got up ” swara ghost swara ghosts

Swara: Ghost ah don’t day dream di

Rags: No watch TV once

Sanskar : TV ah wait I will see

Raglak swasan left to mm

Raglak left to there rooms swasan in car

Swara jumped from driving seat ND hugged sanskar in excitement” my love ur amazing (she kissed him on cheeks )

Sanskar: Oh really but they got mini heart attack

Swara: Let them ok on that day how much fear I had for hell injection ah

Sanskar:( in mind) if she know truth she will kill me , for sure
oh no ……………noone can save me from this girl

Swara: Wt ur thinking sanskar

Sanskar: Ntg darling

Swara seen mask in car

We had not used this sanskar

Sanskar : Oh its for you only
Swara: Wt

Sanskar: Now rags left room after sleeping for while u wear this mask ND make her afraid try karo

Swara : Ok done gud ngt darling

She kissed him on cheeks nd left to her room

Swaragini got fresh up ND had there dinner nd left to respective rooms to sleep

After a HR swara got up ND wore the devil mask nd accidently came infront of mirror nd see herself in devil mask ” mummy devil devil devil”

She plucked out mask in hurry later she seen mirror nd relised that πŸ˜‰

Swara: ( to herself) its horrible swara ur also turning naughty day by day then better have some courage too

She left to rags too rags is sleeping half sleep only as she is distributed by evg ghost incident

Swara opened the door slightly swara got scared due to darkness

Swara: This girl is sleeping by offing all lights dont she have any sense chi

Swara checked her pockets to get something to throw she got chocolate (Bournville dark chocolate) she threw it on rags rags got up with jerk chocolate fallen under pillow so rags not found it she got up oned light to see

Swara weared the mask nd her body is covered with bed sheet only masked face is visible she came from back nd placed her hand on rags
Rags turned aside to see who it is in scarred way

She seen devil face nd shouted out on fear ” bhoot bhoot ” she runned out of room before seeing swara

Swara jumped in excitement” pagal di dare gayaaa doctor died ”
I need to say to sanskar she went to terrace nd hidded the mask nd gloves

While talking to sanskar she came to her room

Swara seen rags on her bed nd shocked” dii app ”

Rags:( she is shivering in fear) woh willyou sleep with me for today

Swara: Wt y

Rags: Plz don’t ask me anything gud ngt

Swara: Ok

swara nd rags left to rags room to sleep

Rags: Where you went in so ngt

Swara: Woh woh sanskar I am talking with sanskar I pH so

Rags: Ok but now don’t go anywhere plz be with me

Swara laughing inside ” ok di gud ngt ”

They slept by mrg rags got fear due to ngt effect.

Swara woke up ND got fresh up its 7am still rags is sleeping so swara pulled her bedsheet ND tried to wake her up she holded her hand its burning swara shocked she shouted out mom dad look at di fast she took rags pH nd called Rahul another doctor in raglak hospital

Meanwhile sanskar ND Rahul came together lucky is also in same condition πŸ˜‰

Rahul checked rags ND gave tablet

Rahul: Rags are you fine or shall I give injection to fast reaction

Rags: Ha it’s ok not needed today I will take leave today you can go

Swara: No no cheating cheating do injection

Rahul: Not compulsory yar its just normal fever by evg she will be perfect

Swara: No no do injection ( she fallen on floor ND crawling like kid by shouting ) mummy its cheating say him to do injection

Sanskar: Stop it swara let her take rest y injection

Swara:( pushed) let her also know pain she did so many injections in her life time na so let her

Rahul: Stop it ok we do if necessary only

Rags πŸ™ gave a angry look ) its ok do it

Rahul did the injection rags just opened her eyes in pain swara could not stop herself she winked at rags πŸ˜‰

rags moved her hand back in pain she got chocolate its swara fav chocolate she remembered everything happened yesterday

Rags understood that it may be her sketch ” y ur winking ah”

Swara: Ntg doctor ji how is pain

Rags: (angry) U got satisfied na now

Swara: (happy) Yaaa completely

Rags: U say me truth I will say you another truth in return deal ah

Swara: Wt truth

Rags: Yesterday u had planned to scare me na all that is trap na

Swara: Yes di sanskar ND mee planned that u both got trapped πŸ˜‰

Rags: ( trowed) pillow on swara ) you idoits don’t you have any limit in pranks y u both fallen on as ha wt sin we did

Swara: On that day u tried to scare me na with injection so revengeeeeee πŸ˜‰

Rags gave look at sanskar ND sanskar in pleasingly expression that not say to swara

Rags: ( remembered pool incident where whole family shouted for ntg )

Swara you know this on that day in did injection for you but you don’t know it

Sanskar holder his head ND whispered” ur dead today ”

Swara shocking expression ” wt say clear ”

Rags: Actually u love ur jaan played a prank on you too behna πŸ˜‰ maa once plz close ur ears Plz

Sumi: Wt ever you fight I had work now (she left )

Rags: On that day he romanced with you after we left na its all a trap to do injection I did injection when you lost ur sense

Swara shocked she turned back to see sanskar

Sanskar:( turned aside to run) swara woh actually actually

Swara: ( angry) say me that ,its not true

Sanskar:( pleasingly) sorry swara its true only

Swara hitted him with pillow in angry ” u stupid idiot ur died today ”

Sanskar runned out of room swara is chasing him

They kept on messing the whole mansion
Sanskar’ swara I am sry yar but its mandatory na

Swara: Wt mandatory ah stop right there

Sanskar: Aunty see ur daughter is beating her fiancΓ© before marriage only its too bad

Sumi: Arey swara stop it leave sanskar

Swara: Maa stop supporting him bcoz of you all only he got spoiled

Sanskar: I got spoiled ah u said u love my pranks also

Swara: So u will play on me also ah

Sanskar:( still running) yar plz forget na its first nd last

Swara chasing him the both reached the terrace the kept on running ND swara hitted him with seta scope

Finally swara pinned sanskar to a wall on terrace

Sanskar: Swaraaaa ( he whispered in hushy tone )

Swara: Stop flirting I had fallen already

Sanskar πŸ™ teasingly) oh really
He just starred her lovely

Swara forgot for wt she is angry also ” don’t see me like that ok its embarrassing”

Sanskar ” hooo finally madam angry is reduced ” (leaned back in wall)

Swara : No not yet

sanskar; (wrapped his hands around her waist ) sorry darling but i can’t see you in tears so i did so

swara; (snaked her hands around his neck ) ho really

sanskar; yes bcoz i love you

swara; hoo even i love you more (she kissed him on cheeks)

sanskar ; meri janma saphal hogaya

screen freezes on happy faces of swasan

will they happiness leave last long ??

precap; swasan nd raglak engagement + mystery

(guys i am sry for delay due to loss of my data i wrote again in hurry forgive mistakes nd next part i will give on Tuesday i had important office work ,even all my presentation got deleted so need to prepare again sorry for making you wait

nd coming to my horror prank in this part its too a practical one which i played on my professor for scolding my bestie my professor got scared nd left my school very next day πŸ˜‰ if you wanna try it try karo but carefully on right person ok orelse you will faint on place of them πŸ˜‰

nd plz leave your valuable feedback
keep smiling πŸ™‚
tata bye πŸ˜‰


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